Trump indicted on 7 counts in classified docs probe

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers said Trump was indicted on seven counts in the classified documents probe into the alleged mishandling of more than 100 classified documents. NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard details what will come next in the criminal investigation.

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  1. All's I can say is that the motherfuking Federal grand jury had better go after Joe Biden even harder than they attacked President Trump because his crime was much bigger, and he had more classified documents and being that he was not president when he obtained those documents he was not permitted to take them off site. And frankly, I don't give a s*** what they try to try Donald Trump with. I will still vote for him in 2024.

  2. I don’t care, I’m still going to vote for him over corrupt Joe Biden.

  3. NO THEY ARE NOT !!!!!!

  4. It's not the DOJ, FBI, Special Counsel or any other. It's U. S. Codes, rules, laws, regulations and protocols. This is The United States of America. Not some clown rally.

  5. Wow. 😂😂😂 he can’t stop criming.

  6. So will Obiden be indicted now or does Washington reserve that for political opponents ? 🤔 anyone left that thinks theyre not corrupt to the core?….k

  7. The whole thing is nothing but a publicity stunt

  8. The truth is going to come out. All of this rush to indict Trump is to hope and pray no one remembers that not only Hunter Biden worked at BURISMA, but so did Nancy Pelosi’s son; Mitt Romney’s son, and JOHN KERRY’s son. All were on the payroll. Burisma gave a huge donation to Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation.
    I wonder if their taxes are in order? Anyone else know that answer? I want some explanation. I read those stories on Google.

  9. God .. what is happening to this beautiful country 🇺🇸 Can we all just get along and fight China or Russia, instead of each other?

  10. i hAvE tHe bEsT iNdicTmEnTS
    -Said truly from a bozo clown to this country.

  11. May God protect President Trump 🙏

  12. Better make it stick if he comes out of this a free man he will receive a sympathy vote from his grifter supporters.

    You better send him to prison or this is going backfire as a Presidential win for Trump.

  13. His name will go down in history, not the way he wanted it to but beggars can’t be choosers. 😂

  14. What wld you expect? You re a pos and you incite a coup!!! What else should yu expect?

  15. people cheer for this when we are close to nuclear war and have an open border. The left has no morals and are evil

  16. The real reason they are going after Trump has nothing to do with anything he did, but rather with what he will do if he wins the White House. Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and Joe Biden, just to name a few of many more, are going to be facing some very serious charges if Trump wins and they know it. They all took part in the Russian collusion hoax, which was an act of treason. They are all looking at spending a lot of years in prison. The evidence is all there. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. There will be no friendly AG to protect them if Trump wins and that is why they are going after him. Trump broke no law.

  17. Lawyers have raided our economy.
    33.5 trillion of debt they have wasted our tax dollars.
    Weaponized the IRS,ATF and FBI on the citizensery.

    Now Chinese communism and a communist president named Joe Biden to take out political opponents.

    This country is on the brink of war.

    This country was founded on the blood of patriots and will survive by the blood of patriots.

    Live free or die

  18. So Biden can have them and not trump??

  19. Wow.. Excellent … Drump got what he wanted… To have a legacy … But now it’s up to you America to End the MAGA Saga… VOTE Blue in 2024 please !

  20. Trump indicted again, Pat Robertson dead, and voting rights protected by the Supreme Court. The GOP really lost today and we LOVE to see it. Happy Pride month everybody!

  21. Bye bye Donny!!!! Your lies and corruption is finally catching up to you. Justice will be served in this case and other pending cases against you. You’re a disgrace to this country!!

  22. This is a witch hunt no doubt!!! Clinton, Obama and Biden all have been in possession of classified documents but nobody has gone after them. MSM never tells the truth. What about Biden and Hunter and the Burisma scandal?!?!
    What happened to “For the People “?!?! They are scared of Trump. Period!!!!

  23. Oh heck yeah. Georgia, you’re up next!

  24. Justice is slowly coming for the Grifter.