Trump criticized for hosting controversial guests at dinner at Mar-a-Lago | WNT

The former president broke bread with Kanye West and the white supremacist and Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH NEWS WORLD SHOWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #trump #maralago #kanyewest #nickfuentes

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This was a set up by Kanye to make Trump look bad! Nobody should take this as anything more!

  2. A racist and antisemitic guy, a black man, and another racist antisemite have dinner together. Which is which?

  3. Reminds us of when antisemitic, Farrakhan and KKK leaders, David Duke and Robert Byrd were embraced and honored by Obummer and Clinton , doesn't it ?? 💡

  4. Almost as bad as dining with the Blm trash

  5. "Far Right" lmfao
    Don't forget that all "NEWS" organizations the world over have been bought out and reregistered as Entertainment Companies by the globalists so they can lie without being sued for libel since 1986.

  6. Trump did this on purpose… the man knows how to produce drama TV… and look we’re all talking about him EVERYWHERE

  7. … where was the pillow guy ? ! 😮

  8. I wonder why Fox 🦊 News 📰 doesn't talk about this or care that Trump did this? I'm very confused. For some reason only other News organizations report stories about him.

  9. Oh please, Democrats must investigate Biden

  10. It's honestly hilarious to see so many Trump supporters in the comments trying to justify having dinner with a white supremacism and holocaust denier 🤣🤣

  11. i feel like fake news media is jelly they werent invited…

  12. The left treat this like the kiddie playground, if everyone else doesn’t like Kanye then Trump are not allowed to associate with him also , grow up for once it’s the 20th century like biden said 🤣🤣 #fjb

  13. So what is abc doing right now lol y'all are nuts

  14. Fuentes is also transphobic, something this report fails to mention.

  15. Oh. So what. Creepy Biden, can't even locate Israel on a map. He's even asking for a peace summit with Adolf. Jesse Jackson, had fundraisers with absolutely zero Caucasians invited. When you're running for public office that requires millions & billions of dollars, ya get that money from anyone willing to donate. Does media dare investigate the Clinton's, stealing money that would later create the Clinton Foundation? Nope. Media does nothing to harm the Democrat Party. Pure, unbalanced bias.

  16. Kanye the real life version of get out lmao

  17. didnt biden euligise a KKK leader……… i didnt hear the same outrage…….just sayin

  18. Kanye brought a Hispanic white supremacist to a dinner at Trump's? All of these is so contradictory that is ridiculous!

  19. Why aren't you covering China protesting and standing up against their government? Don't want the people to see that other people are standing up against their corrupt government?

  20. Why can’t we challenge the Holocaust theory? Why can’t we talk about “Jews”? We need to challenge Jews, just like they challenge us

  21. General Eisenhower was so appalled at what he saw at a Nazi killing camp that he forced German citizens to see what their government had done in their name. Now, another former Republican President invites an anti-Semite Holocaust denier to celebrate a thanksgiving dinner with him. If you are still a Republican you have no heart or soul.



  24. "Trump criticized for hosting controversial dinner guests at Mar-a-Lago"
    Criticized by who? The demtards and their mainstream propaganda machine? NO ONE CARES!

  25. Your beloved Walt Disney was an anti-semite. You have no room to talk.

  26. Joe Biden crying at KKK recruiter Robert Byrd funeral calling him his mentor comes to mind.

  27. Dr OSABA on YouTube cured my Genital herpes

  28. Only criticism is from the WEF Baal Adrianalchrome junkie's . ?

  29. Even Jesus was criticized when he ate dinner with tax collectors.
    Just Kanye might be a holocaust "denier ".
    So it is the hypocrisy of media network denial of over million illegal border crossing, drugs,children in cages,economy,Bidens dealings and his sons laptop.
    So why should anyone listen to your reports?

  30. Those who sit in the shadows pulling the world's strings have a much larger Trump card they can play then anyone who points a finger and screams racist.

  31. That's why us real Conservatives didn't vote for him the second time!
    Yankee Doodle Dandee.

  32. dont know the detailes on the 2nd man. but i definatly agree west is mentally ill and bordeling dangerious. but one definate thing if trump had banned west the msm would be calling him out as a racist. something the msm and the woke are the worst raciests the country has ever seen. they want the black persons to be poor uneducated and only good to vote demacrap

  33. GOP sitting back like 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😭


  35. Nick Fuentes is a holocaust denier but they have Ye in the thumbnail and keeps saying his name in same sentence…. Despicable

  36. "Controversial guests"… as if Obama hadn't met with YE to secure his support in 2008! Wild. #YE24

  37. Who cares o mean who knows there political beliefs when thwart get dinner I mean I couldn’t tell you wat anyone coworkers or family really believes in

  38. My lord these news people are just so hateful towards Trump. Maybe they should be going after corrupt Biden and Hunter.

  39. Donald Trump is the God Emperor of Mankind