Saturday , January 16 2021
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Trump endorses move to start normal transition process l GMA

Mark Meadows issued a memo that the White House will comply with actions to “ensure the smooth transfer of power.”

Trump-Biden transition live updates: Trump administration recognizes Biden’s win:

#ABCNews #Trump #BidenTransition #GSA #BideHarris

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This news story is completely fake lol

  2. Biden is NOT president elect. Lol…"Office of President Elect". Wow. That's funny.
    Let's wait until the dust settles guys. I know you libtards just want to burn sh*t down, but wait until Trump is sworn in for a second term.
    We'll be ready and waiting for you.
    Cheers ladies!

  3. Hey leftist spawns of Satan,
    The Wrath of GOD
    is coming…….😊

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  5. God Bless Donald Trump ✝️

  6. At 1:57 Trump's team not shown any evidence of voter fraud. There is a substantial amount of evidence of voter fraud. Just because you choose not to air it …which is very undemocratic. And you wonder why you are called fake news. I watched over 3 hours of it with the Senators hearing in Pennsylvania it included several witnesses plus experts who showed massive irregularities in voting.


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  8. Gates News Central is all about Dementia awareness for the next 4 years

  9. L I E S….100% LIES! I bet they didn't show you the fraud laid out in Pennsylvania today!! Right Side Broadcasting did! If they censor my link, go check it! These people LIE to you!

  10. He can only run again if his coke and pill habit doesnt crush him in the time away from his public housing

  11. I’m so excited right now! Absolutely mind blowing and the dems must be panicked. I just got done talking about this on my channel.

  12. If biden dies while in office …trump had him assassinated it will look like a health problem or accident

  13. Everything feels like a circus and none of it is helping with the actual concerns of the public. I'm concerned with jobs, healthcare, education, advancing medicines for diseases, keeping us strong against threats and a healthy economy. It's equally important to have places for all ages in life for recreation, fun and well being. I feel like most people in the government only focus among their own interests and very little effort goes toward the public to improve things.

  14. Proud of my fellow Latinos going up in the world

  15. Trump now that the stock market has seen an all time high takes credit for the gains and even taking credit for the vaccine distribution when he has nothing left to claim he is now caving in to the fact that he's on his way out

  16. Biden really has his work cut out. Starts with putting the Anti-Mask and Supremacist militant groups with their blind followers back into their cages. Trump let those dogs out. More important is rebuilding USA's credibility around the world, made more difficult due to the two week delay.

  17. FAKE NEWS, journalist like you are ruining the United States

  18. I hope Trump becomes just a punchline, it’s embarrassing to call him a past President in the same category as Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

  19. He is such a damn 5yr old 👶 baby he is just making his self look evern dumber…

  20. You’re scaring me to death!!

  21. Hey Trump… You are fired
    It's better to count how many graves you have done in the Hart island
    Shame On Trump
    Jail is ready to receive you 😝

  22. Omg he is ugly. The rotten personality shows all over his brutal face.

  23. TRUMP will never run for President again. It's all over for you Americans. TRUMP won't want the hassle after spending 4 years living as a billionaire. TRUMP didn't even take a wage and he achieved so much and then was stabbed in the back by his own people. I wish we had TRUMP as a leader. As I said it's all over for you Americans. Middle of next year the USA will start to collapse and China will be tucking into that defenceless American pie.

  24. from the outside looking in, the American health and election system, looks very third world, just saying.

  25. No stimulus checks/ no Christmas for a lot of Children


  27. Person Man Woman Camera TV and Jail 😂

  28. This is the most disgusting false information. Disgusting

  29. That’s not what’s happening

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