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Trump holds bilateral meeting with president of Ukraine | ABC News

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  1. Saying he wanted a favor after the Ukraine President talks about needing to buy weapons instead of answering him. All the talk about Biden and his son then again saying the US has done a lot for you but there is no reciprocity is basically saying do this or else. Also why is a personal atty. discussing US and foreign matters? And the President of the Ukraine said he met with and discussed things with him. Trump needs to be held accountable. We have agencies to look into US citizens and seeing he is good friends with Barr why wouldn't he have asked him to investigate Biden before he decided to run? Oh it was not important to Trump then was it?

  2. I don't think Trump told the Ukraine President that the personal favor asked of him would be illegal under the United States election laws. A US President is never allowed to have a foreign leader investigate his political opponents. It is always viewed as illegal election meddling. It has been tolerated when Trump decides to campaign for Israeli or British politicians of his choice and even okay to offer them aid and even real estate in Syria to change the tide of the election. It was only a goodwill gesture to offer the Golan Heights to his good friend Bibi, but it was not really his to give it to Israel.

  3. Ha Ha…You Better Read It Again…Think We Are Stupid.

  4. Trump Did It Again…Drain That Swamp Buddy…The People Are With You.

  5. Prez is showing his age!!!!

  6. Obama, Clinton, Obama, Clinton… Blame, Blame, Blame… Clinton, Obama, Clinton… etc.
    Everybody else is rotten, bad, evil, but I'm good and my phone conversations are perfect!

  7. It's a new age of power, the elite are warring within themselves,. It is being consolidated.
    Just Betrayers of nation's.

  8. ABC is scum all should be fired new people at top and bottom

  9. Trump is a corrupt criminal. He should be dragged out of the White House in shackles and thrown in a dungeon.

  10. Democratic really serious about National security. But the GOP I never heard a single of them are concern about National Security. All of them is kept silence.

  11. Republicans have turned there back on democracy

  12. Just a bunch of Trump dick suckas just because he a sucka with money.

  13. Zelensky was elected by Ukrainian people with 72% Votes, seems some DemoCraps want a war with Ukraine by messing up with their President!

  14. Trump need to be telling his damn self to stop his corruption

  15. Nothing more than verbal diarrhea!

  16. he has to kiss his ass because he doesn't know if the impeachment will work and he might have to work with him 5 more years

  17. I get why people hate trump. The reason he won is because career politicians are garbage and only out for themselves they are useless. Do you really wanna go back to that. Srry I rather have trump. Facts are dude is doing everything he said he was gonna do before he. And he making sure every country out the know to put some respect on the name AMERICA! STop acting like sheep and get the facts first before u make an ignorant comment smh

  18. Fake news spinning everything to create a negative report that’s not there. ABC is bullcrap news.

  19. Another nothing soy soaked burger!!

  20. Everything this White House Occupant touch turn CRIMINAL!

  21. Dump you are a disgrace to all mankind..And shame on The Ukraine President for letting this layer continue.

  22. Why was all that money, weapons going to the Ukraine 🤔? What went on during traitor44 Obama administration? Trump does not want war, that's why Bolton was kicked out the door. Beware the military industrial complex!!! Trump2020 🇺🇸

  23. That means Trump legally traitor.

  24. The mainstream media has made President Donald Trump the most popular president in history..!!!

  25. Let’s hope Ukraine doesn’t start manufacturing evidence for the idiot.

  26. Man I'll say after watching Biden tell the old president of Ukraine to fire his prosicuter or forget the billion dollar loan, While prosicuter was investigating his son. His son didn't speak language or have any experience in gas industry. My faith in Joe Biden is gone! My faith in the Press is strained by their lack of questions on Biden. TO THE PRESS, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Biden looks like the crook. Guys were not going to win if our press doesnt do it's job and if Biden's out, so what! Did Stephanopoulos just say the case against Biden us unfounded! Biden's drug addict son had no business in Ukraine or China. This is corruption by our former VP. Guys I may vote Republican if the Press goes down this road of covering for Biden.

  27. Out of thin air?????
    "If your listening?"

  28. The Ukraine President is going to have a great life now.
    He will be milking the clown

  29. Here we go again. The Suck hole president

  30. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky is a Ukrainian actor, screenwriter and comedian serving as the 6th President of Ukraine since May 2019.

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