Trump faces new scrutiny for comments on challenging 2020 election loss

Former President Donald Trump is facing scrutiny for comments he made in an interview with NBC News’ Kristen Welker, saying it was his own decision to challenge his 2020 election loss. Legal experts are saying his assertions could undercut his defense as he faces multiple charges. NBC News’ Monica Alba reports.

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  1. All hail the liberal hive mind, do not disobey … you must comply 🤡

  2. When are they going to jail the Orange Clown? The penalty for treason is death!

  3. Trump and Biden. In my opinion neither one should be President.

  4. He was having a really really bad hair day! 💇‍♂️

  5. Has Hillary ever been investigated about claiming she won in 2016? She was relentless. She even bought a fake dossier that claimed Trump won due to Russian interference. The dems investigated this for 3 years, it was on the news 24-7 before they quietly admitted to it was all a lie. So what's her punishment?

  6. The media army always trying to attack the former president all while Biden, the current president, is free to keep destroying our country. The source of our problems is not Trump.

  7. Rabbi Glazerson – And now a new ominous prediction lists: Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, and Moshiach, all in one table.This program consistently is showing tables of Trump winning in 2024.The inventor of his Torah Code Program, some years back 70's and 80's. We will have to see if this comes to fruition, and I hope it will. Sincerely Irvin M Ferguson

  8. The full interview is on YouTube. I have viewed it. If NBC had any journalistic integrity they have surely blown what is left of it. Shame on you NBC.

  9. All trump is good at is LYING

  10. "Close your legs or lay your eggs" -GOP



  13. Trump didnt start the idea that the 2020 election was rigged. That was just the lefts smear. What i saw happen is still what i saw happen, no matter how much a sellout corporation like NBC tries to lie to me.

  14. America has a crooked clown non president who don't do press conference or keep the citizens updated on what's going on & people voted for this bullshidgy daaaaang shame

  15. They lie and say no one is above the law .just like this is a free country is a lie.

  16. They gunna do nothing to the tangerine man .they're too scared of his violent followers who are armed dangerous and willing to hurt innocent people just bcuz they don't believe the same thing. And every one knows it's a big LIE so so shameful to be an american. The whole world is laughing at us. No one will trust us again.

  17. Wow sniching on himself 😮

  18. "Our prayers, love and support are with Trump and his supporters . You will be victorious."

  19. Dude just can’t keep his mouth shut😂

  20. We don't need or want a government shutdown, it's the worst thing for us all.

  21. It’s not illegal for a presidential candidate to challenge the results of an election verbally or in writing. Period.
    Unless it’s a corrupt, tyrannical, totalitarian, Marxist regime you are going up against.

    TRUMP 2024🇺🇸

  22. The 2020 was obviously rigged and stolen, there’s TONS of proof

  23. Trump is the man, if you’re an American and can’t see that the democrats hate America, you are the problem

  24. We know it was rigged. Democrats have it fixed so Democrats will win every Time. Democrats or in Control to take full Control of us

  25. Trump is nothing but a fool. He never takes responsibility for anything. Trump is an example of the poor leadership we have in this country. God bless America.

  26. Did anyone else think that question she asked at the end was odd? Do you still think democracy is the most effective form of government? Really? As opposed to what?

  27. Face this scrutiny; The corrupt and complicit D.O.J and FBI interfered in the election by forcing social media companies to suppress free speech regarding the egregious Hunter Biden laptop that contained information about the corrupt racketeering of his father, Joe Biden! This information would've kept this 50 year con man from getting elected! Now, does this grotesquely corrupt propaganda outlet want to discuss this! And lastly, what ethical news agency supports a treasonous regime that floods their country with millions upon millions of illegals to elevate their criminal voting base while destroying the sovereignty of this republic!

  28. Shut him up!
    Shut him up!
    Shut him up!
    Shut him up!
    Shut him up!
    Shut him up!

  29. What do you expect when his opponents are liars, thieves and perverts.

  30. It was rigged, the election was obviously rigged, anyone could see that at midnight of the election day. The mainstream media knows that