Thursday , January 27 2022
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Trump: I'm looking at payroll, capital gains tax cuts

President Donald Trump discusses the US economy, China trade and the ongoing feud with Israel and Rep. Rashida Tlaib during a bilateral meeting with Romanian President Klaus Lohannis.

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  1. Band aid solution to a self inflicted shot in the bum

  2. I feel sorry for everyone. We are going into recession then great depression. Have you seen food prices going up because of floods, etc globally. And many other things 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  3. Yeah, sure he is, only so that the rich have deeper pockets !!!!

  4. It feels GOOD ! to have a strong, intelligent, REAL AMERICAN President again….

  5. Hey fox bigots against the hearing impaired, you need to be more consistent, either cc on every video or none so it isn't a crap shoot of bigotry for those of us without the ability to hear certain frequencies. Reported.

  6. … and today he said he would do neither of those two things.

  7. Proverbs 11 10-21 Stay the coarse God watches over those who stand upright.

  8. Dollar-wise.. WE have the biggest corruption problem. Every politician just about has their hand in the cookie jar, so to say.

  9. What I see is Trump turning America into another China. Low wages and long hours for the employed and powerful rich get fatter. See how he always refer to the American people as Workers. Right,?worker bees. like China.

  10. Lower the short term rates and print more money ,this is the same old way to get votes.

  11. Such a moronic liar! Exactly what the Muricans (most of them) deserve.

  12. God, we pray that you continue to bless Donald Trump and to give his wisdom and discernment. Thank you Lord!

  13. A capital gains tax cut would be a tax bonanza for California. California taxes capital gains at the same rate as other income. If a lower federal capital gains rate triggers more capital gains sales California will rake in more tax.

  14. Personally I Praise Israel for not letting the Swines Omar and Tlaib into their Country!

  15. Check Congress the Democrats payroll Chester Dan payrolls I bet they cheated and got rich off of all of us taxpayers now they're putting their illegal immigration on our backs

  16. We all love you President Trump and your family and yes we are doing better A lot better

  17. Obama and Bush could never hold a conference like this, in full transparency in the open. Trump isn't dodging or spewing garbage, he is telling us as much as we can. We are on a need to know basis for certain things, WE CANT HANDLE ALL TRUTHS lol

  18. "The Jewish people in Israel love him like he's the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God,or the Antichrist.
    President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats, saying "it shows either a total

    lack of knowledge or great disloyalty."

  19. "Great Economy", but we need more tax cuts because the rich don't think they have enough. This doesn't make sense. We need Bernie Sanders in the White House to get some sensible policies like Medicare for All and Education.

  20. Thanks you god for President Trump!!! The best president we ever dreamt for !!! 2020 Winner!

  21. At 11:50, "Its called a sliipery slope." With all due respect Sir. That is the only slope getting you pulled out of your bed at night 10 years from now, and being rabidly pulled apart! Don't go down that road, as you should know, some of us 2a constitutionalists might get there 1st. But, we know you are a patriot Mr. President. Keep your chin up at all costs. Thank god you won, and will win again!!!!!!!!!!

  22. How rude the reporters are being in the presence of Romanian President….totally ignoring him….with repeated questions/answers that we've ALL heard before.

  23. These reporters do not listen because we keep hearing the same questions over and over again – are they expecting a different answer OR are they hoping that is the case? Ex: China/Tariffs, Gun legislation and so much more.

  24. Increase amount going to social security. Reduce others taxes.

  25. Payroll taxes fund social security and medicare.

  26. Your parents will live on the couch and you will have to pay their medical.

  27. Payroll taxes fund social security and medicare, both of which Trump wants to dissolve. Retired are skrewed.

  28. Thank you very much, for taking it on!!!

  29. It's hard to imagine Hilliary advising the Federal Reserve Board.

  30. Instead of sending money for aid why not send the goods that is needed instead so the corruption won’t happen

  31. Here’s a question for all people that are into climate change what is the temperature the Earth is supposed to be scientist don’t put that out

  32. I don't know about everyone else, but when this man talks, i feel it in my spirit that GOD has our President, and we (the american people) are in good hands… Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Watching a STABLE GENIUS in action. Sooo glad he is our leader. Keep him in 2020.

  34. President Trump is on Fire! He's so knowledgeable about every question he is asked ! Great Man!
    I think President Trump should of been President years ago. President Trump 💞

  35. Thanks you president Trump, We support you. America should take down China now or never at any cost.

  36. Trump wasn't elected by Wall Street bankers, he was elected by people sick of these bankers. If Trump continues the Obama/ Bernanke  Presidency of low interest rates
    and more QE to goose the stock market higher, then he won't be reelected. Trumps only chance to win is normalize the economy and return to his election play book of telling the truth.

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