Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Trump meets with president of Finland in Oval Office | ABC News

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  1. WTF?
    For the love of America I hope the American people that him and his administration's talks about so much are watching because this disgrace of America has gots to go.

  2. us vice president is mike pence prepare for the fourth reich in america

  3. Trump's description of his big victory in that California litigation is so distant from actual reality that it's not even in the same galaxy.

  4. Just — the sheer volume of lies. It's unreal. That this braying jackass gets to spout off to the entire world, all day, everyday – it's nuts.

  5. Best president since Abraham Lincoln, TRUMP 2020 🙌😀🙏

  6. F……….this president because a real president dose act like that f……

  7. He dosent even no how to act like insult waw

  8. Hes very very disrespectful 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. I can wait for this president to get out

  10. All of this is going to inflame his Bone Spurs. Please be careful Donald.

  11. This sick m'er f'er needs to GO AWAY. Lock him UP..he's NUTS

  12. It takes six minutes and 15 seconds before they zoomed out and I realized this was all said in front of the Finnish president, showing the nervous dog behavior you normally see while shouting, "WHO POOPED INSIDE!?" Fuuuuck – this is a shitshow.

  13. Trump is the shiftiest most dishonest excuse for a human being

  14. Great leader with great vision. God bless you Mr.President.. mighty God has chosen you to rule the world!

  15. 14:24 Fake News take this still of Finnish President responding to someone at his side and pretend he's just "looking away from Trump"

  16. People follow and support this man lmaooooo

  17. So weary of hearing Orange Shitgibbon's bullshit.

  18. It takes a sick man to turn homelessness into political fodder to trash his enemies.

  19. The California Court case was reported online via CNN, NBC, ABC, LA times, Fox, and USA Today.

  20. I know that is almost a cliché to say that he's mentally ill, but ho-lee fuck he speaks as someone who had a stroke recently

  21. What the hell did I just watch. God help us.


  23. It's amazing how he talks about a verbatim transcript.

  24. The Adderall is rotting his brain.

  25. oh my god, is this real life??

  26. as a foreign president…how the hell do you sit through this crap

  27. Y'all can say whatever you want to me he just sounds like a concerned citizen.

  28. "Little Adam Schiff" "perfect conversation" "corrupt news" this guy is unraveling and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

  29. "….and everyone knows…….."

  30. I thought he was finishing up around the 5 minute mark, wow he really went down the rabbit hole this time.

  31. I need to see Joe Pesci re-enact this whole speech.

  32. Really I'm old but I just can't remember a potus in this kind of State of ranting…it's bad really Bad.

  33. Were are the presidents aides

  34. The president is having a mental breakdown its sad to see

  35. Every interview is a rambling selfish mess.

  36. What a disgusting "statesman" this so called president is. He reminds me of the "Golgatanian" in the movie"Dogma".

  37. This is like watching someone in like survivor or a game where you gotta keep your identity secret, but everyone is like "it's you" and you do and say anything and everything to not be eliminated.

    trumplethinskin is unraveling because he knows the jig is up

  38. Lower the speed of the video to half and watch it. You're welcome 😄

  39. Time for the 25th Amendment…I watched this live and had to find it on line just to make sure I had seen and heard it correctly. This guy is truly a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic.

  40. This thing needs to be removed from office now. I have never felt more in danger than with him talking in public. What the heck is he saying? Blank strap?

  41. release The UNEDITED Version of conversation. PROVE YOUR INNOCENT

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