Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / Trump Defends Sharing Conspiracy Theory Linking Epstein And Bill Clinton | NBC News

Trump Defends Sharing Conspiracy Theory Linking Epstein And Bill Clinton | NBC News

President Trump defended sharing a conspiracy theory alleging a link between the death of Jeffrey Epstein and former President Bill Clinton. The president claimed the writer was a “very respected conservative pundit.”
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Trump Defends Sharing Conspiracy Theory Linking Epstein And Bill Clinton | NBC News


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  1. Pres. Trump is dropping hints! He knows a lot more…just wait! Michael and Osama are on the list too! Lmao.

  2. Isn’t it funny, that when politicians or the media, want to dismiss an investigation, they ALWAYS call it a conspiracy theory. Even though there is proof that all these people went to this island, flew on the “Lolita express”, knew Epstein and knew what he was doing with underage girls! But, oh well, the people with questions about Epstein, Well, they must be one of those conspiracy theorist! And like George Bush said, “we don’t have to bother with their questions”!

  3. 1.4 million subs, but only 14,ooo views. Fake or paid for sub count. You can not trust anything these people say or do. In fact believe the exact opposite of anything they say, and you will know what they are trying to sell you.

  4. Clinton’s will ice you.

    You have to have a soul to be a human.

    The Clintons and elites like them are soulless.

  5. it's true, Bill and Jef had threesomes with little girls.

  6. LOL Something that everyone knows is a conspiracy theory.

  7. Deamoncrats are the hate and hoax pedo-party that caged Hispanic children in the pelosi/reed child/human trafficking and stole millions of American families medical plans.

  8. Fake news preceded by a Fascist Tom Steyer advert! I did not sign up for this!

  9. Got here searching for Clinton crime. Well done, tech creeps.

  10. 27 times Bill flew on the Lolita Express. Trump has the flight logs. Google pumping out CGI pictures of Trump and Epstein like NASA does. Two time Bill flew without security. I'm sure their are a few NBC names coming out soon. Conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy. NBC is a conspiracy network.

  11. Esptien who claims to have dirt on others and who also spent a lot of time with Bill, "didnt' do it it Clinton" suddenly commits suicide.

  12. Searches "epstein bill clinton" gets 100 videos of Donald Trump. What happened to this god forsaken site

  13. anyone who believes epstein killed himself is also stupid enough to watch nbc news and think they have a clue

  14. Won’t get the truth on this channel. What a joke!

  15. I'm an Australian you want True Blue Truth

    If your not voting for Trump
    Your voting for America's End
    Switch on the lights!

  16. The clinton family are good liars! As we know already!

  17. Typed in clinton conspiracy but got trump and epstein

  18. Nice distraction. Epstein died or was murdered or whatever on Trump's watch. Trump is either incompetent or he is part of the deal as the guy who could have fingered high-ranking pedophiles is dead.

  19. When will NBC start covering real news?

  20. Wow a coverage of Trump where he isn't called a racist or a white supremacist.

  21. We are certainly seeing a political game of thrones playing out before our eyes. 🎭

  22. :))) Corporation Illuminatti / Sionist / Predators / Hater Makers, High spheres of the Matrix, illusionists, all institutions, the false IS.RA.EL/Satan Workers/Worshipers ARE Going Down! The Light is CominG, Keep Your Heart high, Victory is Ours!

  23. The connections with Human Trafficker Trump were actually Pimptastic.

    And Clinton actually has more ties to Trump.

  24. Hillary Clinton murdered Epstein

  25. Unfounded conspiracy “theory” what a joke you people are …start doing real investigative journalism and we’ll stop calling you fake news

  26. Clinton to Podesta 👠👠👠👠👠👠⁉️ Red shoes club 🏴‍☠️

  27. Jeffrey Epstein was connected to Trump and he has all the evidences pointed to the sexual assaults Trump has committed against 18+ women. Trump has to send fbi agents to have him killed so he could protect thr deep state and silence all the voices that could expose all the the powerful people that are hiding behind the high wall which includes the corrupted castle Princes and many other billionaries who are hiding behind the thick cloud mask of truth. These terrible deep state governments must be exposed to ensure the safety of this country.

  28. Trumps going to pin this on the Clintons !!!!!

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