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Trump has been following the track of Hurricane Dorian from Camp David | ABCNews

The president has also been briefed on the shooting in Texas and Washington is under increasing pressure to act on the issue of gun reform.

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  1. Okay first things first: Rachel Scott is 🔥 🔥 🔥 Chocolate…and…Hmm…I forgot the rest…

  2. The prez hat rocks!!! USA all the way…

  3. Really I been up look like Mr President just woke up

  4. The biggest storm Cat 5 he has heard of is the $130,000 Stormy

    (Was he elected to play golf?)

    $109,000,000 cost to taxpayers including today's play.

    Days Trump has spent at Mar a Lago:
    Cost of flights to Mar a Lago (24 so far):*
    Days Trump has spent at Bedminster:
    Cost of flights to Bedminster (23 so far):*
    Trump has visited his clubs once every this many days since his inauguration:

  6. We want to see the picture of him with the giant bruises on his forehead. Tried to cover it up with the stupid hat. Demento probably fell down.. or something.

  7. Trump is a fucking idiot and he is destorying the country

  8. Will someone fuckin do away with this idiot already? Jesus tap dancing Christ!

  9. You cannot control crime by taking away an innocent persons right to defend themselves. Libs are out of control.

  10. Yes, he follows from there, cowering in fear because he knows that he is on Jeff Epstein's little list of perverts to extort. He not only knows that he is a lying cheating fraudulent racist commie loving pedophilic sack of shit facing criminal charges for pedophilia when he leaves office, he knows that everybody else knows! He also knows that the world will be a better place once he is dead. Die Donald Trump die you piece of shit.

  11. Now that Donald has made hurricanes worse with his climate science denial policies, he will more than make up for it by hurling toilet paper to us.

  12. China Mainland netizens hot topics: the CCP- Hebei province ,Provincial Councillors "Liqiu  Zhu " United Hebei province District
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  13. Lazy imbecile playing golf at the tax payers expense……..again

  14. Golfing. Sure, he cares about Americans.

  15. No one knows more about hurricanes than Donald Trump, but whether it's very "wet water" pouring from the sky or nukes landing, the President will play through. Will anyone break in on the half-hour for these hourly weather briefings if Mar-a-Lago gets flattened by the storm?

  16. Who gives a shit if the orange douche is following what's happening in florida ? – a floridian

  17. he wants to know how close to Mara Largo it will come

  18. Watching to see if it hits maralago no other reason

  19. Cat 5 hurricane headed to Florida, Another mass shooting in Tx and this idiot is GOLFING?!

  20. Sorry democrats your FAKE NEWS doesn't work on me anymore.
    I support President Trump 💯%

  21. I stop tweeting after you let her get away with hacking my Facebook

  22. Why name it white house I would just name it the presidential house sounds much better

  23. Trump is dividing Jerusalem. What do you think is going to happen to the U.S. It will be physically divided by earthquakes, catastrophic flooding, pestilences and more.

  24. Trump can’t follow along in a coloring book let alone track a hurricane.

  25. typical Trumptards; totally missed the main point and just trying to "whatabout??".
    Stupids! If you want news about the storm, look for other videos. ABC also covers the hurricane.

  26. Any truth Trump is going to Florida to walk on water, as "the chosen one", to send back Hurricane Dorian like King Canute! Is he taking Air Force One or just flying down himself?

  27. that nasty orange blob….i hate trump!

  28. I'm getting a distinct vibe by the comments here that the majority believes Trump is an a$$hole.

  29. Talk about saying 1 thing and doing another. Who ever up loaded this .this aint the way to get subs. This how you get thumbs down.

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