Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Trump officials visit California to study homelessness crisis

Should the federal government address homelessness in California?

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  1. All the democrats have done is try to alter the verbiage in regards to their festering districts and ignore the crisis they’ve created while they steal funds.

  2. liberaL control this is the result

  3. Instead of worrying about the so-called border humanitarian crisis, the democrats in California New York should work to resolved the homeless crisis in cities,districts under their lefties-socialist leadership.

  4. Maxine waters..pedowood ..pelosi ??? Thier state is rotting from EVIL DEEDS..THE PLAGUE HAS BEEN SENT AND THIS STATE IS UNDER JUDGEMENT

  5. When all elected positions in government are changed,THEN fix the problem,until then it would only benefit swamp rats!

  6. Please don't forget San Jose.

  7. Indian PM Modi should learn from this..👍

  8. Hum. Stealth look into Lousy Newsey, gov of California, illegal vote base perhaps?

  9. Don’t make us pay for California’s mistakes. If you want our money, then step down from your government positions. I say don’t build a wall on the southern border of California, build it on the eastern border. Let them live in the slop they’ve created.

  10. Should the federal government address the homelessnes? Under President Trump, yes otherwise is money stolen by local politician leaders.

  11. Trump won't help the homeless

  12. I feel the federal government should not even go there it’s been a democrat state for years and years they want to be socialized they love the immigrants I would put a border around California

  13. Okay, now I understand. Pelosi finally agreed to starting impeachment just to get Mr. Trump out of her disgraceful neighborhood. Find the problem and jail the administrators all the way up the ladder.

  14. There is a solution to this problem the federal government should come in and arrest every government official right up to governor Senators congressmen and mayors they are the reason these people were out on the street and they are doing nothing about it look at Nancy Pelosi she could care less if these people died on the street all of them are like that and repeal all the crippling legislation that they have passed within the last 50 years absolutely killed the cities and put these people out on the street this is a travesty everybody that has caused this should be held accountable they should be put on the street whipped beaten humiliated and made to live there for years to live as what they caused these Democrat Liberals are monsters from the deepest pits of hell

  15. TRUMP should walk the media through those Democratic ruined cities. Shed light and embarrass the hell out of the Democrats….😁😁😁🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  16. "Someone needs to do something?" The legal and illegal voters of California voted for this. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  17. Easy resolve start. DumpDems

  18. I have a solution. Get rid of their idiot politicians.


  20. Deal with the drug problem. They are drug users. They want to use instead of getting clean from drugs.

  21. All of the help gets given to illegals and Americans end up on the streets and the illegals get twice as much aid as an American. Americans can’t compete the rent is so high this was orchestrated by the democrats they hate America

  22. Somebody needs to do something? Send Omar to the rescue! She has ALL the answers! CA can pound sand asking for federal money, and deserves to suffer pain for how they act. No mercy for quitters…

  23. who were the politicians that let this happen to California no wonder the working-class people are leaving and moving to other states

  24. We need D.C. to annex L.A. and clean it up and make it American standard again and then hold elections for the people

  25. California, a COMMUNIST state and those that run it decendents of the weather underground! Shameless baffons!

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