Trump Organization Found Guilty Of Tax Fraud

A Manhattan jury convicted two of former President Trump’s family businesses on 17 counts, including conspiracy and criminal tax fraud. NBC News’ Garrett Haake has the latest details on the probe.

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  1. Which means absolutely nothing cause nobody's going to charge him anyway, he's above the law and you're welcome…..😆

  2. It is just politics…one guy messed up on his own..nothing to do with ex-president Trump.

  3. I was in Trump Tower in 2017 & saw the large red illuminated sign 'TRUMP BAR' . I said loudly: "That sign is backward–it should read 'BAR TRUMP'. One of the uniformed Secret Service security officers who guarded the elevators there when Trump was president approached me with a smile & asked me to not cause a problem & I said: "do you also tell Trump that?" Trump wasn't even in NYC but there were 2 NYC Swat Team officers outside the entrance, 2 other cops standing nearby & several security guards scanning everybody entering the building. Fast forward to 2020 & to now & my 'bar Trump' comment has been proven correct numerous times.

  4. Another witch hunt. Trump has personally done nothing wrong.

  5. The DA’s investigation revealed that several executives and managers—chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and his son, as well as chief operating officer Matthew Calamari, Sr. and his son—received substantial amounts of their compensation in the form of “off the books”. As you’ll notice nothing to actually do with PRESIDENT TRUMP! So many mainstream reports to correct the vendetta continues

  6. The witch hunt continues, despite the state of NY and New York City already making millions in taxes from the very same Trump Organization. 🤦‍♂️

  7. Such gall. The hubris, sense of entitlement comes from decades of getting over on the system, f king over tax payers, investors, financial institutions, and others, remember Trump University? He worked the system like a cheap corner ho, every which way he could. You think he's worried about karma?

  8. Don’t let him die like Epstein😆😆👍

  9. Fake news loves these stories. Propagandists and script readers. Absolute scum.

  10. U expect the jury to understand corporate taxes? They are common people on jury duty.

  11. Where’s hunter biden laptop story on here

  12. Total propaganda to distract from Hunter Biteitoff

  13. I would be much more likely to believe this story if these people weren’t liars, political hacks and didn’t blatantly cover up the proven corruption from the Biden’s. This network is a political activist organization for the democrat party.

  14. "The US House of Representatives has officially impeached President Donald Trump, making him the first president in history to be impeached twice."

  15. must be nice to have an expensive legal team.. I've seen people do more time in prison for not paying a parking fine.

  16. The never ending hunt. This people really hate or fear him.

  17. Funny, tax fraud LOL. Taxes are illegal, IRS can’t produce any laws showing we half to pay taxes. Do your research

  18. Come on now, he knows when one of his employees goes to the toilet- he knew all about this. Time to bring some justice to the owner of these scaming companies

  19. Like that means anything in today's system of justice! Benedict Donald is a free man to continue his treachery as a traitor to the US Constitution and his supporters are just as treasonous as he is and many of these trumplican's are current governor's and senator's of states that call themselves Republican's, empires come and go, long live the 🟠👑🤡 carry on!

  20. cool, now do Joe Biden

  21. Charge Trump!!

    Charge him now..

    Also 1.5 Million that Trump don't have..

    Looks like he has to fleece more of His Cult flock

  22. OMG! Bragg is standing up here talking about holding Trump accountable….what about ALL the other REPEAT criminals actually hurting people out there in NY just being let go by his policies? No bail for serious offenses? Anyone? NBC what about all the "Big Guy" scandal stuff? Now that it's big news that the laptop was NOT Russian what about all the reports and exposés on that stuff! Wow. Conservative side had that Intel the whole time and tried to warn everyone but not you. Seems the election was more important than the intel. The hypocrisy here is insanely rich!

  23. No one is above the law. Only Trump.

  24. 😂 and Biden had no knowledge about it, right?