Trump indictment charges paint ‘damaging portrait of reckless and criminal behavior’

The Justice Department unsealed the 49-page indictment against former President Donald Trump, revealing he faces 37 counts on seven charges. The charges include willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct and withholding documents or records.

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  1. America is a crooked corrupt banana republic controlled by narcissist morons.

    IF the American people truly voted for this Lying Biden Circus then America is truly lost/gone.

    America is the #1 WORLD LEADER ! of sewer politics.

  2. Trump's stuff makes 007 James Bond's stuff child 's stuff!

  3. Funny thing is that the whole world thinks that Fürer is dead … 😂😂😂
    Today,Fürer is everywhere…

  4. Wait. ✋️ think a moment… this indictment and charges being brought before the former bc 🙄 investigation's brought forth and witnesses testifying evidence that wrong was being committed to top security information that could have possibly leaked out placing the USA in danger. As for running interference into elections bc a former is running in 2024 is also being investigated for election fraud when Biden won fairly.

    The scales ⚖️ to justice are certainly weighing heavily against the former.

    Until now the former is the first coming to court for not being liked… Absolutely absurd.

  5. Hey Donnie you like that new fragrance? It's called accountability…

  6. Trump has squatted and dropped a load on the USA, all for cheap thrills of trying to be Mr. Big Shot.

  7. Washington and DOJ are corrupt to the core.

  8. If you ain't a maga cultist you ain't interested😢

  9. A president attempting have his political opponent arrested is a real damaging portrait. It is called tyranny. The Founding Fathers knew that treachery like this would come eventually, hence they added the Bill of Rights. This is what Stalin, Hitler, and Mao did. The total destruction of our republic is why the Democrats and their deep state comrades stole the 2020 elections.

  10. Reckless and criminal behavior?You mean Joe Biden.


  12. Trump took our country's Nuclear Secrets and Military secrets/war plans with him. Anyone supporting him does not love the US.

  13. Nice try, but this fails at an attempt to provide a smoke screen for the Biden investigation.


  15. What’s up with that Snidley Whiplash dude in painting behind Trump twirling his mustache!!🤣

  16. 1 count concealing a document under investigation. Hmmmm What about the document the FBI wont turn over on the Biden Family

  17. I just hope they give him a real slippery bar of soap.

  18. Right now Donald Trumps lawyers are dropping out like fly’s because of the implications they will also face. Apparently defending this criminal isn’t worth the money.

  19. He claims he's an "innocent person." Innocent of what? We're all innocent of something. He's innocent of reading, of being fair and judicious, of being honest, of being thoughtful, of caring about the reputation and status of our country as a seat of democracy, of being respectful of people who don't idolize him, and oh, so MANY other things. IT is extremely unlikely that he is innocent of the charges laid out in this indictment. We've heard and even SEEN him admitting them.

  20. He's right. he is an innocent man. Until proven guilty. 37 times.

  21. Biggest wish a portrait in WH of trump wearing a rainbow prison uniform!😂

  22. Hillary, Biden, and Pence did the very same thing. It's even worse because they were not president at the time. They should be indicted first.

  23. blaming biden and hilary will not make yr problems go away trump 😂😂😂…

  24. It's not important. He can still legally run and be elected. President for life, just like Xi or putin.

  25. Don't expect anything from Mccarthy or Desantis. BUT: Anyone defending Donald Trump after these TRAITOROUS ACTS-must be so ignorant & brain dead to still support Trump the SOCIOPATH! Can we the citizens of America trust these supporters?! NO!

  26. Does it have to be, "this" country? How about, "Our" country or "Thee, country… "
    Bye-Don 24 🇺🇲👁️🇺🇳🥁

  27. And we still love you President TRUMP!! GOD is still by your side .

  28. No one is above the law…. End of story

  29. He'll get away with he'll do a Jim bakker just by hiding underneath the desk and you'll get away with.

  30. Republicans just choose another guy….

  31. I was in Army Intel and held a TS clearance with SI access. ANYONE who did what Trump did and got caught would probably get LIFE at Leavenworth. Just saying. If stupidity were a crime, he would be head goomba.

  32. Do you know who is the happiest person at this moment? Hillary.

  33. The question is who he is sharing this information to.

  34. Suddenly, the GOP is so quiet.

  35. Espionage = t(R)e45on


  37. This rogue Democratic crooks need to be dismantled totally and every form of our government

  38. Convenient time to Throw TRUMP under the bus to cover Bidens story! NBC is complicit and should be held accountable!

  39. My God. It's amazing the USA wasn't destroyed by Donald Trump.

  40. I'm not a crook 2023