Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Trump: Coronavirus vaccine on track to be released before the end of the year

President Trump says Americans will likely see ‘shockingly good’ results from coronavirus vaccine trials. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Not taking the vaccine is extremely selfish and naive. The weirdest thing about this is the Pfizer vaccine is German it was developed in Germany by German scientists. The Oxford Vaccine is British. Sputnik which oddly enough appears to work is Russian and even China has a possible vaccine. What in any way does that have to do with Trump?? The only thing he’s done Is buy it!! Mind boggling foolery – don’t fall for the lies. And it’s not a competition why isn’t he trying to take credit for other people’s work. Disgusting.

  2. Why do we need a vaccine for a democratic hoax?

  3. Please DO NOT TAKE THIS VACCINE!!!! Stay close to Jesus, everyone!!! 🕆🕊😻

  4. Almost half of the country is refusing to take a vaccine and its easy to understand why. Try to tell people whos children have had the lives all but taken due to so called safe vaccines. If its 100% optional thats one thing but if the rights of people are taken because they dont want that cocktail then this is not a free country.

  5. its the 1% vs the 99%… trump & biden are on same team

  6. Unless Trump is personally creating a virus vaccine, he is politicizing the virus and a vaccine by claiming there will be a vaccine by the end of the year without evidence or the source for that information. As such, the only reason to make such baseless claims is for political gains. Let’s get real, Trump is way too stupid to even know what it takes to create a vaccine.

  7. Chump You Take The First Dose And We'll See What Happens K Buddy…?

  8. The vaccine is going to alter our DNA and eventually set us up for the microchips. Every aspect of our lives will be controlled, even our thoughts. New World Order ( New Normal) is going down

  9. If Biden and Kamala tell me not to do it…I will be first in line..After Trump..who i am sure will be first…"Do as I do"….I am sick anyway…be a good trial

  10. Here is a nice video from FoxNews about the president calling American troops suckers and losers. Thanks Fox
    @ @

  11. Thank you Trump, for a vaccine without any long-term effect studies that will make trillions of dollars to protect me from a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

  12. It just makes me cringe every time he says “China virus”


  14. Why does he keep pushing this crap?

  15. I will wait until mid 2021, when this orange liar is out of the White House and multiple SAFE and EFFECTIVE vaccines become available.

  16. Anybody who would inject some untested garbage for profit into their bloodstream is flat out crazy and should be in the looney bin.

  17. Vaccines have been shown to cause autism. I voted for Trump in 2016 in the hopes he would bring back manufacturing jobs, but it's clear that all he cares about is his own re-election and is willing to sacrifice our health and safety for it

  18. Trump is trying to rush a vaccine before his election. In 1976. Gerald Ford rushed a vaccine for the swine flu. Congress passed a bill to have the money for the vaccine. However, when the people was vaiccined a small number of them came down with guillian-Barre syndrome. We are waiting for a safe vaccine. To many deaths already!

  19. According to Trump this will be ready by November 3rd, but according to the experts this vaccine will not be available until after until after the first of the year. So once again who do believe? And if this vaccine is being rushed just to get it out for Trump's promise how safe will it be?

  20. Any word of truth in anything he says ?

  21. The thing is…. how many people even WANT a vaccine? Most are dangerous and risky. Is this scare just another way to get those of us who don't vaccinate on board with the idea? I think so.

  22. 193,020 covid deaths 6,444,645 covid cases and counting even after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC and test centres being closed down, 1000 americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' says the impeached 'i dont take responsibility at all' bone spurs grifter of a president who is responsible for 40 million people being evicted from their homes due to his incompetence…….

  23. AUD/CAD was trading 0.07% lower on the day at 0.9538 . Price action remains pivotal at daily cloud

  24. They're not even into Phase 3 and already saying the vaccine will be ready by October…Army to 'distribute' it, good luck with that. However, the Russian vaccine looks promising. Maybe Trump struck a deal with Putin. Could it be you'll be taking a Russian vaccine?..

  25. Why does he keep pushing this crap?

  26. Vaccines have Phase 4 to test it's safeness before it is released. The Vaccine is NOT MANDATORY. It's OPTIONAL. Pres Trump always gives an OPTION just like REOPENING the schools. It's the parents decision to send their children or not.

  27. You can keep the vaccine. I don't want it

  28. Give the shot for those who already infected and will see the result if they will cured🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  29. Fake virus doesn’t need a vaccine

  30. I'll be waiting for a vaccine provided by a country that didn't complete politicize the virus.
    How can one feel safe with a rushed vaccine from a country that has already killed 190,000 due to it's anti-science approach?

  31. It will be announced in late October then on November 4th unexpected delays in production will be announced

  32. For a vaccine to be approved, they have to be tested on thousands of people first…. you morons who don’t want to take it do realize that, right?

  33. When the comment section is more worried about politics instead of progressive gain in research for a cure/vaccine for COVID…

  34. Lol he keeps saying the China virus just to troll the left


  36. 99% survival why would anyone want a vaccine. Maybe could sell a few but not many

  37. And this ladies and gentlemen is how zombies were created. Sniff. Stuff nose…cocaine!

  38. Encourage and show citizenry how to legally vote in ALL ELECTIONS; city council, police chief, mayor, senate, house of representatives, district attorney, governor and of course presidential elections.
    Get your ballot on time, complete it on time, sign your ballot and mail it in.
    Biden-Harris are not perfect and would not bankrupt our democracy or bury more of our citizens. Vote blue on November 3rd, 2020.

  39. A vaccine without any long-term-effect studies to protect me from a virus with a 99% survival-rate? lol No thanks.

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