Sunday , August 1 2021
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Trump needs to 'help stabilize' Hong Kong protests: Fleitz

Former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz gives his take on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

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  1. IMHO, American Citizens are in the best position to reign in Beijing. Stop belly aching about tariffs and make it clear we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STOP SENDING THEM 1 TRILLION DOLLARS EVERY 24 MONTHS. We are a lazy lot who for the most part NEVER SACRIFICE ANYTHING. Yes we are the most generous country in the world, but sending aid using money printed out of thin air is like using a maxed out credit card to make you offering in church. We DO NOT NEED to go to war. We need to buy more Cranberries and Soy and anything else we can to support Our famers, manufacturers that China has targeted. The decimated American manufacturing, the destroyed beautiful rare coral reefs in the South China Sea, the are opening a new coal fired power plant every week, they STEAL intellectual property, the dump low quality, unsafe steel and other products all over the world, they are responsible for 90% of the plastics (except for India) dumping from their rivers into the oceans. But worst of all they do not respect human rights.

  2. Huawei will stabilize Hong Kong protest by collecting all the info from their many Hong Kong customers and label all of them as protesters ready to be extradite to China for immediate execution !

  3. The mess in Hong Kong was inevitable once the UK gave it away…

  4. Hammer of the whole earth needs to spread its " democracy" lol fake peace

  5. That is a joke. These Hong Kong rioters are paid by foreign money. Trump knows that very well. There are photos of his people meeting with the riot leaders in Hong Kong.


  7. Trump is the only one could hep!

  8. Not our country, not our problem. Fuk China.

  9. Are you kidding? Are you stupid????
    Hong Kong is Chinese. They will run it and any attempt to interfere is a direct threat to the governance of the Chinese govt. They are communist. There are NO personal rights under a communist system. Hong Kong was pampered under a free government for 100 years, but now they are back under the control of the Chinese who have NO care respect or concern for any form of personal liberty at all. They are a govt which has slaughtered hundreds of millions without blinking. Heck, they have killed about a hundred million by accident. Oh well… Hong Kong needs to watch its butt cause they are now under communist rule and they wont think twice about laying down the law with an iron fist should the people there confuse the situation as being something other than the complete and total horror it is. Guaranteed if the streets were cleared with lead there wont be any confusion in the future and the Chinese govt knows this.

  10. If enter HK.., HK 250,000 rich & Famous will transfer their Wealth to U.S.A ..: D ( very Likley) U.S.A $$$ is good as GOLD

  11. Trump had recently publicly criticized those HK protesters as ' rioter ' similar as

    his counterpart Emperor Xi. Don't hold up any hope he is going to voice support or do anything positive for HK protesters, so you will not get disappointed.

  12. I support the people of Hong Kong. If China sends their communist military to Hong Kong, all the free countries should boycott China.

  13. Once again, FOX is hiding the truth and not telling the full story! FOX purposely ignore the violence and crimes committed by the violent rioters in Hong Kong!

    After the US failed to crash Huawei/China through the technology and trade war, the US picks up its old dirty huma-right tactic again to attack China. The US orchestrated this Hong Kong riot just like it did in the 1989 Tiananmen incident. If this Hong Kong violent riot happens in the human-right filled US, these violent rioters would have been gunned down by government force.

    Attacking the police and others with violence, storming important government buildings, vandalizing public properties, paralyzing public transportation, limiting the freedom of others are serious crimes in any country. These violent rioters in Hong Kong are criminals who must be punished by the rule of law. These violent rioters are lucky that they are in Hong Kong. If they commit these crimes elsewhere including in the US, they may not even have a chance to face the law alive!

    Hong Kong facts and history: In the 19 century, the British bullied China to buy its opium and China refused. Then the British started the Opium war and forced China at gun point to agree the takeover of Hong Kong by the British and the unfair treaty to allow the British to sell opium in China. The UK never gave a single day of democracy to the Hong Kong people during the entire UK colonization. Hong Kong is now governed and running strictly based on the Basic Law of Hong Kong which was set out and agreed by all related parties in 1997. The Basic Law clearly states that the British has no administration or sovereignty right over Hong Kong after 1997. It is also stated in the Basic Law that China has the full right to take over Hong Kong's administration right before the end of the promised 50-year autonomy if there is any uncontrolled event like a riot that threatens the life of the Hong Kong peoples and/or the smooth running of the Hong Kong government.

  14. America should step in and support HK's fight for freedom. That's what America has and always will stand for. Freedom is imbedded in our blood. Trump should stand w/ the protesters. It'll throw the middle finger to China.

  15. Trump does not have to do a thing, he is dambed by the left if he does or does not act. We have enough of our own radicalized Communist and domestic terrorists in the West to deal with today. I hear there is a white nationalist concern? 🙁 Let's focus on the white guys in the West like the left wants? Starting with ANTIFA the leftist masked bandits and jack boots!

  16. How’s Trump going to help, tariff anything from HK. But he can offer asylum visas to all in HK who wants to leave, oh but he doesn’t like anyone who’s not Caucasian.

  17. Funny how thy put up the video of the guy been tied up and beat up in the end while criticizing chinese goverment, indiciating that's something wrong with the goverment and in reality that's a chinese journalist been criminally tied up and beaten by those so called protestor(rioters really), you see that's how media manipulation works

  18. sure, let trump handle HK and let the chinese goverment to take care of the US immigration crisis, i'm sure those tanks can be used somewehre.

  19. the free world has chosen Trump as the president! so which system is better? I am not sure any more. You give democracy to people and they elect idiot like Trump to be president. You follow the communist system and you risk to loose your freedom of speech. All I know, based on my visit to different communist country, they are as happy as we are. If we look at Hong Kong, the majority are still with China. Only the minority who are children mostly is on the street protesting with a mask on. So I am not even sure if we can count them as a supporter of the democracy or just joining the tailgate party on the street. Please Fox, stop lying to the public with fake news. The video you just showed is about the students beating up an innocent person at the airport. There is also another video where a Caucasian woman begging the students to let her go through the gate so she can go home to see her child. The world is really in a chaos at the moment with US and China fighting each other. They should work together and the world will be in a much better position. Both are great countries and can learn from each other.

  20. This guy Fleitz is a joke. Your advice is BS.

  21. America should always stand with pro democracy movements! We are with you Hong Kong! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. How can trump he has destabilized this country

  23. that not invoke to usa, their own country fuckup

  24. Trump has no business meddling with the internal problems of China.


  26. …send in 1,000 Pakistani and Canadian soldiers as a United Nations Peacekeeping Force?

  27. Just send a few planes and green cards over. Simple. HK don't need them.

  28. These reporters are idiots!!!🖕🏻🤦‍♂️

  29. USA has intention to invade that China city

  30. Looks like China should stabilize mass shooting issues in US.

  31. Trump's 1st announcement would be to build a wall.

  32. On today’s very sticky episode of Chopper Talk, the Tyrannical Toddler explains how Xi Pooh got his head stuck in the Hong Kong honeypot

  33. His small hands are too busy for that.

  34. Trump is a business president.

  35. China better back off from Hong Kong (later to be renamed Hung Kek)
    or Fear the Wrath of KeK

  36. Mind your own business USA your guts in USA killed more than what happened in Hong Kong and tiananmen. Shouldn’t you solve your own problem first

  37. 🇭🇰 is part of 🇨🇳 period nothing will change that

  38. From Thailand 🇹🇭 China in practice is Communist in name only! It's a non racist Quasi FASCIST State that works well! America n England are Dysfunctional!

  39. We love HK with many famous movies which I watched over hundreds! Also, I knew over hundreds HK and Taiwan movies star actors! I watched from 1972 until now. And, I still watch HK and Taiwan movies every night before going sleep! God bless Hong Kong! We prey for HK!

  40. Regime change again? Don't you bastards get tired of this? This evil Zionistic now structured USA is what is wrong with Hong Kong . Get out! Get your people out! Leave the HongKong people alone! Stop insisting on your spread of TURMOILil!!!in the world! Crawl back in your wholes you of the satanic hords who run the USA. You have know right to pollute the planet with your diseased minds.

  41. Trump needs to play more golf and MAGA

  42. Trump needs to first get people out of skidrow and similar places like that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. 22 trillion dollars in debt, shooting incidents every week, deteriorating infrastructure, dividing races (thanks to our great president), tens of thousands of homeless, millions living under the poverty line. We need to solve our own problems before interfering with others.

  44. It is none of our business. Fix our own problems first.

  45. Get out of Hong Kong. None of US business and US only mess up other country for their own benefit

  46. Ugh, if the US intervenes, China will see that as a threat and immediately attack. No way the US will help Hong Kong, that would be extremely stupid.

  47. Who the Fck they think Trump is, GOD? He can't do crap, because of the dumbass Democrats, hindering his every move! And, that is why Trump is gonna win again in 2020!

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