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Trump freezes Venezuelan government assets in US

Fox News’ Phil Keating and Lt. Col. Daniel Davis (Ret.) react to the Trump administration freezing Venezuela’s government assets.

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  1. Beautiful country destroyed by communism and globalism.

  2. This is SICK!!! Sanctions are not designed to hurt a regime/government but the people into changing their government , it's terrorism. This embargo/blockade is stopping food from entering Venezuela,the very thing America "accused" /demonized Maduro of doing. In Iran, the blockade is stopping medicine(amongst other things) from entering, leading to the deaths of innocent civilians. If the Venezuelan people wanted Maduro gone,then why are they being forced through things sanctions/embargo into doing so, or is this sadistic host calls it, "shock therapy".

  3. Sanction the perps of 9/11 – the headchopping Saudis (and their best friend Israel), you TRAITOR… !!!

  4. That Liz is a stone hard ignorant. Listen to the experts.

  5. I dont want peace its a either a second American civil war between left and right or war between us and allies against Russia China Iran North Korea and Syria YYEEEAAHHHH!!! cant wait for WW3!!
    EDIT: I forgot venezuela

  6. Shut Crypto haaaa.. we need to shut the US dollar

  7. There's a multitude of intelligent countries that don't recognise the moron Trump's presidency. Can he be removed back to the kindergarten he came from? He can, of course, keep his twitter account.

  8. You gotta wonder what is going to happen when China “freezes” all the American assets in its country (billions and billions) and the rest of the world starts trading in their currency, instead of the almighty dollar? America could become the Weimar Republic overnight (make sure you’ve got a good wheel barrow!) I don’t think Trump knows what the hell he is doing, to be honest. I mean like Tom Steyer says, he was a failure as a businessman, and is fraud.

  9. You guys are a joke leave Venezuela alone and stop pushing for war with Iran. Stop listening to the military industrial complex. I'm an trump voter and I think I'm voting for Tulsi Gabbard for president

  10. Lima, Preu or Lima, Peru🤔😅

  11. Once a Socailist gain's power The people are doomed. Gun point is The only way to vote a dictator out of office.

  12. The US is getting desperate. Their losing power over the world and China and Russia are growing. Keep it up Venezuela, you are doing great. Anything you need you can get from China or Russia.


  14. Who really trusts that Obama clone Guido? Really?

  15. Que Viva Latin America and Nicolas Maduro Hero of America and President of Venezuela Libre!

  16. Should have done this a long time ago.

  17. This is what happens when Europeans/ white people show up. First in order for them to show up, there must be some sort of asset, something of value in the region. Next they will cause chaos and division amongst those that already dwell in the region in order to make themselves look like saviors and individuals that have it all together. Next task is to set up a figure head in order to get the white identity into the history of the region. Then the Europeans/ white people must rob the land of the valuables, however long it takes. Finally all factual evidence that leads away from the idea that white people developed the area and created stability must be erased. Any evidence that the original inhabitants weren’t bush dwellers must be destroyed. Some evidence will be kept, thrown in a museum and artifacts too large to transport will be turned into tourist attractions.

  18. The US has tried to convince the entire world that it needs them. Why wouldn’t they show up and ask for help when needed? The US wants the entire world to follow their rules and orders, to lay down with them, and fornicate with them. The US has created this sense of dependency, why get mad when they come looking for your assistance and handouts?

  19. Can China please take over. It’s interesting, the Chinese are acquiring assets all over the world and we don’t hear about one slave trade from them, one unlawful land seizure, them performing human rights violations in other countries, none of that.

  20. We are all good people white black Hispanic People from middle East countries, people from all over the world. Come together love and accept each other. We will be ok together!

  21. If good guys are admins bad guys are regimes, it should be called the republican regime over here

  22. I'm sure the whole comment section is filled with ignorant americans, who are fed lies everyday. But u guys don't care! Ur foreign policy is hypocritical as hell! US have unleashed chaos in other countries, Iran is shrunk, now Venezuela is fighting hard, to survive despite economic terrorism by US!
    STUPID AMERICANS! dumber then a worm, if worm had eyes they would be smarter then americunts, I bet u didn't know that worm lacks eyes😛

  23. I wish one of them countries would have sanctioned the US during slavery time all of the countries should have did no business with the United States until they stopped hurting minorities

  24. The last time I checked there are more than 50 countries in the US.

  25. I've loved Trump scince the late 70s or 90s (particularly after Ross Perot), but when he brought in Kim Kardashian and Kanye you know he is pandering to the Democrats. I've lost faith. Hes' sold out.

  26. Should Have Been 5 Years Ago – Way to Wake Up a Little! All Talk – No Action!

  27. These tin pot rulers steal the revenue and mis lay forien aid. It ends up in off shore banking around the world as they know one day they will have to flee. Or make a deal thst they are allowed to leave and settle in another despots country where they will have to share their ill gained wealth.

  28. Good thing Davis is retired.

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  30. Another country where the military is owned by the power elites is North Korea. NK military gets the first helping in food and other life amenities while the civilians suffer. This arrangement can last a very long time.

  31. Why is the world putting up with the BS Trump is putting on the suffering people of Venezuela. Assad is a choir boy compare to what the Trump regime is doing

  32. obviously USA wants the oil. Meanwhile poverty rising in USA, homeless are everywhere, shootings happen everyday, and a very bad recession is on the way. Just so the tiny population of mega rich who control the system and the gov can have their way.

  33. Who runs bartertown "you know who runs bartertown" embargo on who runs bartertown "master blaster" I can't hear you say louder "Master blaster…….…."Lift embargo

  34. If US super rich do not wake up, and do not give a little back to the people who helped them to wealth, America is lost! We too in Europe, have nothing against the rich, but are against all people who disowned rights!

  35. DOING THE BIDDING of the rich. Don the Con will do what he is told. Favors for donations, screw all the nations.

  36. Try keeping the promise you got elected on, to stop policing the world and stop invading other countries for the oil companies.

  37. Looks like Socialist Democrats will be importing more Illegal Alien Voters in from Venezuela.

  38. I love how Fox News is disabling the comment section on most of their videos because they don't want the world to see how racist and ignorant its viewership is.

  39. She has a very cunty attitude, I don't think I like her……..

  40. And Socialist Democrats want America to follow in Venezuela’s foot steps.

  41. Joe Biden Kamala Harris 2040

  42. Let the Russians and China throw there money away on Venezuela and they can go broke. Just look at Cuba, Dictators propping up dicktators.

  43. Socialists in the United States should be arrested and tried under the Communist Control Act of 1954. An Act to outlaw the Communist Party, to prohibit members of Communist organizations from serving in certain representative capacities, and for other purposes.

  44. Socialism does,nt work anywhere ,Occassio should learn from. venezuela.

  45. the other president didnt even run he just delared himself president what a jock

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