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Home / News / Trump, Coronavirus Task Force holds press briefing at White House | 4/23/20

Trump, Coronavirus Task Force holds press briefing at White House | 4/23/20

President Trump joins Coronavirus Task Force to update the public on most recent information.

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  1. How about the school your son goes to

  2. the best president ever in usa

  3. this virus dos not brake the skin peotechen dont have your arms over you cholder u will be pritty safe

  4. were is the litel man did he get up in smoke

  5. Who is that beautiful girl at 34:34

  6. Hahahahahahahaha!what an idiot!hahahahahaha!

  7. I would think some research in methods of killing various viruses would have already been done by various labs in different countries in the past, i dont see why they would have to start from scratch with plastic buckets as containment vessels, seems that they could just go look up previous research papers on PubMed or other search databases for labs that have worked on natural environment viricides.

  8. If anybody needs to quote its at 25:08 Trump did not tell people to inject themselves with disinfectants.

  9. Remember Michael Cohen Donald duck use code to tell him what he want to do.

  10. yes!! Lets build a big hot tub, fill it with bleach in a hot sunny desert and all jump in ALL GOOD

  11. Ahh, now I know why they picked up on the 'disinfectant' comment; he blew their 'Trump says stay in the sun" headline. From day 1 they will pick up on some bone and blow everything out of proportion. They need to sell 'news' but seek out 'sensationalism'. In 2010 got rid of my TV due to fake news, don't regret it. Main media does not want these to be aired because it limits what 'news' they can come up with…

  12. Cyber spyyy on ig got me 13000 USD from I was surprised when I get the money withdraw

  13. Cyber spyyy on ig got me 13000 USD from I was surprised when I get the money withdraw

  14. Thank You President Trump and President Trump and all the others working with you for everything. May God bless and watch over you all.

  15. If you watch the video, it's obvious he is talking about "disinfectant" and light to get people thinking. Millions of people see this and it takes just one to spark an idea of a new invention.

  16. Why is the Presidential Seal missing from the Podium? The flag is also missing.

  17. I think the President is doing a good job. However, I don't think it's a good idea to state your "musings" or "aspirations" to a desperate press core who is looking for the "Gotcha " headline to feed the next 24 hour news cycle.

  18. The Trumpster was mercilessly excoriated for suggesting the use of a disinfectant internally against the virus yet here are just a few disinfectants ingested by many (alone or in products): alcohol, iodine, white vinegar, lemon, oregano, colloidal silver, table salt, mercury (vaccines)

  19. Ultraviolet Irradiation. Do research

  20. I haven't watched too many videos of Trump talking at these but… at 25:08 when he starts talking and as he continues… he seems to be bored, well to me. I don't know what Trump is like when he is up talking, at the rallies he is energetic but here? I don't know.

  21. To All Trump haters if you like to speak bad off your Great president vote Biden and China will winn US no longer number 1 Economy and no longer the land off the free under G;d's And that was not Trumps doing but yours hE WANTET TO SAVE MAKE IT gREAT AGAIN THE HATER'S DID LAT HIM
    i HOPE tRUMP WILL BE OR PRESIDENT Israel There He is loved and respectet

  22. Well, the virus sure loves 98.6 degrees so most of the USA is still screwed come summer.

  23. It's a tide pod challenge at the White house! Lol

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