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Trump heads to visit Texas border wall, makes 1st public comments since riots

The president called a second impeachment effort a “witch hunt,” plus three members of Congress have tested positive for COVID-19 after being locked down during the Capitol Hill siege.
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  1. Trump won ,,,, MAGA :))

  2. I think refusal to wear masks was how the Terrorists knew who supported them. If you can't follow simple rules, you shouldn't be making or enforcing the law!

  3. Violent Mob!
    Give me a break!
    Flat out!

  4. This channel censors comments unless they agree with them.

  5. Enough with the biased news. Just state the facts and keep your opinions and criticisms to yourself and let people come to their own conclusions without trying to influence them

  6. The reason the like/dislike ratio is in half is because half the viewers of this video are TRAITORS who love to eat up their tyrant's lies.

  7. #FuckTraitorTrump I'm glad they don't even give him air time. That's what he wants: Ratings. He's a spoiled little brat who wants ALL the toys and ALL the attention. Give him none of it. Deny him his voice on ANY platform.

  8. Does anyone wonder why big tech feels the need to intervene with the psudo- news/ propaganda? Even Kruschev would have blushed

  9. How dare you report trash with bias you bigots

  10. You're a fool, dickhead#HERO SOLEYMANI FOREVER

  11. You people are corrupt and hateful. Trump is the legit President

  12. where was all this anti corruption talk from the trump cult when trump was in office well before the election? Now that he lost you all wanna burn it all down cause it didn’t go your way? These people don’t stand for anything.

  13. The media needs to shut up. What about the protests last summer. Trump is my president. ❤ I will listen to him anyway I can. This country is turning communist.

  14. Old MacDonald has a ranch in Texuss.
    Were he wants his Bulls,Chickens and Cows to be safe from the "Bad People"at the other end.
    So he built a high fence as high as his twisted tall tales and ego will take it.
    Eeehh Aaahh Eeehh Aaahh, Twisted Don!🤣

  15. "The revolution will not be televised!"

  16. Sorry you have to lie for a living.


  18. Jesus is Lord! God's will be done in Jesus mighty name. Jesus we ask you bring to light anything hidden that we can't see. Bind up our enemy and cast them out. Any plot or plan by the enemy against us we ask you pulverize. Send your hosts in full force to destroy the plots and acts of the enemy in accordance to your will Father. Your will is all that matters Lord God. I am not your slave Father but your willing servant because you are most worthy to serve.

  19. You journalist are corrupt

  20. Interview by journalist Fulvio Grimaldi on Trump translated from Italian:
    Journalist Fulvio Grimaldi has no doubts: on a day like yesterday (two days ago, Editor's note), with the security apparatuses in a state of maximum alert, both for the joint meeting of the two branches of Parliament and for the meeting of supporters of Donald Trump, it was impossible for demonstrators to be able to enter the Capitol undisturbed, pushing themselves into the hall and the presidential offices. According to Grimaldi, since none of the demonstrators were armed, "the entry must have taken place because the police who guarded the Parliament opened the cordons and allowed them to enter. The result, as expected, was the unanimous condemnation of Trump, now described by the mainstream media and his numerous political opponents, as a threat to democracy, as a perpetrator of subversive violence ". A strategy that resembles that outlined by Francesco Cossiga in an interview with Resto del Carlino in 2008, in which the former Head of State and former Minister of the Interior: "Withdraw the police forces from the streets and universities. Infiltrate the movement with agents provocateurs ready for anything and let the demonstrators devastate the shops, set fire to cars and set fire to cities for ten days. After that, thanks to popular support, the sound of ambulance sirens will have to overwhelm that of police cars and carabinieri”.

  21. 3.6 likes and 3.6 dislike I haven’t seen that before

  22. This was a vicious speech where trump proved he is still trying to rile up his base by telling them vicious lies and fear mongering about how terrible the future will be when he is gone… this has to be stopped, he is still trying to cause mayhem by riling up his base to be angry and scared.

  23. Take this America: even if Trump disappears – you are still a fascist Nazi military junta which commits genocides around the Planet.

  24. why so afraid of ( delusional person ) !!! speech as you described him !!! .you have to decide now who is delusional and who is not !!!

    journalism at best 😄😄😄

  25. Trump is a coward. He has played his hand and it's over.

  26. People need to stop watching msm all bullshit 💩💩💩 🖕🖕🖕

  27. Can we just take a bulldozer to the wall, this President doesn’t deserve a monument that generations of Americans have to waste their money maintaining.

  28. Man America is a joke at this point, THIS ISN'T THE AMERICA I ONCE KNEW

  29. Good! Fine Marjorie Greene! That mask denier! Play the video!

  30. Media is the evil enemy of the people

  31. Do you believe this these people AREdeciding what we should hear and what we shouldn't hear I'm telling you watch what's going on here

  32. That’s why people voted trump I. This distrust in media, etc…. fake you post….. and I don’t even support trump

  33. When people accept the fact that there is a global entity that this is more powerful than ALL governments on the planet, that has been in the aggressive pursuit of forcing the world into a one world government …….only then……. does the insanity make total sense. They have objectives to attain and agenda's. They want one world money, one world society, and a lower manageable population. They have proven they are ruthless, cunning and have no regard for planet Earth or the human beings on it, other than themselves. They have acquired astronomical global powers that the citizens on the planet are totally ignorant of. They need the "Trump obstacle" gone to continue. He is not in alliance with the agenda and will not implement the all important Executive Orders to complete the formation of one world government. Biden is in the alliance. If he attains office it will be the end game. They are in process of the total collapse of everything important to humanity. Collapse the worlds money, society, religion, health…….EVERYTHING. The more complete chaos…. the better to force the formation of one world dictatorship.

  34. "We Need Texas"
    by Steven F Gooden


    WNT  like a  morning star, shining in the east

    leading us out of the dark.

    WNT like a river bend, stayin on our course

    til we reach our end, of the road that we're

    travel'n on for narrow is the way and when

    it's broad we're gone.

    WNT and Texas  needs a Hand

    Like a sheep in the wilderness,

    waiting for our Shephard in our

    eagerness. To be saved fromthe lion and the bear

    Texas, tell me are you still standing there.

     Do you care, your country's fallin apart

    No one's left  standin who has the nations' heart

    WNT  and Texas is where we  start

     Who cares that we've lost our way, have we all

    forgotten when we all were free to say.

     No More Taxes

    No Slavery

    No children working day and night in Factories

    No more Women who had no voice or vote

    No brother fighting brother no more civil war

    No more No more No more

     We need  Texas

    We Need Texas

    We Need Texas

    We Need  Texas

    We Need Texas

    We Need Texas

    And Texas needs a Hand


    WNT  like the oil in her boot

    Black Gold, some call it

    Oh aint that a Hoot


    WNT  like a saddle needs a horse

    Like the Flag with her stripes

    from the blood of our wars


    WNT  on a summer day

    Hot as hell in Plano

    Or Cold in Monterey


    WNT  and Texas needs a Hand


    God if you're listening  we need you more

    Than  we ever did before, We're crying

    from our ranch on the prarrie, from the city

    to the dessert floor


    Lord hear your people cry

    We Need you by our side


    WNT  and Texas needs a hand


    Pour down your rain  we need a drenching here

    Of your love and your Mercy, cuz we're drowning

    in fear. Our country's is in real trouble, please!

    Jesus we're praying  down on our  needs.


    Remind  us of  how it use to be, Yes Sir! No Ma'am!

    is how we oughta speak. Where Mama is a Lady

    and Poppa is a Man,  and before  you make her yours

    you ask her Daddy for her hand.




    So fire across the bow of a nation gone astray

    Texas we c

  35. He is way beyond DELUSIONAL! He's a BONEHEAD!

  36. the salt of the republiturds is real lol 😀

  37. The ending of that video about companies pulling out and away from Trump, was music to my ears. Yes, I love when things make sense. 🥳

  38. This lady may have stumbled but she ain't going to fall. Democrat

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