Monday , January 18 2021
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Trump holds news conference from NJ, signs executive orders on coronavirus relief

President Trump held a news conference from Bedminster, New Jersey, and signed executive orders on coronavirus relief . #FoxBusiness

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  1. Who was the D.A. at the end?

  2. Since the pay role tax no longer goes into the trust fund you could say that the tax has become obsolete as it no longer does what it was intended to do.

  3. Classic democrat modus operandi. Tac on lines of legislation that promote unpopular deals into amy necessary bill. That way they can force their socialism on the people.

  4. Well done OAN's Jennifer Franco – you got in TWO Trump set-up questions today for the Snake-in-chief

  5. What about the senior citizens what about the rest of America are you going to let them starve are you going to let him go without money how's it going to go back to work they don't have any money how can they send the kids to school without any money you people been sitting there on your butt with money in your pocket and don't care about the American people got the whole thing about it

  6. My President is right.
    US Sailor said it.
    The VA is bad.

  7. I am so tired of hearing him lie. He is blaming the Demacrats for what the Republicans are doing. It makes me hate him more and more with every speach and you know Bernie Sanders had the right idea and the more things they do that Bernie Sanders wanted to do the more they show they care. At least they aren't liers Like Trump. I can't even bring myself to call him President.

  8. Trump is going Executive Order happy. He's still racest and shows it every time he calls it the Chinavirus. We should not have a racest President.

  9. If you want a national ID policy, all you have to do is provide IDs for the poor at zero cost. Problem solved.

  10. I want to take the time to say that I think that you have helped this NATION more than any other PRESIDENT in many years, i appreciate you and understand what YOU'RE trying to get done for the people, and for keeping our COUNTRY'S FREEDOM BELL RINGING and CARRYING OUT the PROMISES THAT YOU MADE TO THE PEOPLE AND FOR THAT I SALUTE YOU AND TO SAY YOU'VE GOT MY VOTE, BE SAFE AND GOD BLESS AMEN

  11. Dems are pure evil they work for the devil himself, the devil's right hand them dems are. I pray to God that the lord takes control and trump gets reelected if he doesn't we are in serious trouble guys. American wake up and vote trump2020

  12. God bless America send Trump to save America

  13. Such a conman…salesman that has ground everything he touched into the ground. Remember he filed for bankruptcy multiple times. Now he wants to bankrupt all Americans

  14. The flags all have the golden tassels. Not good.

  15. If you listen to this man talk for five minutes and don't realize he's an idiot guess what?

  16. Election fraud , they want to steal the election. 50 million unemployed. We need to bailout the banks . We can not have the bankers go bankrupt.

  17. Stop it people are and has been evicted and still are. Where are the help for the people who have already been evicted? my my

  18. I love Pr. Trump he is the truth, god bless Mr.President Trump!!

  19. Joe Biden thinking about bringing Governor Chris Christie into his cabinet

  20. That is criminal!!! That is totally ridiculous. They are out of their minds. Do they think the American people are stupid!

  21. I feel so sorry for President Trump because he needs to really read everything because the Democrats are very sneaky inputting clause in documents to be signed- Nancy Pelosis and her members should sign up for mental treatment. They are in fear of Trump 2020! 🙂

  22. I like the " china virus " label as starter.

  23. I predict a NEW AD, for the Trump 2020 campaign: "I'm 7 years old and don't have parents anymore. Thanks Mr. Trump, they died from COVID 19 I gave them. Waahh! Go Biden. Republicans are STUPID".

  24. demopedocrats want a war, get ready

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