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Trump defends Ukraine phone call

After a recent complaint from a whistle-blower over a phone call that Trump had with the president of Ukraine, his advisers are discussing whether to release the transcript of that conversation.


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  1. " A perfect phone call "… all thet means is , they let the idiot dial the numbers and he got them all right . PERFECT

  2. We the people of the United States don't need a liar president he is in deep Waters now

  3. My question is why are we giving Ukraine 400 million in military aid anyway? And by withholding it is Trump ready to spend it on homelessness and hunger issues HERE in the good old USA 🇺🇸?

  4. `Judging from the comments and cherrypicked sections of this news.. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of democrats are brainwashed and make comments based on sentiments rather than facts. The amount of ignorance and insults with no substance is appalling.

  5. This ridiculous, politicized and totally unrealistic impeachment process in the US Congress shows how deep in a domestic crisis the increasingly disunited and quarrelsome US Democratic Party is today. Leading Democrats and their supporters can be only united to dislike President Trump. The left wing Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders and their supporters would like to talk about real reforms and real problems, like increasing poverty, social problems, public health care and climate change etc. in the USA wanting challenge President Trump´s political agenda in the 2020 late autumn US Presidential Election. Conservative status quo "Wall Street Democrats" like power hungry and creepy Nancy Pelosi and commonly dull and boring Joe Biden then don´t want to talk about real problems in the USA and increasingly needed reforms and increasing need of a working modern political agenda at all. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi started this pathetic and ridicule deeply politicized President Trump´s impeachment show, decreasing the US Congress´ public prestige, only because from her point of view it´s more safe to have an obsession to dislike President Trump, using dirty tactics, than try to reform the Democratic Party in crisis and try to really politically challenge President Trump and the Republican Party. I believe that the common people voter masses in the USA don´t like this kind of dirty theatral political game at all. The only political winner in long term will be charismatic and eccentric President Trump, who is working to be a two terms, eight years, US President and the leading Democrats are now making it easy. Greetings from Northern Europe, from partly arctic EU-Finland.

  6. I'm subscribing to ABC and blocking NBC. I feel like ABC gives both sides of a story, unlike NBC, which is a propaganda machine.

  7. ABC = Always Broadcasting Crap

  8. American bias commentarry. When this low life station cut off pompeo speaking just so the could make their damning opinions of Trump it made me upset. Not news station. Opinion station. Opinions are like assholes everybody has one. Olygopolly media abc cbs nbc should not be broadcasting.

  9. Can't get real news from ABC

  10. America is great 👍🏿 again

  11. Trump coming out with his usual B.S. Still thinks people believe him, what an idiot.

  12. ABC lagging behind on the news front.

  13. Yeah I really think we need to look into Biden and his sons relationship with these Ukraine company’s and Biden getting involved. 🤔

  14. abc News is lying to you every day.
    Biden himself bragged about getting Ukraine’s prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold a big fat check from them. Why did Vice President Biden order the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor investigating the Ukrainian company paying his son millions of dollars?

  15. lol impeachment my ass😂

  16. Joe Biden 2020!!!! Thanks to Trump’s Treason!

  17. Like trump is gonna admit he committed a crime. Trump could be caught standing over a dead body with a bloody knife in his back pocket and he’d still deny it.

  18. Why do they blatantly lie. Lol idiots are Projecting all the Democratic crimes on president Trump. It's not going to work. President is steps ahead..

  19. And the Transcript say yes #45 did it …

  20. Breaking: Trump Defends The Indefensible…

    Or, what Americans have come to know as…just another Wednesday.

  21. I am think about voting for Joe Biden. So he can get me a job as a surgeon and I would be happy as hell to make a couple million per year even know I never did a day in medical school.

  22. Look at the delusional people in the comments. Transcripts are out go read it and you’ll see why it’s called fake news.

  23. ABC, where's our 24/7 news coverage of the white father who took his kids to the fair and two BLACK yoofs murdered him in cold blood because he wouldn't give them a dollar? I'm pretty sure if the colors were reversed, your hands would rub together furiously as you blasted it all over our unwatched news network. Family Of John Weed, Frederick Fair Attack Victim: ‘Our Lives Have Been Changed Forever’

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