Wednesday , January 20 2021
Home / News / Trump joins Coronavirus Task Force at White House press briefing | 4/7/20

Trump joins Coronavirus Task Force at White House press briefing | 4/7/20

The White House Coronavirus Task Force holds a press briefing.

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  1. I am here watching a circus.

  2. Trump didn't join the task force. He dominated it, giving Fauci about six minutes while he spoke for over an hour. This is when political spin meets science, but spin can't win. The virus will infect every person it can find, so Trump's fake news will imperil us all until he must face reality.

  3. Reporters (not journalist) want Trump to take responsibility fir endorsing a candidate. What about the Thousands of celebrities who endorse thousand of products thoug advertisements. They get paid for endorsements evenothough they dont believe in those products. Trump shuld have told her that. God bless america.

  4. Sir, you disbanded the pandemic task force. We were then flying blind and when warned of the outbreak you called it a hoax. I honestly have a hard time believing anything you say because you lie so much and sometimes for no apparent reason.

  5. mr president.u ignore ur goverment warning last 6 months.?????why.U must have briefed about it ,says press.Why u keep lying about this virus?

  6. Briefings have become less about defeating the virus and more about the many feuds of Donald J. Trump. – Wall Street Journal

  7. this is a democratic hoax……there are like 15 cases…next week there will be zero…anyone that wants to get tested can get tested…IG provides a report showing where hospitals see problems…instead of using the info to take steps to improve things…he considers it a political attack and seeks to fire the IG……our moment of crisis…thank god we have a stable genius with a very large brain at the helm…the morons that put this idiot in office will be judged harshly by history

  8. If Trump continues tearing our justice system, our constitution, our honest government officials. Worst things will happen to America. Hatred and racism is not of God. Trump divides people. Take a look inside of you why you support trump. Hatred in you?

  9. 💔 Sending love to USA from Scotland ❤

  10. According to sources on the internet the flu season tends to run until the end of

    April and sometimes into May. Anything beyond that is about another agenda.

  11. "More than 16 Million People Have Filed For Unemployment" … You wonder if this could have been prevented if Trump took the hoax more serious!

  12. mr president who said 'shut it down' was it the jewish world bosses?

  13. 72 people will gain knowledge when 36 stimulus checks get given to 3,636 us citizens a hour

  14. Sooner than later Trump will be exposed for impersonating a president. pass the pop corn.

  15. Today's 4 /8/20 . It's 9:48pm . I still leave in Regal Motel .1012 Oxnard BL Oxnard CA 93030. I'm in my room so good but I afraid Red China terrists organization send killers Catch me Accident !
    I'm in my room legal !
    Red China terrists organization Foce open my door and foce catch me that they are ilegal !


  17. You are a great president Mr. Trump, hold these people accountable!

  18. Слава Дональда Трампу!
    Обожаю его❗😘

  19. trump must start a legal case against the WHO, it is devastating to set wrong figures into fear

  20. Although I am an Indian, But Trump has really made me wish I was American becoz only then would I get a chance to vote for him .TRUMP 2020

  21. I want America to take over Canada are Canadian government is corrupt when you need help

  22. Ac brakdiginiz bir cocuk sizi Allaha sikayet edecegim demisdi

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