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Trump insists he fired National Security Advisor l ABC News

The president said that he asked John Bolton for his resignation as National Security Advisor but Bolton said he offered to resign.

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  1. HK wants an anti-mask law. HK loves an anti-mask law. HK needs an anti-mask law.
    Unmask pro-violence thugs. Unmask pro-sabotage rioters. Unmask pro-democrazy separatists.

  2. enybody who gets fired are going to blame bosses couse you don't want to be embarrassed

  3. I don't think we have to do anything else!

  4. It's less important who Trump fires; it's much more telling that he is the one who hired these people, whom he later calls incompetent losers.

  5. Who cares? Good riddance to Bolton. Drain the swamp!

  6. Trump's demand for employees: "how far up my rectum can you crawl?"

    Bolton is a former senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI),[13] and Fox News Channel commentator. He was a foreign policy adviser to 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.[14] Bolton has been involved with numerous conservative organizations, including the anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute,[15] where he was the organization Chairman until March 2018,[16] and as a Director of the Project for the New American Century, which favored going to war with Iraq.
    Bolton is a foreign policy hawk and is an advocate for regime change in Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen and North Korea.[17][18] He has also repeatedly called for the termination of the Iran nuclear deal. He was an advocate of the Iraq War and continues to support the decision to invade Iraq.[19] He has continuously supported military action and regime change in Syria, Libya, and Iran. THIS PROVES WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT WAR MONGER THIS PRICK BOLTON IS.

  8. nothing but the best people? Trump, you are an incompetent idiot!

  9. Liberals and democrats are destroying society

  10. fuck ABC fake news. Last nights win was great for
    trump regardless of fake ABC spin

  11. WH shaking up likes a trash TV Show.

  12. Warmonger John Bolton is a dirty vampire who loves war and blood.

  13. Warmonger John Bolton is a dirty vampire who loves war and blood.

  14. Warmonger John Bolton is a dirty vampire who loves war and blood.

  15. Well, I insist that Trump hired him. People should have to live with that level of stupidity if they find themselves there.

  16. Of course…..waiting for the sharpie poster

  17. This time I would agree that Mr Trump fired Donkey and did smart decision..

  18. He is getting rid of the establishment types!!! Good!! He needs to get a bunch of professional manager business types in there and get military vets in there!!!

  19. Trump was good to have a DIFFERENT voice Advising him. Bolton has contrary views on everything.

  20. Trump doesn’t remember who is LYING! He’s such a LOW LIFE JERK OFF.

  21. Not trying to mean but our president is butt head

  22. Bolton needs to take some saxophone lessons.

  23. bolton still witching. see, how the devil does not rebuke you :@

  24. 1 National Advisor per Year

  25. “Adapt to Trump’s style”= be a yes man

  26. Who will be next ? Pompeo or Navarro or BOTH !

  27. If Trump is lying about a resignation, wonder what else he lies about.

  28. Who cares how it happened Bolton is still gone.

  29. George Stephanopoulos sounds like some sort of dinosaur.

  30. My dear Trump . Every countries have there own law and policy first you change your mind mind that every country less respectful vs America . World knowing Americans for educated but you changing it to fighter . Who made you prisedant .

  31. How about a circular firing squad in the oval office? drain the cesspit MAGA

  32. Trump is pissed and mad because Bolton said no to him. Lol what s loser trump is!

  33. Only the best, huh, komrade trump?

  34. Doesn't even matter anymore. Trump is a liar, I believe not a single thing he says. It's pretty sad when you reach the day where you don't believe a single word your President says. He's lost the respect of a lot of people, and that's a very bad situation to be in. Arguing over whether or not a person was fired or resigned. smfh, Trump, you need to take your ego and "pride" and shove it straight up your 7th planet.

  35. If the president said he was fired he was fired

  36. We are existing through the end of time.

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