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Trump decides not to host G-7 at Doral Resort | ABC News

The president received criticism after pushing to hold next year’s G-7 summit at his Miami hotel.

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  1. Good. Save the world leaders from bed bug bites and food poisoning.

  2. May be the orange traitor is finally getting the message!

  3. I guess not the nasty place is full of bedbugs the little boy who file a lawsuite showed his back is full of bedbugs bites.

  4. The BEST BED BUGS in History…Very Very Best!! LOL

  5. Who's going to pay for all the security, meals, etc., if it was going to done for free by Trump? Maybe the taxpayers!

  6. Trumps change his minds because he was bombarded by questions about the money his going to gain from the taxpayers .

  7. Do you really think he is not aware of the backlash this is going to open? Maybe, just maybe, He's baiting his criticts in all sides, He is just unmasking those people around him. He's been our president for 3 years now.

  8. The fact that Trump thought that the republicans wouldn't critisize his decision (his tweet that it was because of the "crazed dems" is, as usual, a lie. He was also critisized by republicans), shows that he completely lives in his own little world..

  9. Motel 7 for the media and ask Schiff to help get rooms for everyone else at the hotel Standard

  10. The doral resort was not a big deal only for the media that goes against him at every turn he should have the media sleep under a bridge during the G7

  11. That senile Trump escaping a psychiatric ward and starting a cult.

  12. It think its terrific. Lets shell out a few million bucks to host the Summit

  13. What’s the big deal where he holds a meeting? Democrats are just grasping at straws at this point. Trump in a blowout 2020. Democrats go insane. 🤪🤪Grab your popcorn 🍿 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. So does this mean he's still in charge of the family business? I thought he handed it over to the children.

  15. The Senate is so fed up with Trump corruption.

  16. Too bad he cancelled it. It would have been interesting if he had not, and the entire G-7 decided to boycott the event.

  17. And the g20 at Trump towers love it, Trump 2020.

  18. The Trump Crime family cleaned house on the stock market recently so they no longer need the more they would get from hosting the G7 Summit at their resort.

  19. Irrational hostility?…..ummm pot calling kettle, pot calling kettle….come in kettle…over!!…irrational hostility was his meltdown at the joint press conference seen around the world…where the jackass literally had a meltdown, became hostile, combative, argumentative n a word he loves to throw around….nasty!! n then resorted to name-calling…..all while the president of finn looked
    on in shock n embarrassment…..meanwhile a true genius wld have avoided such drama simply by instructing his Press Sec to send a memo to the press core advising….Please be advised b/c this afternoons gathering is a joint p/c regrettably the president will not be entertaining questions rltd 2 Ukraine, Biden or the pending impeachment inquiry as it wld be disrespectful to our honored guest….thank u in advance for your co-operation…but not this narcissistic jackass….he leaves the p/c blaming the press and the dems for his meltdown…

  20. this totally delusional mentally unbalanced jackass truly just does not get it…..poor man has no moral compass,sense of right or wrong or appropriate vs inappropriate……if you wanted to remain in the hospitality business ya shld have remained in the pvt sector n then your taxes,your affair with stormy n the other chick,your relationship with putin wld have remained ttly pvt!!!!

  21. Any place that has his name attached to it should never ever be paid for by the taxpayer, his failures are his own and he needs to own them, don't make it our problem. It's bad enough that we have to put up with him being a failure as president.

  22. I just looked up "bed bugs" on Google Images and noticed they're orange, too.

  23. URGENT READ: Trump was never going to have the G-7 at Doral Anyway. This was nothing more than another DISTRACTION: to deflect from his Ukraine and Syria Impeachable Conduct. His approval rating are plummeting. He had to do something to keep his "shallow" constituents "oblivious" to his CON: to take their minds off his Ukraine and Syria conduct: which is quite EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Even his base may finally understand that he is a RUSSIAN ASSET. BOTTOM LINE: There's no way Trump and Moscow Mitch would risk another Emoluments violation and invite Putin to the G-7 that close to the ELECTION. They're TRAITORS. NOT STUPID!!!!

  24. Not just a report of bedbugs, a lawsuit that he lost, that means PROOF of the infestation, courts normally require proof. And if even the smallest question was there, Comrad Trump would have fought it hard, this is VERY bad press for that place, & he HATES negative feedback on his premium resort.

  25. Boris trump was forced to cancel! Even his own putin GOP couldn’t justify his stupidity and greed.

  26. We at least the Holiday Inn doesn't have bed bugs.

  27. twitter storm notwithstanding, i would have loved to have been in the room to watch that tantrum… 🤣

  28. G7 boffins are going to miss the Trump Bedbug Doral. Maybe the Bates Motel as an alternative?

  29. Trump didn't decide House Democrats said that's a no no baby Trump LMAO!

  30. The CORRUPT Media along with The CORRUPT Democrat Party is still trying to take down a Elected President!! The LYING,Phony,Frauds,that is the media,has pushed nothing BUT LIES about the President.Now the Lying Media is Helping the Top Corrupt Congressman,LYING SCHIFF,and the LYING DEMOCRAT,C.I.A.Operative,also known as THE "whistle Blower",lie and lie about a Perfectly Fine Phone call with The President of Ukraine!!!The transcript of the phone PROVED it but the LYING DEMOCRAT named CORRUPT Pelosi and Corrupt Schiff are just making up what The Transcript says and THE FRAUDS IN THE CORRUPT MEDIA ARE PUSHING IT!! Hope the media is happy DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!

  31. Go to your room and pout, little five-year-old Donnie. For once you have to accept "NO"

  32. ABC the laughing stock of news
    Where's your Kentucky video you cab re-use your fake story for the entire middle east. ABC the laughing stock in news

  33. If he was doing nothing wrong…why switch?

  34. Good idea not to have it there because Trump may be out of office by then…..the pressure must be unbearable for a 73-year old…….

  35. Trump is stopped from profiting from his position as President but that didn't stop Joe Biden to pocket over $1 billion on behalf of his son. It's just that the news media says it's ok for Democrats to be lawless but not Republicans.

  36. He didn't decide jack shit, he knew that it was never going to happen and didn't want to suffer yet another one of his countless losses during his ridiculously failed "presidency "… especially at the hands of the Democrats!

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