Trump is a ‘grifter’ and engages in ‘political sociopathic behavior,’ says Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci, former Trump White House communications director and the co-founder of investment firm SkyBridge Capital, joins Meet the Press Reports and reflects on the lessons he learned from being burned by crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, comparing and contrasting the disgraced CEO with Trump.

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  1. People continue to get snowed by Scaramucci . He’s a greedy man.

  2. Trump… BFried… Fox news… Obvious frauds…

  3. Scaramucci seems like a nice smart guy, but he was a mindless follower of Trump and now this guy conned him too. It seems to me that he is not a good judge of people for some reason because he gets conned too easily. As smart as he is, something is wrong with how deals with people and how he judges their character.

  4. seems the Mooch gets taken in by grifters a lot…

  5. It doesn’t take much to figure out Trump. Anyone who can’t complete a simple sentence and mostly talks in circles is likely a scammer.

  6. Never forget that he is the darling of Evangelical ISIS and the Christian TALIBAN.

  7. This was the same guy who said he loved Trump when he got the WH job?!

  8. Its always the same pattern Anthony Scaramucci…..gets what he wants from someone, and then goes on the attack..irony is strong

  9. Great interview! Thank you.

  10. Scaramucci! Scaramucci! Will you do the fandangocci!

  11. I can smell a grift from a mile away.. And turn around and take all your money and make you like it..

    Compliments of a pool hall education..

  12. Scaramucci is also a con man and grifter… all these past Trump associates knew what a con man, crook and grifter Trump was… they are just as bad. No dictator or crook at that level can do it without enablers…

  13. Scaramuchi is a player! I wouldn’t trust him with one dollar!

  14. Trump is a grifter huh?

    That's pretty funny considering the fact that the FBI and the DOJ have been aggressively pursuing him for 5 years and don't have a single thing on him. On the contrary, the FBI now holds proof that all the BS Russian collusion accusations were false in a document where the FBI admits that they didn't NEED to investigate because they had nothing. Guess what Hunters laptop revealed? That Biden gave the order to have the "investigation" made up. I mean, what's the hold up? Why isn't he in jail? You CANT use the excuse that the FBI and DOJ are covering for him. THEY are the ones trying to take him down. Why haven't they? Hm? If its SO imperative that Trump be "brought to justice for committing brazen crimes", they why hasn't it been done? Because it doesn't exist. You can keep your head in the sand if you want to. I know that's how you Dems vote anyway.

    Also, there is now PROOF, through bank records and emails, from, you guessed it, Hunter's laptop that now PROVE that the Biden family itself has been receiving money from the Ukraine and China for unregistered lobbying. So basically the Biden family, as far back as 2017 when Joe was Vice, they have charged Ukrainian and Chinese Oligarchs for special council from the US Legal system to help with issues abroad. I know the typical Biden sycophant doesn't actually know law or politics, so I'll explain what that means. It means the Biden family was charging money to very bad people to get them off the hook with American influence in return for their support for activities in their respective countries. And that's VERY illegal. In fact, that's an impeachable crime. And you guessed it- the FBI refuses to release it so much, that the director is now about to be held in contempt.

    You guys can keep following all this misdirection as you live lives where you're having trouble making ends meet and refinancing your house for eggs and gas to keep your car going, but just know that all the hardships that you are PRETENDING not to feel right now because you feel that it protects your terrible voting decisions, its only going to get worse.

  15. all these lazy journalist think trump is news

  16. I read the title and my response is, "No kidding?!" However, the title is not the story really. It's more, "The 'Mucch' compares Sam (Skybridge) Bankman Fried to Trump – a couple of scamsters".

  17. Anthony are you still hurt from being fired by the previous President? Get over yourself. Nobody cares.

  18. Unbelievable, NBC giving a crook an entire hour interview…..😂😂😂 that is American media

  19. If Trump is charged with anything to do with the Mar-a-Lago documents wouldn't that disqualify him for security clearance to view classified material as he can't be trusted with it? And if a President can't view classified documents then he can't be an effective President which is why I don't think he'll be the nominee, I'm still waiting for Liz Cheney to announce.

  20. Awesome and accurate coverage.

  21. The Mooch has a great record with ultimately untrustworthy "friends" (these people have associates not friends); nearly as good as Mr I know the Best People. Educated people with a dose of common sense should no longer be intrigued by them.

  22. I still think of "STABBY", the robot in Futurama when Scaramucci's name is mentioned.

  23. So that is where the MOOCH was.

    Such a smart guy with such massive blind spots for conmen.

  24. A grifter running for president!!! ONLY IN AMERICA!!!

  25. Little conman jr. talking about his mentor that way??? Freaking priceless 😂😂😂

    The new GQP are a bunch of conman, grifter, traitors, criminals, fascists and cowards!!!

  26. Can't be a grifter, he has a campaign platform and has tried and succeeded in implementing it.


  28. Strange your show without the guidance of a Psychiatrist is Labeling Donald John Trump as a political sociopath it takes years of close observation & educated comprehensive in depth understanding to genuinely label someone as a sociopath