Saturday , July 24 2021
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Trump makes announcement on European Union trade

President Trump will be joined by Stavros Lambrinidis, the EU Ambassador to the United States for a trade event at the White House. Trump and Lambrinidis are expected to sign a trade agreement on exports of hormone-free beef.

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  1. you should give that crappy beef to the homeless americans instead of trading that crap whit the eu i wonder how many countrys will exsept that beef becuase belgium will not exsept that beef if they check it in e lab what will they find and if thats against the law they will not exsept that crap to use in belgium so were will that crap go to

  2. lol were will that beef go to because the eu owns allot of cows and they are not full of hormones because thats against the law so if they check that beef from america and there are hormones in that beef they will send it back so why is this good for america they will send it back or you need to export to the eu and send it to the balcan countrys they need that crap but not france germany or the benelux or spain or denmark and the rest of the eu they own the same law so were will that beef go to the balcan countrys or the american army in the eu

  3. Beef trade. What about technology trade !!!!!!❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡

  4. I am indian and love u isreal country

  5. WE DONT LIKE TRUMP!!!!KEEP YOUR WARS FOR YOURSELF……from a proud European!We dont make Brexits or divide to conquer! EURASIA FULL STEAM!

  6. take advantage of United States – yes poor US what a victim …

  7. world domination and economic colonization at its finest — perfect !!!

  8. Not with your other presidents you haven’t. That’s right !!!!!!! TRUMP 2020

  9. I love President Trump but I’m concerned about our beef in America because I just watched MONSANTO whom feed these cows. MONSANTO IS EVIL!!!!!!!!

  10. That's my president Trump 20/20

  11. Hope we don't have to buy E.U junk windmill's in return that's all they sell ? killing our poor with electric bills.

  12. I heard, many people are saying that due to the tariff war with China Europe took advantage and named its terms of this BEEF deal and Trump had to agree and that's the reason he look a little ticked off!!!! He is going to bankrupt America. Don't for get that on sep 1 prices are going up thanks to his 10 % tariffs on Chinese goods. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a loser that Trump guy is!!!! People are saying that all world leaders and real businessman laughs at him and the American people….

  13. Funny how he says you had never seen anything like it from other Presidents, Other Presidents never had a 16 billion dollar bailout to farmers for bankrupting them. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Beef that's it!!! While he is spending 16 billion dollar bailout for farmers.

  15. Speechless jobs jobs and more jobs.

  16. Making America great again!

  17. The best best beef in the World? Honestly i doubt it but am also curious. So bring it to my plate rhr

  18. 95% of all U.S. livestock eat GM feed, which is why its THE BEST BEEF in North America 👍

  19. Trump and Pedro are expected to sign a trade agreement on exports of IQ free illegal aliens back to Central America.

  20. Trump makes announcement on European Union trade
    "People in Europe pull their pants up. It's nice to be here….not like Baltimore"

  21. Congrats mr president sir… remember to keep your targets on inner cities… Consider to visit and make big promises to them …this will make Republican start penetrating those DEM's aka rats infected …cities to turn over and been transformed

  22. Well ok

    But Why do you Cowboys,,,, always
    Have to be Number One,, Best,, Greatest..
    Strongest,, Richest,,
    Less Arrogance,,, would not hurt…
    Would it


  23. president trump all action no talk

  24. I guess the 13 thumbs down are either Iranians or democrats…

  25. I was enjoying myself and feeling even better about the President when that stupid reporter shouted at the President at the end . They just have to make it a gotcha moment . They just can't leave him alone to work .

  26. After the deal with Mercosur, the EU will be either way flooded with beef, so why dont nailing it and make it very competetive.

    good luck and btw. it is not just "beef", it is beef which can be exported which follows EU regulation.

  27. Potus 🇺🇸❤️ loves the farm, but not lead by the socialist pigs of ‘Animal Farm 1984’. AOC, Warren and all these 👹 ultra leftist pundits should read this litterature, 😭including ‘Das Kapital’ of 💸💸💸 Karl Marx, and the ungodly rubbish of 😴🤪 Camus, Sartre and the Red Book of Mao. AFTER this, read the ✝️ NT of the Bible, with your HEART and hope you get totally changed, from the inside out! 🤣😀🏛

  28. President Trump, we are not tired of winning…YET!!!! KAG 2020!!!!

  29. American beef is the best in the world? LMFAO

  30. American beef is considered the best in the world…said nobody ever

  31. Hey AOC, we're sending cow farts to the Eu

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