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Trump impeachment articles debated by House Judiciary Committee | ABC News

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  1. That 16 year old communist girl is a piece of shit. "How dare you."

  2. Schiff is full of shit. I honestly hope all these hateful demokkrats suffer through Trumps next 4 years.

  3. Trump 2020 the more hate you bring the more you empower us!!!! Everybody knows the impeachment is a sham.

  4. ABC is soooo full of crap… Even they know it.

  5. I can ALWAYS tell who the democrats are by their disheveled cat lady fuckin appearance… basically insecure/ugly people love socialism.

  6. She is a joke just like her husband the worm! And if children can be in cages, then her sissy son should be open to jokes, after qll his dad and mom are the BIGGEST JOKES OF ALL!

  7. "CLARITY" as follows Trumpanzee's: Roby, Reschenthaler, Gohmert, Armstrong, Cline, Steube, McClintock, Lesko, Sensenbrenner, Buck, Chabot. It's funny, I love how Rep. Hank Johnson called Matt Gaetz out. I was going to write more but, Mr. Johnson(D) Georgia, pretty much said it all. The silence was deafening, could have heard a beer bottle cap drop (Provided by Gaetz) 🤢

  8. All of this is a bunch of shi*!!!! Bidens son is not running for president. POTUS has done so much, he warned Zelensky re: to cooperate or else, re: the aid, Zelensky is a new President and potus plays on that. And Gaetz, Ratcliffe, Collins, Johnson LA, Biggs, and Jordan (oh he's the guy that let the coach molest those boys and didn't report it.) So no, why would he do anything about it anyway. This is bull****!! Republicans:" we had no witness's" that's because potus doesn't want anyone to testify. potus will not testify, because if he does he will perjurize himself, and that's a one way ticket, and no way out. . these lapdogs that are doing the bidding for potus, can now graduate to TRUMPANZEE'S. IMPEACHED, DEAL WITH IT!!!

  9. The Republican Party has officially become the Elite Russian Party. Good luck to America!

  10. 37k goes to show how much ppl pay attention to politics

  11. these people are 'speaking for me' but I dont kow them, I don't know any of them, they dont know me, I'm just another number on a clip board. Trump does a lot of shit incorrectly, but one thing he does do I completely enjoy. Is watching him rile up Congress, Congress I feel are the real monsters in power here

  12. Democrats are Crooks and demons

  13. We think this (Impeachment) is more Far-Left hogwash & stupidity wallowing in their own political potty. Now they can fall in it as they should. We have no fear of a handful of fools that are bent on their own self-destruction and performing in this self inflicted "euthanasia" formation/creation of a sort. Maybe it is a form of political suicide and masochism all mixed together. It is so true that we can educate people, but we cannot give them perspective, intelligence, scruples or moral, ethical civility, much less honesty! The Far-Left are acting so foolish and hubris enough to boldly do a grand foolish political clown-stunt against all lawfulness, wisdom, propriety and agreement of most of the American people and even the world. The Pox, embarrassments and penalties are on them and them alone.

  14. Greta is a idiot and criminal of year,this is the true

  15. The end of the Democratic party, they chose their own demise. REPUBICANS UNITE! TRUMPERS UNITE! AMERICANS UNITE!

  16. Demented Squirrel with Rabies Eats its own Tail

  17. The impeach is a bad joke on America.

  18. Minority was SHUT OUT of questioning many witnesses behind shut doors. So was citizens of US


    Reread the charges. It states investigation of high crimes and misdemeanors. There was no crime found. The charge IS NOT crime against Constitution. He used his executive rights. Not a Constitution crime.
    No bribery charges. There was no personal favors asked. There was national interest favors asked. As in his use of words”us” and “ our country” and Biden withholding aid to Ukraine for BIDEN’s own personal gain being stopping the investigation into his son’s involvement in money laundering. Trump’s interest was in our nations money being held over foreign countries for political personal gain. As Biden did. Regardless of Biden running for President should not be an issue in whether or not an investigation is done. It is his duty as it is any government official to act on such abuse..

  19. Democrats ignoring Bidens admitted holding a BILLION $ from Ukraine unlil they fired the prosecutor Shokin who was investigating his son. Hunter DID withhold aid until his demands were met. Which all took place.
    Democrats say this is a crime but do nothing to Biden is PROOF this is partisan. They have confessions from Biden in video. They have witnesses confirming it happened. Demands were met in order to obtain the billions $ held. Billions $$ were paid after demands met.

    1.Abuse of power
    2.Obstruction of aid of Ukraine
    3.Meddling in Ukraine government 4.Meddling in Ukraine criminal investigations
    5. Withholding aid and endangering lives in Ukraine

    Still nothing?

  20. Whoever this woman in blue is said 2018 was a result. EXACTLY 2016 was a result of what politicians have done for decades. We voted Trump because we are sick of lies and corruption in DC. He was not a politician and we knew that. We voted for that.
    He has kept his promises mostly and that’s apparently because he’s NOT a politician. We want it again in 2020. We have more voters for 2020.
    We don’t need illegal immigrants like Democrats want and need.

  21. Democrats want to impeach because Trump refused to comply with a one-sided hearing and not allowed to cross examine his accusers, not allowed to call opposing or his own witnesses, was not allowed to have attorneys present. The same with his staff called under same restrictions. Nobody should ever comply with a subpoena with those restrictions. It’s unconstitutional and extremely unfair.
    Why would Democrats have such restrictions? What were they scared of?

    Nadler wouldn’t even have hearings regarding the reasons why minority could not call witnesses. That is against Parliamentary rules which Congress is supposed to use as their rules.

  22. The difference is Thornberg and her parents have PLACED her in the public voluntarily.
    Baron Trump has not been placed in public eye by his parents. They try to keep his life private and safe. He’s not personally going to interviews and applying himself for public criticism although Democrats are placing him on their hit list.

  23. Wasnt Time like so Over and Old News a long time ago ? Theyre a BS mag!!!Trump 2020. !!!!

  24. Republicans are fighting for the right of future presidents to usurp authority from Congress. They are fighting for the destruction of the US Constitution. They also want this president to continue to bribe foreign leaders in order to spread lies about their opponents in the next election. Republicans also want all future presidents to be able to bribe foreign leaders in order to spread lies about their opponents in future elections That's exactly what these moron republicans are fighting for.

  25. I'm sure of just one thing and that is president Trump lasted alot longer than Clinton would of

  26. Well, impeachment or no impeachment the Donald Trump will accomplish
    his two tenure to glorified He who sent him.

    do u guys wanna work for trump n face prison time for having his back . Wat kind of president fires all these ppl y cuz he wanted to do it for his lil roulette game to b another piece of shit president cuz of him no jobs r going he will go down

  28. "Attack On A Child" Didn't the HYPOCRITE democRATS bring up Trump's younger son?!

  29. Tories Win. Trump wins. Brexit happening. Impeach hoax over= Yelling at sky Libaretards!

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