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Trump on ceasefire: This is an ‘incredible outcome’ l ABC News

Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire in northern Syria with allied rebels and U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds. READ MORE:

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  1. Talk about delusional, trump says people have tried to get this kind of deal for 10 years & his unconventional actions has made this happen, what a idiot, dumbass Syrians have 5 days to leave their homes or die, what the fxxk are you congratulating yourself for, my God the president is clueless, he listens to his gut then his team, makes me think, everything trump touches dies

  2. This President is a dillusional IDIOT…I wonder how much he was bribed to allow the withdrawal of troops…

  3. O well turkey is a turkey

  4. Ya trump the pimp is making asbestos great again

  5. Amazing his colonoscopy was done by a famous Turkish doctor

  6. He dumb ass, Erdogan said"Fuck You" Turkey hasn't stopped killing the It's time for you to go.

  7. You will live to eat these lies over the dead bodies of Kurdish men, women and children.

  8. The fighting never stopped in Syria, either Trump is an idiot or he's a tremendous liar😡😡

  9. They've already broken the cease fire. Turkey is walking all over him. FUCKING TURKEY?!

  10. He only represents the racist of America not the real hardworking smart Americans

  11. Trump: I orchestrated the hold thing, from start to finish.

  12. Can this motherfucker just get impeached already?

  13. Literally it's like he opens his mouth spews his lies and somehow thinks the rest of the world isn't going to swoop in and point out the truth they don't have a ceasefire. Pence is an idiot. Didn't even want them there doesn't that say something when countries are like dude America stop sending people over here we don't want to talk to you and you're not going to pressure us. Trump thought he could pressure Ukraine but he can't

  14. What's our length of commitment there? 5 years? 10 years? 50 years?……do we need another south korea?

  15. He will win again in 2020 with an even larger margin of electoral college votes. The leftists brigade here at the ABC are still living in la la land…thinking their own narrative is the only narrative. Economically he has done wonders for his people. Lowest unemployment for minorities in living memory, lowest overall unemployment since 1969. Protection of the working class by I=protecting the manufacturing sector…Yeah keep dreaming u lefty dum dums…LOL keep dreaming.

  16. It is seriously unbelievable how he says either incredible or tremendous for everything

  17. Start the problem then fix the problem you created and take credit for fixing the problem you created…. What a con job….

  18. Sanctions instead of war, what a great concept Mr. President, but it appears unacceptable to war mongering deep state, who are heavily invested in the military industrial complex.

  19. I want to thank y’all because I want to spend millions and millions off dollars in a stupid things and y’all paying for it ..ones again thank you

  20. I can't believe trump is so calm. DID YOU SEE THE WAR FOOTAGE IN SYRIA? ABC news saw shooting and bombing. And ABC is a real news show and ABC NEWS viewers are really smart people.

  21. Trump has done an incredible job preventing us from going to war and his ability to negotiate with other governments has proven to be far more effective than an other President in recent history. No one else could have done as good of a job as President Trump. He has done great things for America and the world.

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