Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Italian President

President Trump participates in a bilateral meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in the Oval Office

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  1. I love how Trump pretends to understand Italian😂

  2. Greatest president who is fighting the kabal globalists

  3. Now when the Turks attack the Kurds and other minority groups, Syria does not matter for Trump oh what things are quick to change, Just a short time ago, he had a dozen missiles fired in Syria.
    He should send his friend Erdogan a bouquet and praise him for this bloody invasion of the Turkish army.These are all hypocrites these presidents and rulers in this world, but the living God is watching and he will truly judge those rulers who let the innocent blood be shed on this earth.

  4. Trump is completely open and frank with the American public,he continuously punches holes in the Democratic Party secret and corrupted plots to take him down. What a strong fighter he is.
    poor Nancy Pelosi and Schumer. They must be very frustrated of getting plastered over and over again.I do not mention rep Schiff because he is a lightweight with the ilusión of greatness.

  5. What's the name of the lady translating ENG to Italian?

  6. I can't even imagine the stamina a guy would have to have to be president and Joe Biden, there ain't no way he's got that much stamina, or any of the other dems. let alone the intelligence to do it!

  7. You are a great president! Keep draining the swamp specially the Penthagon; the horondous deep state!

  8. So funny how he called out the fake escape of ISIS prisoners as the political stunt it clearly was. You wipe your rear end with your bare hand, do you think you're going to fool the United States?

  9. Mr.Trump….i used to hate you but now I am glad that u r the President…u did a lot of good and earn my respect….i hope ur the President again 2020, had u not been President, the CCP commies would had destroyed the country and democracy internally.

  10. God Bless our President Donald J Trump and all his family!!! Trump 2020!!!

  11. My man Trump. I told you he could be good at this.

  12. Bring salvini the italian patriot

  13. Those sand wars have been going on since recorded history. Thanx for getting out.

  14. But you folks know that (the majority of you anyway) Trump is a vulgar, corrupt draft-dodging coward…

  15. Well, that spun off into a serious upgraded Flight deal. Would make sense to publicize obsolete Air 2/cut off Air 1/Boeing mandates..? Fair to say Auto Trade violations of emissions may cross sanctions/credit/industry.? 😐 [House Of Reps need to stick to Vote of Special Equal Counsels in Executive Matters. {Massive Errors(s) know as abuse/waste/fraud=only fraud chargeable as so Perjury/same matters}!

  16. Trump is a weak-minded moron who attracts only racists and misogynists. The guy didn't even know what NATO was until after he'd been sworn-in! An ignorant and tedious bore.

  17. Very good stand point as always Mr the Right President of theUSA. Keep up the good work, do not let anyone with their unwise thoughts turn you down at any moment! The Lord be with you and keep you safe and blessings you and your doings!Amen!


  19. President Trump is a true leader! And Italian President Sergio Mattarella is a "go along to get along" President. Yeah, Sergio, you support NATO, European Union and United Nations.
    Well how did taking out Gaddafi help Italy?
    Gaddafi warned you that if you take him out, your country will be flooded with refuges, but you felt he was too violet—-like it was YOUR RIGHT to make that decision—and what happen to Italy?
    Your Italy looked like Black Friday with all the refugees rushing to your country.

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