Trump has an emotional bond with the voters: Monica Crowley

Panelists Monica Crowley and Rich Lowry weigh in on the 2024 election and Disney going woke on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. What a joke. Trump is an elitist owner of a string of exclusive properties and he couldn't care less about his voters except for what's in it for him.

  2. Biden is the most illigitimate President ever in history

  3. Democrats are prepping, suddenly covid is fast spreading again ,Michigan's voting was corrupted in 2020 and looks like its headed in the same direction again , with covid monies to black and brown people seems to never stop pouring out

  4. In a filing made to the Colorado Supreme Court, lawyers for former President Donald Trump say that he never took an oath “to support the Constitution of the United States''

  5. I guess your enjoying higher prices , open border, and paying for Ukraine war🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. I really don't give a SH%T about these companies going Woke!!

  7. Done with Trump and MAGA. Watched uber MAGA George Santos lying in Congress again today. It’s Incredible that other MAGAs like Gaetz and his buddies were defending him and frantically trying to keep him in Congress.

  8. Then why is this corrupt guy in there???? On a stolen election

  9. In the ultra blue state of Minnesota, Trump now leads Biden by 1 point. Forget about the swing states, Biden is now losing blue states to Trump!!

  10. Trump 2024! Nikki Haley is a RINO!

  11. It's not just emotional, it's Trumps proven working for the Amer People, not wall street, mil. complex, chamber of commerce rinos.

  12. Think again about Nikki’s H……in bed with established. Rinos

  13. When the LibProg Left’s tactics are used against them 😂

  14. Haleys "Comet" is going to crash !

  15. It’s simple, folks. We Love Trump because we believe he Loves Us, AMERICANS!
    We don’t GAF what “he says” or how he said it!
    He doesn’t hurt our feelbads.
    We care about results, which he delivered until democrats all colluded in stealing that election and F**king over, basically, planet Earth!
    FJB Democrats!

  16. Biden gets bigger crowds than Trump gets! the media tells us, do you think the media is lying? 😮

  17. Disney will be bankrupt within 5 years.

  18. Never again will we see this. Millions of regular Americans TOTALLY RELATE to a billionaire. Best President of my lifetime (59yr).

  19. She’s a neocon and is unfit to be president

  20. Woke up with the worst headache I've had in many years. Trying to get rid of it.
    Ibuprofen and lot of caffeine.
    Got ahold of person with trailer already sold


  22. I thought the new "She Hulk" was great! Girl power can be AWESOME. "Just Jen" is pretty great too :). The new "Barbie" movie was good. There can be girl focused movies. I have zero want/wish to watch the new Marvels try and sell wrist bracers to girls. They are not even Wonder Woman's bracers (could of sold those before too). Not all of Disney is bad. Just the upper corporate hand full that want money and nothing else. The Last Airbender could have been so much better…. this has been going on for a while now.

  23. I don’t and won’t let MY children watch @disney

  24. Wow!!!!! Gave me chills!!! The BOSS arrived ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  25. Yeah, he just like you! Rich, a habitual rapist and criminal who doesn't pay his taxes or construction crews for work. Just a normal guy you could have a beer with.

  26. TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸🙏🙌

  27. Only a backward, illiterate bigot could support Trump…..loser of all time!!

  28. Of course the cult leader has an emotional bond with his cult members

  29. "… we're Disney…"– sounds like when John Lennon of The Beatles said they were bigger than God…and we see how quick his life was eliminated!!!


  30. TRUMP is a god walking the earth. Get used to it.

  31. Since DISNEY went Woke our family can’t bear to watch their product.

  32. We luv Trump. He's a true American that luvs his Country and citizens. Maga, Make America Great Again. Trump 2024.

  33. Different channels claim he was booded.

  34. Koch money will make MSM Media Companies Richer. . .

  35. Rico trump is stealing millions from his own supporters. Crime in Court is expensive.

  36. Hey fox news, why don't you show us Trump's rally in fort dodge Iowa where trump talked about hookers and golden showers in front of children in a high school gym and then explain why that would make him a good president!

  37. Don’t you people talk to the cameras Not one another supposed to be entertaining us not one another the conversations to us

  38. He is a criminal, and y’all gonna pretend he isn’t convict and thief.