Monday , January 25 2021
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Trump, Dr. Fauci participate in roundtable at American Red Cross HQ

President Trump participates in a roundtable on donating plasma at the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington D.C.

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  1. Schools are "crowded places."

  2. "Plausma." I think he means "Plasma."

  3. Yeah, let's make china pay for the re-opening of these businesses.

    We can take it out of the money we "own" them, or I should say the money that they stole from us.

  4. We love faucci he is thee dr

  5. The men all given full name and title except for “Deborah, lovely Deborah” soooo sexist. He doesn’t even know what he is doing. We call him Donny as an insult. The same for him calling the only woman by her first name only.

  6. Dr Fauci, how come you are not responding to the group of Drs who has been using Hydrochloroquine and no deaths.?

  7. American red cross are vampires

  8. Feeling under pressure? Feeling defenseless? Take control and submerge yourself in everything business! Use youtube to fight back.. use youtube to fight youtube! Learn from the greats in business. Listen to audio books about business while you workout! Your health and mind is Americas heartbeat and greatest asset: Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great start, you will be inspired. Create a monthly budget and follow it. Excel courses are numerous here on youtube. $12 dollars a month gets you all the Microsoft suites. Learning them is a powerful weapon. Arm yourself! Create a business – no matter how small! America needs You!

  9. Start the trials on yourselves, Fools.

  10. Another excuse to give away your lifesource plasma to blood sucking profit seeking reptiles. The red cross one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. They have carte blanche non checked boxes that can be sent anywhere unchecked by customs full of laundered money, drugs, human organs.


  12. Fyi. Trump and the Republican don't want to give the American Ppl help with income. But did Trump let the American Ppl know Trump is making a deal with China by decorating Mar a Lago with China furniture from China as of yesterday. Just saying.

  13. Have the militaty pass Hydroxy around to and for all the people, we'll give you feed back, free of charge look at all the money saved, and it's stated it helps mega things

  14. We could tell her you don’t we can tell it’s a lie when you have to read it like that. don’t you understand your body doesn’t want to say stuff according to that. let that liar do it he’ll get tared and feathered eventually. We don’t listen to all those silly hellos unless it’s to Pompeii who we bow to

  15. Stay away from that guy Trump. Kfousi is a liar and a dog and he’s keeping you away from the real work that you’re meant to be. Don’t let them frighten you with their stupid false statistics nobody’s dying out here

  16. Don't politicize covid19 will be defeated.

  17. Gooood roundtable…. comprised of multiple 'voices' from the wonderful diversity of our American Healthcare Industry Professionals!!! 👌
    Unsurprisingly, Fauci is The ONLY panel member still "dispensing" The Fear Factor…. while the other participants are emphasizing The Positives .
    IMO, the IRS needs to thoroughly investigate Fauci's tax returns, including uncovering his (predictably enormous) Offshore Bank Accounts…. 👍

  18. Dr. Birk, thank you for the clarity you bring explaining the practical issues and the available tools (I.e face shields) people can use today.

  19. Surgeon General Adams, thank you for your message to our youth.

  20. Dr. Fauci, thank you for explaining where we are at with this upcoming vaccin.

  21. Why Hydroxychloroquine is very promising for curing COVID-19, but the FDA and CDC haven't officially allowed using it again? Having both expensive Remdesivir and very cheap Hydroxychloroquine for COVID treatment while developping the specific COVID-19 medicine should be the better way to curb this pandemic?

  22. January 11, 2017
    Fauci: ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak. How does he know this?

  23. President Trump, if you see this I want you to know you are an American hero! Without you America would be gone! Jesus is the God of all hope and it's easy to see you are anointed and appointed to bring hope back to America! All the attacks all the betrayal against you, you stand strong and polite! The media that bash you should be sued like Nick from covington catholic sued the media! They lie so many times on you! God bless you sir!!!!!!

  24. the hole covit is a fake..


    The CHARLIE KIRK show … 9 Doctors speak out

    Please watch and share



  28. This is obviously a very clever virus! Here in Ireland u can go to a pub but if u only drink d virus will go for u but if u have food costing no less than 9euro d virus will ignore u.also regarding masks,in mass last week while going up d aisle with no mask I met a man with a mask,he was about to sneeze so he pulled d mask aside and let d biggest sneeze ever all over d place.this is all so farcical it's incredible so many believe all d hype.we need to get real.👍🇮🇪

  29. Wish i could what they are whispering about

  30. Lol they sit quietly with the mask on , but pull it off when they talk and spit and blow out air and breath ,
    but they are wearing the mask to supposedly catch all that , also they touch everything with their hands then use the same hands to touch the inside of their mask that goes right up against their face ! 😶

  31. Fauci works for the Chinese communist party not the USA

  32. Wtf is trump playing at with these clowns

  33. President Trump
    Red cross is another cover up…or do you know that already.

  34. 🤔😖😡 Absolutely NO MSM coverage for World Day Against Trafficking 2020 🤔😖😡! Rallies can be seen everywhere including in front of CNN yesterday on social media; but, cannot find any info on the MSM or Google search engine. Absolutely shameful! We should ALL stand up to End Trafficking worldwide! Amazing work O.U.R. and to everyone who donated and rallied for this cause. God bless you all! 🇺🇲🙏🥰

  35. I need a $1000 a pint for this antibody plasma!! Maybe 2

  36. How much we get paid for donating this cause the vaccine got million I need

  37. While I respect Dr. Fauci for his experience and service to our country, I do think he might be a bit too senior to lead the fight against the covid-19 and his knowledge might be outdated. By comparing the suggestions from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Atlas from Stanford, one can find that Dr. Atlas gave completely different suggestions for reopening, and curbing the spreading of the virus etc. Maybe it is time for Dr. Fauci to pass his post to the next generation.

  38. Joe Biden and all democrats support fauci and gates .dont trust them watch out America.

  39. Who had applied this plasma convalescent techniques for covid-19 patients and had big success ? CHINA…

  40. Trump Playbook for America coming straight at you.. RE :Friends of David Goldberg on You Tube. MURDERED for what he knew about the pandemic..

  41. Why does Pres Trump get to take Hydroxychloroquine, but we are locked out from getting it? Our doctors hands are tied? Why is it just for the Elite? Why can't it be returned back for use by the regular American people?

  42. if hydroxy is so worthless mr fauki won't mind peeing in the cup so we can test him and see if he's been taking it

  43. About time u lovely doctors put your masks on your face

  44. Trump still doesn't get it.
    Fauci is an anvil around his neck.
    Cut the Fuhrer loose.

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