Monday , January 18 2021
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Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again' event in Virginia

President Trump hosts a ‘Make America Great Again’ event in Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Newport News, Virginia. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I adore Donald Trump ,but these Evil Democrats should be Shot on the spot

  2. TRUMP is not a politician, he is a business man that BUILDS COMPANIES, MAKES GOOD DEALS AND WORKS HARD EVERYDAY FOR THE BETTER GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE. attorneys are used to selling things down the road for a dollar. I'm sure some attorneys have ETHICS. The USA is a big company that has to be rebuilt and this is what TRUMP is doing and so much more in the background to make sure we are safe.

  3. 🌟MAGA🌟KAG!🌟 👤👏

  4. We spend millions on education but no one can count.
    1.USA WENT into LOCKDOWN because of CDC math error costing us millions of dollars and destroyed lives
    2. Cannot get COVID stats accurately counted
    3. Now cannot COUNT votes.

  5. Glory to God Good Bless President Donald J Trump God Bless USA in Jesus name, Amen

  6. Obiden was elegant with lying 🤥 Trump is harsh with the Truth! 🔥

  7. This world is AWKWARD enough… it doesn’t need Biden’s help 🤣

  8. FoxNews is FAKE!!!!

  9. He told us this would happen.

  10. Very unfortunate for Trump, the China virus did indeed destroyed Trump from winning this election. China must be glad about it. But you can not give Biden credit for Wuhan Virus, is not fair. As he did nothing about the Wuhan Virus, as he is not in charge or involved. Crediting Biden on this is totally wrong.

  11. We have to teach him the YMCA DANCE NEED HELP WITH THAT

  12. I'm a Virginian and I voted for President Trump 2 weeks ago! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  13. I saw Donalds crazy niece on Norwegian TV yesterday ! What a creepy sleazebag .A Bloody evil traitor trying to sell. another disgusting Book on my friend Donald ! Dr Solheim Norway

  14. Yeah Trump baby they don't like seeing big crowds because it's an actual headcount that can be physically counted they can't stick that in the mailbox 🤣😊😷👍🇺🇸🎆 Trump! Trump! Trump!!!aweeeeeeiand the crowd goes wild!!!

  15. If Biden and the socialists win these criminals will pack the supreme court take away the second amendment eliminate bail flood the country with terrorists and rioters.

  16. Gotta love how many like fox, cnn, etc lower the video volume so the forced advertisements blast….. thank you ad blocker.

  17. IF you want a valid poll….just check out the likes and dislikes on any post! Now, they'll probably fake those numbers too. The truth gets 90% likes!

  18. Even the American flags are happy to see President Trump. Look at them waving 😉


  20. May God Bless and Keep you and all of you family, especially YOU your Wonderful First Lady. With all of the sincerity that I possess. Yours in Christ, Shane B Carroll

  21. Dear Mr. President, God Speed and good luck. I'm no babe in the woods, I get it. DO WHAT YOU MUST I completely understand. WE love you and your family.


  23. Dear Pres.Trump please tell the PEOPLE — to demonstrate in front of Nancy " Ice Cream ' PELOSI 's house/office
    so that she could release the Stimulus Bill : N O W !! she's holding up everything …..
    03 Nov 2020 — Kick out PELOSI — so she can stay home permanently – eating her ICE CREAM ……

  24. Trump cheats on his wife and cheats on his taxes. Proverbs 25-19 says, "like a rotten tooth or a foot out of joint is an unfaithful man in the time of trouble" Trump can not be counted on.

  25. Game over.🇺🇸 Trump/Pence own 2020 🇺🇸

  26. What is with the Gold fringe on the flags? Doesn't that mean we are a Corporation? I thought we were a Republic?

  27. WE ALL WIN WITH TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I already live by ghetto jumpers. The government builds these high rise apartments. The fools move in wreck the place. Eat and drink out side the building and leave the trash for others to clean up. But there are no others. For the decent people will not live near these fools.

  29. Trump is so irresponsible. Over 95% of participants in Trump rallies do not wear a mask. In his rally events, several 100,000 supporters gather for hours and are close together without a mask and without sufficient distance! The USA has about 55 times (!!!!) as many coronavirus deaths per 1 million inhabitants as Japan. With compulsory masks and an earlier ban on mass events – as in Japan & Europe – 200,000 fewer people would have died from corona viruses in the USA so far. Trump's corona management is catastrophically bad!

  30. Thanks Russia for helping with all the Chaos in The USA .I know you all sitting back laughing at us

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