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Trump faces swift backlash on Syria decision l ABC News

President Trump’s decision to have U.S. forces in Syria step aside has sparked outrage among his closest allies on Capitol Hill.

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  1. LOL ABC got busted peddling false Syria footage !!! THESE PEOPLE ARE SUCH JACKASSES

  2. Trump you want to let Turkey slaughter Kurds because your hotels in Turkey and your interests of enriching himself.

  3. Your reporting of what President Trump said is as accurate as what Shifty Adem Shift said in the halls of congress. BgThumbsDown! Long Live the Republic.

  4. shame turkey …………….the un its a big shit……..

  5. I am pro-Trump.
    The Dems are nothing but satanic devil worshippers.
    But President Trump was absolutely wrong to abandon our Kurd allies who fought alongside and died with our boys fighting Isis.
    It’s just like what happened in Vietnam.

  6. Look at all the leftist warmongers!

  7. Trump said I'll remove our soldiers if you investigate Biden. This is hypothetical

  8. I disliked trump so much bcos I thought he is a neocon warmonger due to his harsh rethoric and aggression but he has proved me wrong. 1st by sacking Bolton and 2nd by resisting every pressure from both parties to go to war. I believe it's a smart tactics . He has earned my respect

  9. Ya create even more enemies

  10. It is always a firm decision.

  11. America fought and died Syria. It's time to come home.

  12. Nikki Haley is so hot, I mean very pretty.

  13. wow , that is exactly what happen in Afghanistan
    Kurds , I am really sorry for our unmatched wisdom president

  14. We need to keep our noses out of others conflicts, we do not need any more casualties for fights we have no business in. Trump wants to work on the country and he is getting things done.

  15. Such a tiny force is vunerable to attack and too tiny to do anything of significance. We need to get out of endless wars with nothing in it for us. I applaud Trump.

  16. The US will not abandon you, Just ask the Montagnard !

  17. Great and unmatched wisdom. Hahahahaha good joke the guy is a fucking idiot

  18. Congress is hot on 45's ass, so he has to do something drastic to reduce how much negative coverage he receives. If it doesn't work, stay tuned for him to do something else stupid. As I always tell people, 45 is a tactician, not a strategist.

  19. BDS Turkey back to the Stone age.

  20. Republicans that continue to enable Trump, the blood that will flow is on your hands also.

  21. Trump has destroyed our image threwout the world, he unilaterally pulled out of Iran deal, started a trade war with many countries, insulted Mexico, and showed the world were not reliable partners by abandoning the Kurds, and cheapened the highest seat in the country with the way he talks for example “if turkey does anything that I, in my unmatched wisdom consider off limits…) like relax dude this guy thinks he’s the smartest man in the country and is the center world.

  22. Trump's doing what he said he would do, America voted for him, it's not our ordo ab chao globalist masonic war, america first tyranny will be dealt with, there is no left or right only tyranny or freedom🍮🇺🇸

  23. Do the media not understand that the kurds are terrorist? PKK, YPG? Wonder whos dick they will ride now, maybe assad?

  24. Mainstream media fuck off! the troops are coming home!! Our great leader TRUMP is bringing them home to be their families, while you satanic scum can suck juice out of an onion…

  25. Well done. . Russia Well done

  26. Send these stupid Cunt instead…….troops come home now….

  27. I wonder what other countries are thinking about the UNITED STATES right about now

  28. Trump is right this fight is not US fight ,,,let isreal take care of their problems ,,,I don't like Trump but he's saving American kids that go to military for money and they don't know wat they fighting for ,,,,,isreahell take your problems with your own hand ,,,,

  29. Endless wars bring our soldiers back

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