Monday , January 25 2021
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Trump discusses breakthrough coronavirus therapeutic in press conference

President Trump, HHS Secretary Alex Azar and CDC Director Robert Redfield announce coronavirus therapeutic.

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  1. They have not even mentioned Convalesciant Plasma as a treatment for coronavirus Covid-19 in Australia and they also bag out HCQ. Well , where do we go from here down under.

  2. Did he just call it the China Virus well in that case I'm going the Spanish flu the American virus since the first reported case was in Kansas

  3. Whatever happen to injecting , ingesting cleaning agents ? Didn't work?

  4. Trump worse president of all times?

  5. Trump sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s actually doin up there 🥴😂

  6. All Asian Americans in November should show Mr Trump what they think about his China disease.


  8. Satan has no self respect or honor i.e. The "Obstructionist's in Washington D.C. need to take a long trip on the ocean and never come back . . . the whole world will be better for it.

  9. The Trump convention is making no attempt to reach out to swing voters, it is doubling down on his base of religious extremists, whites frightened by minorities, gun nuts and Fox News fans.

  10. The press is to stand for the President, no respect for him or the office. How sad.

  11. In 2016, Trump said during his acceptance speech “The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens. Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead.” 180,000 Coronavirus deaths later, when is he going to resign?

  12. That is great Mr. President! Let's just now get the FDA to issue another EUA for HCQ, and we'll be on our way to overcome the China virus. We need all the weapons we can lay our hands on.

  13. We already use that treatment in UAE 🇦🇪 months ago

  14. I'm surprised he didn't say Mexico was going to pay for it.

  15. Isn't it peculiar that these wildfires happen every year now, all of a sudden, in the same place, and nowhere else, and California is the hate Trump state full of global warming fearing hippies, flakes, and nuts. It's the fruit and fibre state. I guess there's no chance at all that domestic terrorists set the fires right?

  16. God save us from evil Biden, Clinton, Obama connection this will be the end for sure

  17. So much break through for something that was a hoax. Trump trips on his own lies all the time. Soon he won't even know the difference.

  18. Trump is the WORST so called President in the HISTORY of the UNITED STATES!

  19. I’ll sell some plausma for the right price 🙃

  20. Nothing. Well not completely nothing Trump gets a talking point for his convention all be subpar. Oh and the stock market gotta a Trump Bump this week from the news.

  21. I just want to thank you for openly seeking the thoughts of The Ametican People! In all things. I am so very, very proud of your hard work!

  22. “If we didn’t test, we wouldn’t have any cases” yeah that makes perfect sense. What a moron.

  23. MSM and their DNC Convention Infomercial because Dementia China Joe can't read a teleprompter

  24. The HydroxyChloroquine pack and Ivermectin pack when used for mild to moderate sympathy is working very well in many countries. It's cheap and effective. Couple this with Sorrento Therapeutics rapid, non evasive test and you have a formula for America getting back to normal life. What you are pushing now is much more expensive for the American people and mostly benefitting the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Mr. President. You are playing this game just like the Democrats.

  25. FDA is being sued by multiple physicians to end Its arbitrary restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine.

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