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Trump makes a big promise if Republicans win in 2020

Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund’s Jonathan Hoenig, 1 Empire Group John Burnett, River Twice President Zachary Karabell and former investment banker Carol Roth on how Democrats will react to President Trump’s promise to potentially lower taxes.

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  1. They will use the the same ole SHAME game….and it will not work, this time?

  2. Best economy in 50 years and we want to put it in the hands of The Three Stooges again not a chance Democrats don't care about taxes cuz half them don't pay any they're collecting a check from the rest of us try working 70 hours a week raising your own kids and nope giveaway programs give that a try for once

  3. Come and rescue the red Kern county of California. The little Texas of California. We don’t get a tax cut. We pay the most taxes and we’re all trump

  4. I do not know whose tax return but my tax is less than $1500 than previous years with the same income. According to Nancy Pelosi it is just a change but to me huge amount which I can use for my kids. Thank you for tax cut.

  5. My president!!

  6. Lol. They nailed in the end.
    Case closed!

  7. Looking forward to the next 4 yrs!!!!!!!! Go Trump!!!! We're with ya all the way!

  8. OMG people wake up! Trump doesn't care about race, wealth, party or any of the crap he's been smeared for but he does definitely care for one thing and its been proven over and over again… THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! I'm from Brasil and a person of color, I came here legally which is how its supposed to work and I can see through the bs so why can't anyone else?! TRUMP 2020!

  9. Taxs cut here we come that's more money for the hard working American am right I work every day

  10. Stop red flag laws, getting a tax cut and taking our guns is pure evil..
    Keep the change and we will keep our guns and ammo

  11. California will see this as way to tax us more when trump wins they try and counter everything president trump does for the people, listen to what I said what trump is doing for the people not like the Demorats who look for what we can do for them

  12. What about cutting regulations in this country so government don't have oversight on everything government gets there eye's on, everyone is important, no just Deepstates greed

  13. The Democrats' (Quislings') morning hate rallies will be running longer into the afternoon as election day nears.

  14. I live in California and omg we middle class need one so bad …its true Democrats are killing us … I dont hate Democrats but they wont give us a break they have no mercy…will definitely vote for him …i regret not doing it last time…these Democrats just waste money so bad i cant afford to be a Democrat any more …hope Americans wake up and start voting these people out

  15. I can say one thing about the Democrates they are the best at taking something good and running it into the ground no doubt !

  16. Can we stop calling him President Trump and start calling him by his true title, The Master of Mankind?

  17. I look forward to warching America go into a recession and lose it's power when the majority of countries stop using the greenback hahaha

  18. He promised to bring back jobs. We're losing jobs. Farmers are suffering, Apple is down. He's bad for business.

  19. Me president help semi trucker

  20. Lower taxes means more growth let's go.

  21. …and you believe this???…as long as Trump keeps his policy of XENOPHOBIA, tax cut or not, Trump will be in the race, but will lose miserably in 2020, because the, majority of Americans can be fooled once, but not twice!

  22. After watching Bill Maher today, I believe you have to be a natural showman to be a good,and successful, politician. Good at hopeful discourse and extremely knowledgeable about the election process-while our short term memory only goes back to the last administration to adress issues that have been gradually get worse for the last 40 or 50 years.Maybe the next election or candidate can stop the hemorrhage. Trump's trying his approach against calls of corruption and incompetence,and the front runners on the other side are definitely promising much more than they can deliver. In either situation the house always wins and homeostasis is restored.

  23. Working Class Tax Cut, WCTC sounds Great!!!!! WCTC go MAGA!!!!

  24. Go a head tax cuts while global warming continues.

  25. I really dont like that rat looking white guy in the beginning. Kinda acts like a rodent the way he presents himself. Fake dude for sure!

  26. Trump is a tax fraud and liar and con artist. Fox news is fake news and O'Reilly and Hannity needs to go prison

  27. Ive been impressed with this president. I might vote for him this time.

  28. Yes. Fine Americans for not buying healthcare insurance and then pay more taxes just so illegal immigrants can get free healthcare. That's the Democrat platform. Let that sink in.

  29. Ha,more lies from this orange draft dodging cocksucker!!🤣🤣🤣

  30. Democrouts want do anything but bring us down, I mean listen to their rhetoric

  31. I picked up $200+ a month from last one. Yet after all my taxes and deductions(insurances/401k, eye/dental etc. I only kept like 45k after almost 70k.

    Democrats say tax us more to pay healthcare, not sure about everyone else but 5% increase in taxes for healthcare is $3500 vs my pay out now of $1000…not to mention my raises get taxed so if I'm promoted making 100,000 my healthcare costs $5000 vs incremental insurance costs. Hope people realize Democrats are ensuring poverty for all.

  32. If you think those clowns demoRats are going to win you're on drugs

  33. Yes Mr President this is awesome we already doing very well since you been prez

  34. people I know that are libs complained they got less back in tax returns and said that trump was ripping them off. I told them that if you don't over pay in taxes throughout the year you will get less back meaning you have more money in YOUR POCKET, meaning you got taxed less throughout the year. they just couldn't understand because their hate was occupying the few brain cells they have to operate on.

  35. My disability check is more now (not much in the whole but one makes do) and my insurance is worth having now, my benefits are actually there! Trump 2020!!!!!!! No more wicked globalists in our government, Trump is a Nationalist, and just look at how much better our economy is, and without any NWO cult in there! Trump, Trump, Trump!!!

  36. Love my President Trump 2020 babe ❤💖

  37. What does the deficit look like under this president.
    He made promises, bold statements, and false claims the first time and didn't deliver on any single one. What makes middle America think he's not going to lie his way to the presidency again?
    You want a bogus tax cut that might at very best put $60 dollars extra in your pocket now, and then swim in dept in the near future? Clearly you all a preying on illiterate Americans who can't think for themselves.

  38. Mr President and members of congress,
    Please sir, please cut some spending. Please reduce our deficit. Please spend my tax money more frugally. You all blew it in 2017-2018. This is your last chance with me.
    Concerned American

  39. Thanks God for Trump. This country doesn't need politicians. We need businessmen

  40. Wait a second, I thought China was going to pay for the tariffs?

  41. Please tell Trump to repeal mortgage for all household of which the salary is within the Middle class income bracket.

  42. Lmfao.. So in other words the first tax cuts werent for the middle class. So Next time he promises he will help the middle class. If you vote for this guy you are a sucker.

  43. United states people should make all products that china did and buy allied force s products only while tariffs on chikwakwak was still always going on then usa is winning

    President trump is always on the right track p trump is carefully taking care of usa economy and usa is still number 1 always always with all these years

    God bless united states and god bless president trump

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