Trump expects possible impeachment this week

The Manhattan case involving hush money paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels will have possible new witness testimony tomorrow. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #WNT #DonaldTrump #Indictment #StoryDaniels #HushMoney

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. CHUMP20TOLIFE 🇺🇸🇺🇸





  2. They can't indict with the jury still sitting. Don't get your hopes up to early. These things take time. I hope our wait is short. I can't stand the vengeance death and destruction speeches from a man who wants to be president again. Just the thought of that repulses me.

  3. They don't want trump to win it confirms Christianity

  4. Where is little, old, low energy merrick " the meatball " garland? He's at home washing his tights and maga hats 👒.

  5. Make Accountability Great Again!!!

  6. The Trump Organization has been fined a sum of 1.6 million dollars as a result of a tax fraud lawsuit. In addition, the Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation have been convicted of 17 felonies, which include tax fraud and falsifying business records. The Trump Foundation has been ordered by the court to pay 2 million dollars in restitution and has been dissolved. The Trump University fraud lawsuit has been resolved for 25 million dollars, and the Trump Taj Mahal money laundering suit has been settled for 10 million dollars. Furthermore, the Trump Organization bodyguard suit has been settled by Trump, but the details of the settlement remain undisclosed.

  7. Michael Cohen went to JAIL for Trumps affair with Stormy, no one is above the Law.

  8. We got him this time!

  9. I think the justice department should just keep leaking that trump is going to be arrested every day and keep him on edge like he kept the country for four years.

  10. He may be waiting, but he certainly isn't holding his breath. Shocking to see a American "leader" try to foment destruction of our justice system and mislead people to try and destroy our 240 year old democracy.

  11. these comments are so funny, like you left scum, im so glad you guys are enjoying how this country is going at the moment, makes me sick to my stomach, yall voted for an idiot that sold this country out and let this place rot, now i hope most your kids have to deal with the consequences.

  12. Trump is more popular than ever, this case has evaluated him to iconic status.

  13. They said the same thing last week… stop the madness lol.

  14. Democrats are destroying America. While they are going after Trump China and Russia are going after bigger prize "Taiwan"

  15. He wrote the ✍️ the threaten letter himself and the white powder was from the donuts 🍩 he was eating.

  16. Trump is the messiah, the lamb 🐑 of Christ

  17. Lol 😂 Trump go play golf

  18. I have zero problem with Trump being indicted.
    " Make Accountability Great Again "