Monday , August 2 2021
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Trump-era official calls out Biden for handling of China's cyber attacks

Christian Whiton, a former Trump-era State Department senior advisor, weighs in after the U.S. and allies accused China of a global cyber hacking campaign.

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  1. Smells like 🐂💩 too me.

  2. China they just scared Taiwan,if Taiwan given up, they get for free, same Hong Kong now,xi Jinxing chicken head long time said never do it, never listen to them

  3. The ppl wont stand for much more.Spending to much and no one wants to work to pull us out of debt.slavery is coming.

  4. This is not Biden time's decision it is O'Bama that is running the shadow government. This is what democrats wanted and voted for FOR REAL!

  5. Biden and Harris represent China 🇨🇳!!! And they cheated the American people out of their vote 🗳!! Audit every state in America 🇺🇸!!! Trump won!!

  6. Laws of war🤔! Those thoughts are exactly why America will always be taken advantage of!!

  7. There needs to be a emergency meeting with both parties in this country because we got alot going on threatening our country 💯

  8. Stop criticizing other countries where we have done the have done the same to other countries we have killed destroyed humiliated even leaders are you calling this a civilized nation this assembly's nation welcome to court system what about being Not guilty what happened in Guantanamo and Guantanamo in Cuba violations violations violations war war war give me a break

  9. Wait til we lose our electricity infrastructure, you dunces

  10. Biden loves the Chinese Communist party . China has a big investment in the Biden family ?

  11. It was just a friendly inquiry into Microsoft . I’m sure .


  13. The real President is not Biden.

  14. indicting foreigners that are in another country doesn't mean anything. This is what the crooked feds do when they want the appearance of doing something but really they dont want to.

  15. Aw China? not China come on now!! don't fight talk with understanding don't attacking each other U.S. China Russia good people with countries i think can be the coolest everybody relax

  16. Well they've got overwhelming proof that they hack the election but you'll never hear fox or anybody else talking about that mainstream media at least

  17. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.""….

  18. Chinas ambassador blamed 🇺🇸 for being racist when called on about the muslim concentration camps. Then idiot Biden invites the UN to look into it??? Wtf hes a trader just from that.

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