Saturday , July 31 2021
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Trump delivers speech on US energy and manufacturing

President Trump delivers remarks on “America’s Energy Dominance and Manufacturing Revival” in Monaca, PA.

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  1. Trump has to state his accomplishments…MSM certainly won't.

  2. Pres. Trump, we are proud to support you in 2020. If possible, discharge China from the WTO due to its long-term, serious violations. That will bring China back to the stone age quickly. China is for now our real enemy.

  3. In addition to creation of almost 6 million jobs for Americans, tariffs on Chinese goods have so far created over $63 billion for the US treasury. The tariff money could reach $100 billion next year! However, Trump haters with an unsound mind said Trump had lost the trade battle with China! Whatever they say, having tons of extra cash to spend is a good thing, doesn't it?

  4. Better Trump than any crazy lefty. 2020

  5. Wow what a clown. Yeah he made China pay for his tariff. Great clown such a fat handsome clown.

  6. President Trump Loves America and the American People. Trump WILL Triumph in 2020. Sound the Trumpets and raise Our American Flag: Trump is the Greatest President of Our time.

  7. Hands off of public land, Bristol Bay for instance. and donate your golf courses to folks who care. They could be turned into National Parks and employ people who know the dangers of roundup…G%

  8. What song do they play to introduce the Mexican President? Is it that hat dance song?

  9. He’s an ignorant corrupt liar and so much more/less. This was mind numbingly boring.

  10. 37:43 A lot of them actually have little tiny weird baby hands, just like Trump

  11. Nobody ever heard of the word emoluments before…

  12. God sent to save our country from communist and haters.

  13. Vote trump! Keep america great

  14. Stop buying JunkChina demand American and her Allies products… Let's manufacture it and use it ourselves, from our own resources… Go Red,White and Blue..!


  16. I don't think they need to play the entire Proud to Be an American song each speech. It come across as overdone. Go Trump 2020!

  17. Bring back "Made in USA"

  18. Economy is Now 4 Americans. Justice 4 Americans next. Lets take back America and let people here integrate and live by AMERICAN ways and Values true to God, Family and Country. Hopeful LEGAL migrant

    buy stock in Kleenex for democrats

  20. it's not fake news it's communism news

  21. Mr. President that's how they steal the money through writing a book like bush net Italian funnel the money

  22. Trump has kept almost ever promos he made, just think of how well he would be doing if there weren't so many arrows, spears and poison darts hurled at him by the left.
    Mr president please keep fighting for ALL Americans, we need you.

  23. I feel such pride for all the people in depressed areas of our country that will be getting a new lease on life. It's really wonderful news.

  24. 100% tariffs on everyone to bring back the factories MAGA2020

  25. The working man's president. May God watch over him and U.S.

  26. Trump 2020 … I have supported Trump since Day 1…. and I knew he was going to be special… the Best President ever!!

  27. Love President Trump Good PEP Rally! GOD Bless America! Thankyou JESUS!

  28. Trump has become a lying politician

  29. Time for America to Bless GOD by Doing Right by GOD/YAH and Jesus/Yahshua in Righteousness.

  30. A True Christ/Hamasiac Follower or True Messiahnic Hebrew Israelite Must Obey The Laws, Statutes, Precepts, and Commandments of The Most High GOD/YAH!

  31. Barack Abomination Satan, Your Lease is UP!

  32. Save by Grace Alone, No Works required is BS!

  33. Once Saved Always save Is A Lie from the Pit of Hell!

  34. Secret Societies Are Detrimental to Your Soul!

  35. Jesus/Yahshua is Coming BACK. Are You Ready?

  36. How many billions Do You make per year from the United States?

  37. Greatest President of all time trump 2020 🙏❤

  38. The leader of U.S. White Nationalist speaks.  The wise and articulate leader is clarifying his agenda for this beloved country.  He is keeping his promise to MAWA.  Hail to The Great Leader!  MAWA!

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