Monday , November 30 2020
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Trump faces backlash for tweet about robbery at Elijah Cummings' home

Trump also threatened to slap tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports and says he has narrowed down his list of possible replacements for director of national intelligence.


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  1. The idiot in chief has been granted the benefit of the doubt only because he's Caucasian. His predecessor, Barack Obama would have been impeached immediately. No question. The idiot in chief is 1) Not Political 2) A True Follower 3) Not Beholden to the US Constitution. He wants to "MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN". I'm just saying.

  2. Markomchutsprektovonusekkotakveltrumharokmarvonusek

  3. Robert, I found out what PDA is I think. Now does the meaning have capital letters when it is not written as an acronym? I really don’t know but I’ll go with a personal display of affection. Would you have used capitals, it seems as though grammar is changing every day?

  4. Trump did it! He is responsible even if cummings cuts a wet fart!

  5. I wish his luxurious house 🏡 were set on fire 🔥 with him and his wife in it… corrupt to the core! where’s the money u fat phuck!

  6. This is Sneha Athreya reporting a few discussions, President Trump backlashing, what happened recently?

  7. Elijah cummings has been stealing from Baltimore residents for 4 decades, hes one of the oldest stinkiest racist turds in the swamp flush that corrupt turd.

  8. Impeach the motherfrencher clown looking trader baby killer!!

  9. Follow the money.

    Follow the family.

    Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself

    The hunters become the hunted.

    These people are stupid.

    Enjoy the show!

    Nothing can stop what is coming.


  10. I wonder if Elijah Cummings staged his own Burglary… I wonder if He needed to get rid of some extra money lying around…. I think Cummings is a PUKE.

  11. How does this douche criticize with a straight face. Go fix your own district which is a war zone sinking under the trash and decay that you have caused Elijah. You are a RACIST. You hate your own people, you allow your own race to live in filth were you run around Washington DC, yelping about everything you think will divert your constituents from realizing how much you hate them by not caring enough to fix the disgusting situation you have created in your district. Go away, and let a competent person do your job. How much money are you worth while your constituents live in the third world city you have created. What a horrible RACIST you are.

  12. Has someone zeroed in on specific artwork related to Cummings yet?

  13. Cummings is the rat ! Or rodent !

  14. Every single state that gets Federal funds … has it stolen by the states politicians. Why do you think people run for office? To help you? Hahaha …. go suck on this 🍭 Cummings is a black man and as such, he has less experience at hiding and stealing Federal funds, so going after him is unfair – Trump was brought up stealing other peoples money – so he’s better at it. Case closed .. Next!

  15. If Trump quit tweeting for 30 days our social media would crash 🤨 now wouldn't that be something 👍 all the way around. Lol

  16. dowd another reader ;liberal idiot

  17. Dems have nothing but there jobs to loose Rats on the run

  18. Backlash? For what? The truth?

  19. Faces backlash from white suburban leftists and politically driven media…zero backlash from the residents who actually live in West Baltimore. Why would we be listening to ABC when the actual residents are begging for help, and welcoming Trumps attention. ABC fake news as usual.

  20. I guess we are now sending people in to clean up Baltimore. They have found trash that is 20 years old, that's right. They found 20 year old newspapers in the crap.Why in hell do we have to clean up these worthless run democrat cities, wake up people you need to vote republican and get rid of these POS people.

  21. This tells us the president don't care about doing a good job in his office, he does not care about the American people.

  22. President pisshair is such a twit

  23. Let's go to the polls and make Donald Trump a one-term President. How did that jackass get to be our President anyhow? He is 24 years older than his wife. That means when he was 34, she was only 10.

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