Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Trump delivers remarks at the White House

President Trump delivers remarks on a peaceful protest for law and order at the White House. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Just like you promise Mr. Trump the vaccine is coming out.

  2. The real winner of the Presidency!!!!!!!

  3. Trump sucks he's doing nothing about COVID 19 !!!!

  4. Trump my President one more time.

  5. Not lying. There is about a .1% difference in the DNA of all human beings. One race. It is the human race. The human race comes in many colors, sizes, and shapes, i.e. diversity.

  6. Biden is a serious threat to our nation the future of our Country Don't vote for Biden Save America

  7. I'm a Russian and this is my book: 'The room where it happened and what does a simple Russian plumber thinks about it all'.

  8. Hello Morons! Welcome to Hillbilly Heaven, where Ignorant DumbAss Idiots gather 🖕🏻🖕🏽🖕🏿💩

  9. Trump delivered powerful message to 20,000 of his supporters then told them to go back to their communities and spread what they got from him

  10. Fox news u should be ashamed of themselves. You have been as bad as cnn msnbc and the rest of the socialist news . Fire chis Wallace jean Williams. And the rest of your dishonest leftist on your news and start reporting the truth.

  11. lets talk about Stormy Daniels ….. anyone game ?

  12. Ugh nice, question would you want to buy 50 million dollars worth of hot wheel wheels from your lover Xi jinping.

  13. Au Canada nous sommes en dictature avec nos gouvernement qui persistent a nous maintenir dans un confinement qui n'a plus sa raison d'être…Je souhaite de tout mon Coeur que le Président Donald Trump gagne ce combat contre les forces du mal ….enfin nous serons libre a nouveau!!!! J' ai la conviction que Donald Trump sera encore cette fois PRÉSIDENT DES ÉTATS UNIS D'AMÉRIQUE!!!!

  14. Vote the conman trump out now!

  15. Glory to God God Bless our President God Bless USA in Jesus name, Amen

  16. The Trump presidency will be remembered as an utter disaster for America.

  17. Yes we've been PRAYING!
    And we are so thankful and grateful to God for you POTUS!
    May God send a chariot of angels to carry you to the finish line 🙏
    God always finishes what HE started 🙏


  18. Guys, I've been watching how Trump looks younger since his COVID-19. Can you please start paying close attention. Do we have a double replacing the President? Where is the real Trump?

  19. Viva President Donald Trump. 🌹✌🗽

  20. They should have barcodes on everything. Or not so we know where the food is gone and our shoulders are backpack

  21. He needs a fix it because I know the corporate people are just taking advantage of all the f*** money is that are rolling in that's why he can't get fat on our troops and our soldiers cannot get fed he's going to make a difference

  22. Hey yes United States President Trump East better turn on socket troops my fiance is in Iraq and then he told me get scratch once a day and talk about reform treatment cook the troops good no he's not

  23. Funeral Texas we should it's okay you don't understand us why my fiance says over Broad and gets one meal day and you're starving them and that's okay because there's no food for the military

  24. Texas you're right, Texas Trump

  25. We can not let Joe Biden Walk the Hallway of the White House.

  26. Donald Trump you got My Vote on Monday after one of your Busses Stoped in Blacksher Georgia and I'm Waycross Georgia . I live in Waycross Georgia and I am Proud of you being our President just Stop letting the White House running over you The way they are doing to you and the White House for what it Stand's for Makes me Sick at my stomach. I have your Yard Add in my Front yard. Because I am Proud of you Donald Trump.

  27. well here is the thing , TRUMP IS GOING TO JAIL FOR TAX FRAUD , and it dose not matter if he gets 4 more yrs or not . SO now or 4 yrs from now . he is going to jail

  28. Trump or biden should pass law to tax rich companies like Amazon and if they decide to leave to another country tax them some more and apply tariffs on those countries for allowing them to move there and with that money give us free health care for us

  29. the funny thing about Magats is they are the demographic of Americans who will likely die from covid19 for three reasons. One, you are too stupid to understand science. Two, you will no longer have health care and won’t be covered if bunkerboy wins because of his new judge and that they will strike down the Affordable Care ACT. And you will not be covered for preexisting conditions. And three, your demographic are seriously unhealthy, obese, and don’t have the means to do anything about it so when you get covid19 you will have a higher chance of dying from it.

  30. They closed all churches in NY wth

  31. Love you president Trump thank you for ALL YOUR STRENGTH & ALL YOU DO & FOR ALL THE EMOTIONAL MESS & still your standing strong for our beautiful USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  32. Can we PLEASE GET NANCY OUT OFF THE SENATE. So many have suffered because of HER!!!!!!!!


  34. Polices should stop all the crimes but not create the crimes , I support a police

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