Monday , April 19 2021
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Trump delivers remarks at CPAC

The former president spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. You should have been in jail for what you did.

  2. No I do miss you,you leave bad taste In good american mouth and pain .

  3. We've been doing a lot of winning lately. We lost the election but that doesn't count.

  4. This mans body language tells a lot. This is a horrible convention.

  5. 9 ads in the first half hour …

  6. We love and miss our great President Trump !

  7. Doesn’t this scare you… this worship

  8. Garbage person. Shame on you for buying in, those of you to which this applies.

  9. President Trump! Please! Please!! Run in 2024 You will WIN IN A LANDSLIDE!!!!! America needs you! We need you!! We LOVE YOU!! Mr. Montoya

  10. Soon you will be in jail mr. Trump
    Gameover crazy trump
    Lock him up!!!

  11. zoom is a Chinese company, go figure.

  12. "doing a lot of winning" Dude, you fucking lost.

  13. Once again delusion sets in! So successful my ass! Whats up with them using Lee Greenwoods song that is a serious insult to use that patriotic song for someone who is nothing but unpatriotic!

  14. This shite be going on on with the virus and people and if his lies and family keep on with the virus 😡😡😤😠😠😡😠😠😡 the world be in a better place and

  15. You guys just as worse as keep going on with this old same old s***uncatchable he's not come on y'all can come on dumb and dumber

  16. So why would y'all keep letting the big lot going on the big lot young young dumb asses this is stupid and has a big that big lies

  17. Your journey going to be in jail jail jail jail jail jail by the grace of God by the grace of God

  18. Thank God for President Biden who intellectually outshines DUMBSHIT TRUMP.

  19. But why he really he making an ass out of here either stealing that's what the f*** you doing

  20. "We The People" know a liar when we see one! It's why Trump lost both elections by millions of popular votes! It's why he'll never win again!

  21. I can say President Trump is the most admired President in history. He should get a Guinness World of Records as the most Admired President in the world. One of President Trump’s Best Speech ever. I’ll always VOTE for President Trump. MAGA 😎🥂🍾

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