Saturday , January 16 2021
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Trump Going To Walter Reed Medical Center For Observation | NBC News

President Trump is being flown to Walter Reed Medical Center for observation after testing positive for Covid-19. This is being described as a precautionary measure. The president will work from Walter Reed for the next few days.
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Trump Going To Walter Reed Medical Center For Observation | NBC News


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  1. Trump kinda mocked elderly sick people for getting the virus and now he is in the same boat. Hope it sinks.


  3. Things are about to change for the better!!!! Let us pray for our President, he represents all of us!!!

  4. God is in charge let’s stand back and stand by to see how he molds our President Trump who is now on his potter’s wheel, it’s going to be a wonderful transformation, hope is family will have patience and find comfort in the fact that God now has our president in his hands!

  5. Remember : No masks, bragging and insulting, spreading the virus and let the people suffer. Son of Balaam, Judas , traitor, Antichrist, son of perdition.


    Hear me out. This is my testimony. I used to hate Trump. From 2016 – June 2020, I despised him. I have always thought he's racist and hateful. Until June 2020 when I started to gradually realize, wow, I have been brainwashed by the media. I was blinded, indoctrinated and manipulated! I realized how dumb and ignorant I was, that I have allowed myself to be fed poison by the people on social media and mainstream media who spent their daily lives trying to tear this man down. My mind was corrupted by their blatant lies!

    So June 2020 was my HUGE AWAKENING. I was finally enlightened. I finally opened my eyes to the truth, that Trump is not racist at all, that he genuinely cares about people, he has a heart of a father, a father of this nation, he deeply and truly loves America and its people, and he has been endlessly and tirelessly fighting in this battle against the work of the Darkness since he was elected in office!

    During the debates, I realized that, wow, this man does not tiptoe around people's feelings. He says it as it is. He says what most people have no guts to say! He is brutally honest and transparent! He may be harsh but he is not perfect, nobody is. He is not a perfect man, but he is perfect for the job! He gets the job done! He is a gladiator, a bulldog, a fighter, a soldier! I truly admire his tenacity and strength! He is a billionaire, who had the option to just retire, and relax and spend his time with his family, but he chose to go through the strain and drudgery of serving the American people by becoming the President of the United States! And he is doing it all for free!

    Trump is ordained by God and I highly believe that He shall appoint him again as President for a second term! Last night, as I continued to pray for him, I broke down and cried! I remembered all the slander, all the efforts by the Evil Darkness to smear his image, to sabotage his campaign, and to poison the minds of people, especially young people, into painting Trump is a bad man, and drive them into pure hatred for him, for absolutely no reason! Donald John Trump – this man never gives up on the American people! He continues to fight the biased mainstream media, fight the corrupt Communist China government, fight the people who want to burn down America to the ground!

    And this is how I finally came to say #TRUMP2020 !

  7. hmm interesting being approved for Remdesivir a medication that requires approval from the fda for a patient on their death bed. That means his doctor had to tell the company that their patient was dying in order to get him on Remdesivir its from compassionate care. What is compassionate care? Compassionate care is medical and emotional care for patients with terminal diseases, and may include hospice care. … State-specific legislation, statutes and judicial rulings govern this area of medical practice.

  8. Please don't forget the evil he has done and is doing. Don't let this be a reset for him. Right now, he is messing with the FDA through the HHS, taking away the FDA's authority to oversee the quality of drugs being produced in the various labs.

  9. what happen to this fake news if trump will be out from the news, no doubt president trump is making the news alive day by day

  10. Trump and their enablers are just like Charles Mason, nothing more than a Cult Leader!

    Remeber Charles Mason ? Here it is:

    @ !

    Another one: Shoko Asahara ? He too run for politics !


    Any resemblance with Trump ? 200%.

    While hospitalized in a military hospital Trump is still disrarding Science and Prays GOD ? Not an inch of respect for Science ? Not a bit of Thankfullness … What a scam !

    By the way, both Charles Mason and Shoko Asahara were procecuted and to condemed to DEATH!

    Think it over before it's too late !


  12. They will take good care of our boss

  13. Watch "Pennsylvania Rep. Warns that a Bill Could Disrupt Election | NowThis" on YouTube

  14. That's not true …Trump stay home …nothing is wrong with you..shameless liar ..He don't need antibodies he need disinfectant injection s instead


  16. Haha! Trump's momentum rally turned into a castration rally! Trump exhibited stupidity, fans no longer show up because they are sober… A president only knows to create new words to mock the virus, and has no ability to contain the Covid-19 virus, dumb-Trump .

  17. He walked out on his own, looks healthy enough for golfing. His cocktail of drugs will be the new vaccine that will be rolled out.

  18. Trump ,Pompeo , Pence and his team can keep on telling lies, shifting blames irresponsibly by blaming China not giving him enough advanced warnings( more than 10 months since outbreaks discovered) that Covid viruses might attack any person including Trump himself before he can be smart enough to learn how to wear masks for protection !!


    We democrats who wear masks
    are the butt of your jokes
    but now karma's come knockin'
    still think its a hoax ?

    Your numbers from the beginning
    have slowly been slidin'
    coz youre not half the man
    we call Joe Biden

    so, snort your adderall
    eat your hamberders too
    and keep inhaling the hoax
    it looks good on you

    but dont you dare die
    before the ol' sun has risen
    coz we'd much rather see
    you rotting in prison……

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  23. Probably fake news that's all they give you a fake very little truth is inside these news

  24. You know that is a lie. You can tell he doesnt way 244lbs. He ways more than that unless its muscle weight. He might have a lot of muscles lifting up them cheese burders 😂😂

  25. Lies and more lies… On Thursday afternoon, President Trump claimed that he had won this week’s debate against former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., then veered into complaining about how the Commission on Presidential Debates might change procedures for their next event to avoid him repeatedly talking over his opponent again.

    “Why would I allow the debate commission to change the rules for the second and third debates when I easily won last time?” Mr. Trump tweeted, raising the prospect that he might not go ahead with their second scheduled debate.

    A short time later, his political advisers devoted a 20-minute campaign call with reporters to denouncing commission members by name and accusing them of “bias.” The advisers insisted that Mr. Trump would take part in future debates, but the complaining hardly exuded confidence.

    A day earlier, Mr. Trump was insisting, too, that he was being denied his due for his chaotic and widely panned debate performance.
    There is nothing wrong with that buffoon, he is just changing the headlines.

  26. There are 2 types of Trump supporters: Billionaires and idiots. Check your bank account and see which one you are *(wink)

  27. Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson was doing badly in the polls until he caught and recovered from Covid-19. He went up 16 points in popularity because the people were glad for his recovery. I wonder if Trump is aware of this phenomenon. Hmm

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