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Trump displays altered Dorian forecast map | ABC News

After inaccurately warning that Alabama could get hit by Hurricane Dorian, President Trump showed a map that appeared to have a line drawn on it.

President Donald Trump is not backing down on his claim that Alabama could have been hit by Hurricane Dorian — even after government meteorologists disputed that was the case.

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  1. When Trump made his presentation, along with the next day, the chances of Alabama getting tropical storm weather were only around 5-10%, which is not much. But it was higher than the Zero Percentage that NOAA Alabama got from The Weather Channel (since they obviously did not get their prediction from within the NOAA)

  2. “take a close look, it was doctored by a sharpie”. Yeah no shit!!!! Hey fucking morons, he was showing what the ORIGINAL threat was. He’s not trying to pass it off like the original, you’re SUPPOSED to see the difference. Idiots!!!!

  3. You fools call THIS "news"? Trump is right you people are 🤡

  4. All of y'all are so stupid!!! He was talking about the "ORIGINAL" forecast….the original one y'all….ya know, the first models that came out and it was projected to cross over Florida and could've gone into the gulf, putting the FL panhandle at risk, and over to Mobile Alabama. The entire gulf coast was on alert. He was saying it could've done that at first and it was a scary scenario and we were very lucky. I live in the western Florida panhandle and we were on high alert when that first forecast came out and everyone was starting to make preparations for the storm. We even ran out of gas over here. It's unbelievable to me that people will take something like that, that most normal people probably didn't even notice or think anything of, and blow it up and totally out of proportion! Like seriously people get a life!! 🙄

  5. The news media is shameful. Had Obama made any predictions they would have praised him as attempting to have the foresight of where the hurricane might go since the weather service is never 100% correct. Since Trump attempted to raise the possibility that Georgia and Alabama might be in some danger and that some precautions would be prudent, the media felt like they had something else to attack him on. Being prepared is the smart thing to do, if the hurricane doesn't hit you then at least you were made to think about the possibility and brush up on your Emergency Preparedness Plan. Its the same reason you buy Car, Home or Medical Insurance, you are being responsible by trying to keep yourself and your family safe. If Trump had just gone with the map as it initially was and the hurricane had spilled over onto Georgia and Alabama then the main stream media would have criticized him for not foreseeing that eventuality. In their eyes they must criticize him no matter what happens. To me he tried to make people around the predicted path take some precautions in case the hurricanes forecasted path turned out differently.

  6. The presidents aids are definitely following

  7. The weather reporters said qote ..if the hurricane keeps on its path and crosse's Florida it would impact Alabama. Fact. I was watching when they said it. Hater's. And he didn't pick the map.. someone else put it there for him. Get over your terrorists party Game. American hater's.

  8. Who drew that nose on that diagram 👃👃😬😂😂😂😂

  9. But …the media IS the one controlling the narrative though! WE as viewers don’t have access to the White House and the Oval Office or the President. We don’t get to ask the hard hitting questions about sharpie-gate sooo for once trumpito might actually be right 🤔 because I know if I could ask the president a question it would NOT BE ABOUT A DAMN MAP!!!!!

  10. NOAA Contradicts Weather Service, Backs Trump On Hurricane Threat In Alabama

  11. President Numbnuts “thinks” that the guy who irons his hair does such a great job of making it indistinguishable from the real thing, that he gets him to doctor all his weather maps too.

  12. LoL. The media is really reporting this? No wonder the biase media is failing.

  13. Hear hear from the RETARD president. There's really nothing sane coming out from this toddlers ASS!

  14. THE CHOSEN ONE 2020!!!! 🙏🇺🇸

  15. And if it had gone to Alabama what then? People would have died because you didn't warn them. At least warn of a possibility so people can prepare with 3 days food and water and batteries and fill up the tank. There was a sucking off of the energy of Dorian into a category 3 huricane that actually occured in the Gulf. That shows you there was a strong pull froma the Gulf that could have steered the Huricane to cross Florida. Better to be forewarned than refret it later. Idiots. The weather men got it wrong when they initially said it was heading for Florida. Do you chastise them? How often is the weatherman right? 50%? At best.

  16. Did you know, I got out of bed, and I put different coloured socks on. I'm not perfect.

  17. I just heard Trump said it is on its way to Texas now. He even drew a new map 😂

  18. Who gives a fuck? is this all you guys have to do all day? Then come here and make your stupid comments. Poor fools need to get a life. This is the best economy in years. So I don't care how many sharpies this mother fucker goes through.

  19. Well it looks like the NOAA is backing Trump about Alabama. Looks like you dumbass Trump-hating liberals are wrong AGAIN.

  20. And this is a big deal why? It's literally a sharpie mark on a map. How about coverage of the actual storm instead of some screw up some intern made.

  21. Another MSM newscaster caught in a lie. This is bigger than the Indian-Bang-Drummer fiasco. Stepho, Brian Williams, Fredo & Don Lemon, all caught in lies. When are they going to apologize? So they can proper-penance by self-rubbing their noses in their own doo

  22. This is why a guy in his kitchen gets more views than a multi-billion dollar media company. Feelings do not define human. That is why abc news is just whiney bitches.

  23. America yall are so funny hahahahaha im in tears

  24. Lol. Damn. The guy who wants immigrantion based on merits. Lol

  25. C'mon people, it's not that bad. He just can't tell his left from his right, read maps, understand and intake information. I say let him have 4 more years so people not in the US can continue being entertained.

  26. The smartest American alive.

  27. Go to hell ABC and stay there.

  28. Lol. Defend this Fox??????

  29. He shared a fake map. That’s a federal crime

  30. It is a sad display of an American idiot that would put his own ego first before taking care of the disaster on the East coast. People are dying and this idiot spends more time trying to prove he wasn't wrong on an issue that don't really matter or to be a priority with what is going on.

  31. What will hurt the left is that TRUMP WILL WIN AGAIN IN 2020! Cry you a river then!

  32. Don't see the big deal. Making something out of nothing, just like the atheist believes 🤣🤣🤣. STUPID ATHEIST!!! Watch them attack my post with their comments now!!! I wont respond, just so you know!

  33. Everyone talking about how stupid trump is and how he can’t just let it go…

    Guys, what about the media.. does anyone else notice that this news network just did an entire segment on this issue just to prove trump was wrong? I mean, what’s worse, Trump making an honest mistake and not willing to admit it, or the media so hell bent on finding was to hurt him politically can’t just report on other more important stories.. they have to actually make sure everyone knows trump was wrong about something and then try to embarrass him by belittling him for issuing a sharply and not backing down.. think about it.. the news is so completely anti trump it’s embarrassing. That they have to actually put him down I. This way, never give the guy a break.. obviously trump doesn’t want to ever admit his mistakes, not to mention he has to always have his guard up from being constantly attacked for silly things like this.. question, so what was the point of this story??? It was to cover something negative about trump.. nothing more.. and it’s always this way.. it’s pathetic

  34. I cant stand ABC fake news…! They persist to divide our COUNTRY.. Its because of ABC AND FAKE MSN i became a Republican..!

  35. Really, is this all liberals have left? Looking for anything you can find to slander the president. You guys are just plain silly.

  36. It was the metereologist not trump…Dorian didn't turn out a disaster so kinda slow news week ABC?

  37. trump is so used to lying he cant tell the truth ever he needs some serious help

  38. That map 1:11?? Who knows where that thing would've went… Look like it was heading to Mississippi to me..

  39. Lots of butthurt libtards in the comments lol

  40. Trump's bone spurs must be located in his Big Brain.

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