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Trump fights back after release of Ukraine call transcript | ABC News

ABC News’ Jon Karl and Dan Abrams analyze the impact of the release of the transcript and what to watch as the impeachment inquiry moves forward.

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  1. do u think bide would be a great leader???? his son has an issue..

  2. A lot is going on about this issue. Trump has said a lot. What about Pence? As vice pres. what does he have to add?

  3. Thou shalt not bear false witness…


  5. Another fraudulent scheme to give the Democrat Party and the Democrat media an excuse to attack the president everyday. Trying to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of most Americans. It won't work, Americans are smarter than the Democrat Party is giving them credit for. They can see right through this charade and they are appalled at the dishonesty, and fraudulent nature of a Democrat. No worries, We the People have it. 20/20 in the bag.

  6. Can I remind everyone about that speech by Trump shortly after the release of the redacted Mueller report. No collusion, no obstruction of justice. And now this. And William Barr trying to lie to us about his interpretation of the report? Think, hear and see. And if at all possible, cast your vote on a ballet that can be recounted until everyone is satisfied with the outcome of the 2020 election. In one of the debates with Mrs. Clinton in 2016 I remember Trump saying something like "the election is rigged". What in God's name did he mean by that? The vote counting computers, and maybe Russian hackers? Hired to alter the code that counted our votes, and then self-erase from the records? Pretty good try?

  7. Instead of focusing on issues like the LA homeless problem, we focus on this circus again

  8. Notice how the little worm is sitting up high to make him look bigger and smarter.He's still a weasel.

  9. I understand people not liking Trump, heck even hating him
    … but when the media censors him and presents hearsay and speculation as truth… what happened to Journalism. Scrutinize and talk about the public transcripts.. do some journalism.. stop crying wolf every couple of months.. its been 3 years geezus… the orange dude won, get over it.. focus on why the Democratic candidates are worth electing.. instead of unsuccessful attempts to get rid of

  10. There is nothing to impeach him for, but thanks for getting Trump reelected dumbasses.

  11. Democrats are straight trash. Literally

  12. Donald J Trump is a nimble navigator and cannot be stumped. Trump 2020

  13. "Baby, I am cheating on you….why are you complaining? We should be talking about our vacation planning, our social events, planning bdays, lowering our bills, and watching movies together. We can't talk about anything. But noooo, all you want to do is distract us by focusing on the porn star I screwed…this is a witch hunt, you've been hijacked by your radicalism"

  14. He is not spooked, he is confident and strong and it is unfortunate that fake news is covering this bull! Democrats do what you were elected to do, help the american people. That's your job! Impeachment, haha a joke, fake news also a joke! Stop wasting money and time, do your job!

  15. U fucking idiots there is no inquiry they don’t have the votes to even bring it to the floor to have an inquiry ur such fake false news unreal people just dig yourself there is no inquiry whatsoever it’s just being said and what did he say so bad do us a favor ok now we need everyone else’s transcript bet we would be shocked

  16. Mouse in mousetrap: The humans didn’t see this coming.

  17. Now he's going after the whistle blower…F___king bully like usual!

  18. Make America impeach again!

  19. Yummy! More nothing impeachment burgers on the way 🍔

  20. Greek Midget: why haven't your biased "reporters" demanded Obama''s Russia phone transcripts after HE told Medved at a press conference " I'll be more flexible once I'm reelected". What the hell does that mean? On the timeline after that, Hillary gets a huge "donation" from Frank Giustra, the Canadian billionaire, and then greases the sale of 20% of OUR uranium supply TO Russia. Why is she so protected? Why was Obama so protected? Trump is correct re the absolute, 100% bias in favor of the DNC. You pathetic "news" people confirm that every day. Also, you NEVER report on the many accomplishments of Trump, even while getting barraged by lies, fake news, etc. on an hourly basis.

  21. Bill Clinton had oral sex in the oval office, was convicted of obstruction, and lied under oath in federal court. What happened to him? Nothing!…and people actually think Trump will get impeached for this? LMAO. Trump made mistakes but to say it's impeachable is the funniest thing i've ever heard.

  22. Another desperate attempt by you socialist Democrats to get President Trump….and once again it will fail miserably. You clowns have been trying this c*ap for two and half years and every time it blows up in your delusional faces. Walkaway socialist Democrats #walkaway

  23. The President doesn't seem to be acting what your opinionists are expressing. Keep trying to twist it ABC…Fake News

  24. God bless Great America and god bless President Trump Great America are under attached by China governments Democrat party

  25. The President can now finish the wall with all the bricks he's going to be shitting. 😂

  26. Hey George. Now we know how the Germans felt being fed propaganda and fake news. Obama never held up to any scrutiny

  27. America is the worst place for a child to grow up. Born is Satans pit.

  28. Regardless of how he came to power , I think President Trump is the best president of USA governance since its inception

  29. TRUMP 2020!!!!! When are the democrats going to look into their own people for a change. Socialist theives. We can steal and steer but that's ok?

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