Thursday , November 26 2020
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Trump cracks down on China, imposes tariffs on Chinese kitchen cabinets

Americans may feel the wrath of Trump’s tariffs as the president recently imposed tariffs on a kitchen necessity. President and CEO of Master Woodcraft Cabinetry Mark Trexler discuss how the Commerce Department’s tariffs on Chinese cabinets affect the furniture market.

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  1. American capitalists destroyed the manufacturing industry in the United States, and stupid American civilians blamed all of this on China. Ha ha

  2. As can be seen from the comments of naive Americans

  3. Two decades ago, anything made from US was guaranteed to last and high quality. Unfortunately the US has been more interested in the weapons sector that it allowed thousands of companies to move to china and everything made in china. When came to the US 6 yrs ago and was shopping I was SHOCKED. In Europe alot of chinnese shops were rising like mushrooms we wouldn't by things from there cause we knew it was crap Everything made in China!! Sad…

  4. Trump make debt clock run fast than ever.

  5. Buy American, hire American.

  6. Hey Stewart, SHUT UP and let the man speak.

  7. Don't buy any wood products made in China. They are made with toxic formaldehyde.

  8. About time tariffs were imposed on foreign goods . Our previous Presidents were all worthless businessmen – Politicians . TRUMP 2020 .

  9. Chinese Kitchen Cabinets are cheap and horrible even if you pay high $$ on it!

  10. The ' Sum Ting Wong ' Chinese Cabinet Company Is Recalling Thousands Of Its Products … The Doors Are Too Short , Slanted & They Wok Back & Forth !! 😕

  11. Come on, all Chinese round the world don't buy USA products!! God bless you Chinese!!!

  12. All Yankees jealous and idiot!!!

  13. The chinese also took rough hewn from NC !

  14. I want it to read;Made in America!!!!🇱🇷🇲🇾


  16. Trump puts a new tariff on and the market goes up. Winning some more. 👍

  17. Lots of cabinet makers in our state. Employs lots of people. Wood is beautiful. American craftsmanship. We have at least four mfg with 30 miles in a rural town

  18. Americans built the greatest and the best jets and tanks in the world. I think we can build a good cabinets too. Wanna bet?

  19. Chinese junk isn't worth a nickel.

  20. I missed “ Made in American” for a long time.

  21. One thing is for sure about Trump not needing other people's money and they are not able to buy him off inorder to take American manufacturing away from us. He's actually doing what he said he was going to do and bringing the jobs back to America. After Trump's next term it's going to be left up to the American people to force our politicans to keep jobs here in our country. We have been lied to for decades and decades by the government about there's nothing they can do about job's going over seas. That was all a bunch of lies. They sold our job's and gave the money to the corporations and gave us nothing in return.
    Even if you don't like Trump you have to admit that he has done a great job thus far and we've got to keep him in office because the rest of the established politicians don't care about you or your family.
    We have to stop the corporations from doing what they have been doing to us and we have to start buying from the small family owned businesses instead of the big corporations. Support the independent contractor and the local community. Together we can make America great again.

  22. I love seeing the manufacturing companies coming b

  23. Translation: US home prices will drop, home you don’t depend on your home for income

  24. We in the uk are trying to stop buying Eu goods as a protest but sadly some of our food that is grown or fish caught in uk goes to Eu to be packaged and sent back work that out , also uk is they are going to be the leader in climate change try and understand that no logic no help to the UK economy gosh we need trump here if boris doesn’t get us out of Eu he is finished the Eu dictates who does what job

  25. thermofoil cabnits are garbage. I had just re-did my kitchen with beautiful solid maple cabinets and had to move….. my new house had those crappy white foil cabinets. I could have cried i was so disappointed.
    I swatted a fly on one of the doors and the foil crap split and a big chunk fell out. It's just cheap junk. I have yet to see anything from china that is worth buying, it's all cheap junk.
    I would much rather pay a little more and have AMERICAN QUALITY.

  26. Finally a pres who uses common since. China tariffs the hell outta America. steals jobs and industries while making 100s of billions a yr on our backs. Democrats are to stupid and corrupt to do anything hell they are on China side. Trump is the best pres America has ever had. Hes the only one who sees wat china is doin and he gets it!!!!!

  27. Lo and behold, South Park has joined the fight!

  28. What happened to made in china 2025? Hahahahahaha………the chinese and their paper economy…….USA #1

  29. This is not good! Where will I get all my cheap, toxic kitchen cabinets that break after 6 months?

  30. What a dis-information video. Are they trying to fool people @2:01 by saying the stuff from China are more expensive than US made one? Only idiots believe this.


  32. Wow! A $10 billion cabinet industry! God bless our beloved President Trump and our beloved country America!

  33. The argument for the tariffs isn't American jobs, it's first and foremost fair trade. The Chinese subsidize all their industries to the point of selling everything at a loss if they can 'corner the market'. That is unacceptable and is ultimately the threat to US jobs.

  34. American made cabinets and products are the best.

  35. Chinese made cabinets are toxic to humans and harmful to environment.

  36. Good. We can make our own.

  37. Chinese junk. and not a boat.

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