Thursday , January 21 2021
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Trump disagrees with Georgia governor’s rushed reopening plan

President Trump said he disagrees ‘strongly’ with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to open certain facilities in the state. Trump made the remarks during Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing.

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  1. I'll vote for Brian Kemp over and over and over.

  2. I am all for Brian Kemp Decision to reopen Georgia. He's the best governor. We've ever had.

  3. All states should remain closed people stop worrying about money making god will take care of you Jesus man even if America does reopen some states he virus is NOT Going to go away just like that so basically America is making the worst decisions of their life stay in. Im telling you if states reopen everybody will get it they will. I don’t care if anybody dislikes my comment I’m telling the truth here the virus is not gone. We may get more viruses if we reopen. Stupid idea trump you are a good president . People who disagree with me on that well guess what I don’t care. I only care what god who Jesus thinks or thinks of me but god has us in his hands he always does. God has put us in timeout stay in timeout until we know it’s time to come out. Stop being scared over this, cause god sees what’s happening he’ll fix it😁😇

  4. How do you give the ok to do it then criticize when they do it? Come on.

  5. Its encouraging to know the states are opening up..meanwhile he disagrees with the GA governor for doing just that…🤨..

  6. Donald you almost made it to reelection

  7. Wow, I actually agree with our Orange Supreme Leader

  8. Typically spineless politician playing both sides of the fence … PATHETIC but not surprising from this worthless incompetent turd!

  9. The only reason he appears to be against it is if it back fire's he can say I told you so. He's just worried about his re-election. Time for new leadership

  10. everyone at the White House needs to understand what the bill of rights really mean.

  11. Awesome Mister president I heard that Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York what's mailing out absentee ballots for voting once again you're always right it's all political just like with the virus over there in the desk you know he's lying voter fraud don't you have some tea balance that should go out should be to disabled Americans that can't go out literally and vote like myself with our name and address that you know who's legitimate to vote and we can't wait till you lock up these deep Staters God bless you your ministration and your family where we go one we go all

  12. This dumbass should just quit.

  13. Trump wants you to smell his finger Ohhh Ivanka humpalot

  14. “Too soon, but I love the people.” Sounds like he doesn’t want to lose their votes. Sometimes you have to look like the “bad guy” and make decisions like a leader to look out for the citizens of the country if he really does ‘love the people’. And don’t say you support healthcare at all if you rather give citizens their right to be out again while we’re no where close to controlling the situation. By letting people out again it’s just giving the people control in a very reckless manner. If he disagrees with the governors, especially if it goes against the “phase 1”, he should put his foot down. But I get it, he doesn’t want to lose their vote. I don’t know how people can protest against a virus, the idiocy of this country just hit a new norm.

  15. Why Fox always show the fake news? So polotical. Boring.

  16. As a chinese ,I feel that his way of speak is very similar to the CCP. Mistakes are not his cause, but good results are his credit.

  17. when you get on fox channel and see there is no trump supporters here saying anything. hmmmmmmm.

  18. Trump 2020…deal with it…

  19. So "Liberate Michigan, Liberate Virginia, Liberate Minnesota" or "I'm not happy with Georgia opening too soon" is sarcasm. But we won't know which one until he meets with his folks and finds out which one is dumber. Then that one will be the sarcastic statement.

  20. what the F Is he talking about

  21. WHY is Fox HIGHLIGHTING the opening of Georgia in a NEGATIVE way? Questioning Fox these days.
    Everything is coming out in THE LIGHT as to where people's loyalties truly are these days … if you are FOR the people of this country, or AGAINST them. Looks like Fox is showing its true colors and it supports harm to our nation until it is completely and entirely BROKEN.

  22. chief cheeto's modus operandi; keep gaslighting em'. I'm assuming most of you are relatively young. Please Google Jim Jones so you can understand where the term "drink the Kool-aid" comes from. You can be conservative but you cannot continue thinking this mane is mentally sound. It doesn't take a PhD to see it, or, does it?

  23. Honestly, who doesn’t disagree with the governor of Georgia. Guy is wrong for that!
    Tattoo parlors?!?!?!? Massage parlors!?!?!?

  24. Narcissistic Lunatic of a man.

  25. How did you elect this man??! Wow lol

  26. You poor Americans.. lead by this man who prefers political gain to wartime leadership. America is completely fragmented.
    Rebound? Deal with what is happening now. Take responsibility! He is not doing more testing than anyone else. Just ridiculous. I pray for all the innocents that are and will die. Please keep your hearts open and dont jyst stick with allegiances blindly. God bless

  27. Trump showing his true NY Communist colors.
    This flu numbers don't lie

  28. Wow someone say because he disagreed with Fauci “what do you call agree and disagree indecisiveness” wow 😳 what a way to look at one dis agreement plus he is the most decisive president we have. Wow how we have people with no brains must work for CNN or MSNBC

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