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Trump impeachment hearing on evidence against the president | ABC News

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  1. Lol democrat party is crumbling before are eyes and I love watching them squirm. Impeach trump? They aren’t going to do shit

  2. They’re just pissed off jealous libtards, lets move on

  3. Jim Jordan just keeps spouting the same defenses even though they have been clearly debunked – I guess he doesn't have anything else. 🤷‍♀️

  4. LMFAO. Bunch of clowns right here.


  6. This Castor a-hole is nauseating. Its bad enough that he's a slimy apologist but he's talking over the female counsel and co-opting her time by blathering on. Crap like that is misogynistic BS indicating he thinks he's more capable of answering the questions he thinks she won't ask.

  7. Flash some power point and highlight some shit and call it evidence. They are desperate. They just got him reelected all on their own

  8. Impeach Nancy Pelosi and most all the dema rats for trying to usurp the American peoples election of Donald Trump.


  10. Trump does not need to have criminal acts to be impeached, that is bullshit in the first place. He has gone so far beyond impeachable offences. Trump lies every single day several times, anything Trump says has no weight what so ever. Get this Turkey Sociopath . These Republitards talk about a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with factual information, which is tantamount to covering up criminal activity for purposes political party reasons. Enough is enough the president saying FBI is lying a big giant FU to Republitards.

  11. Oh my god, these dems are really REALLY getting on my last nerve with this impeachment stuff against trump! Saying it’s about the constitution like they even abide by the constitution, their ultimate goal is to get rid of if starting with the 2nd amendment! Trump has literally done nothing impeachable as president so far, mainly because of the fact that the dems haven’t let him do anything as president! And the things he has been able to do so far are all good things that have benefited America in so many ways! Dems act like he’s anther Adolf hitler here to destroy the US and the world and saying things like “we need him out of office NOW before he does something to make America worse!” And saying “oh he’s corrupt!” First of all you dems are the ones trying to dismantle the constitution bit by bit, so don’t try and use it in a fight against trump! Second, you dems are the overly corrupt ones here, buying and selling each other off to do others biddings in order to pass a “cough” unconstitutional law like forcing buy backs on the people’s AR 15s which you know NOTHING about, I could go on and on when It comes to the Numerous gun laws you Democrats have cried and begged about to get them in place! Which if I might add have done nothing but cause more people to die because those people no longer have the means to protect them self’s! Nancy Pelosi and a few other dems have been trying to impeach trump since day one, if anything those dems need to be under investigation and be on trial for harassment and undermining trump! I mean at this point in time it sure as hell looks like harassment to me!

  12. You don't even need a president to be a criminal like Trump to impeach them, they just need to be obnoxious and Trump has far surpassed all the reasons to be impeachable. Don't kid yourself, about that Retards ! Trump is dumbassed arrogant shithole helping to make welfare for millionaires & cheats on taxes while we pay for his welfare for millionaires & waisted government money into useless crap for furthering this sociopathic whemsies !

  13. When is this shit-hole Trump fake-assed president going to prison ? The only thing perfect about Trums phone calls is Tramp is a perfect asshoe ! I don't hate Trump just want him in prison !

  14. Democrats know how to frame someone. There shouldn't be any impeachment. Us American's are not STUPID. We see very well what the Democrats are doing and Pelosi as well as the others are wrongly accusing our president and they should be punished.


  16. One more thing even in this byeass impeachment He is in control and shows great stranth HalleluYaH !

  17. I asked my 23 year old Daughter what her thought of this impeachment is , she says"I mean did he threaten the lives of the American people? Did he put the United States of America in harms way? I don't hear bombs being dropped on my head. And I don't see the secret service slicing my throat. I don't see a valid reason to. I don't give a fuck about seeing his taxes. I care about my wellbeing as a human. The economy seems great. We aren't at war. What's the problem again? "

  18. This is a serious case. Of course, it should have more witnesses.

  19. Come on , Nadler your fired!

  20. President Trump has done a great job for free unlike Nancy pelosi 43 million dollar woman

  21. President Trump #2020Election 🇺🇸🗽Still Our President

  22. I do Not consider hearsay , assumptions to be fax

  23. Crooked bastards, this includes you ABC !!!! 😡😡😡

  24. Those lying POS !!!! 😡😡😡😡

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