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Trump Pardons Do Not Include Family Or Attorney Rudy Giuliani | NBC News NOW

With just hours left on the job, President Trump issued nearly 150 pardons and commutations, including his former campaign adviser and chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and rapper and music executive, Lil Wayne. NBC’s Danny Cevallos reports.
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Trump Pardons Do Not Include Family Or Attorney Rudy Giuliani | NBC News NOW


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  2. Coward without a Country.

  3. trump doesn't have to reveal the names of anyone he's pardoned. He can wait until they've been charged with a crime to reveal that. Google it for yourself.

  4. Trump secretly pardon his family and Rudy , u guys are too blind to see it

  5. A written pardon can be held till required and not made public,

  6. Good, now they can all pay for their crimes!

  7. Trump will haunt you guys for the rest of your lives ! Promise ! What a shameless bunch of cowards !

  8. Biden..NWO came and with it the end of the usa ….

  9. Yes, Giuliani didn't get a pardon because then, without 5th Amendment protection he could be compelled to testify against Trump. And there would be no protection for Giuliani against perjury.

  10. The "tiger guy" didn't get a pardon🤣🤣🤣

  11. Perhaps none of them have a need to be pardoned because they committed no crimes.

  12. Just to be clear. No pardon for the Clown. Uh-Oh.

  13. Trump claims he can go to the streets, shoot someone, and his supporters would still support him.
    But yet his supporters who got arrested, after they follow what Trump wanted them to do, doesn't get any help at all from Trump.
    That is the definition of being a "sheep".

  14. PAR DON…sounds like a golfing term? But DON was never PAR for any course. .

  15. So it's now 1 day after Trump was ejected…..now sue him..

  16. I like Trump but that is messed up!! Rudy hella fought hard for him.. Super hard where he even looked stupid.. It’s not his fault he couldn’t get the courts to believe them.. Trump come on..

    Just pay Rudy!! He tried so hard..

  17. I can see 400,000 civil lawsuits coming

  18. I think the presidential pardon power should be limited to a handful of people each year, like 5 or so. Also murderers like the Blackwater bunch and white collar criminals should be excluded from receiving pardons. Any consideration should be passed to a bureau first.

  19. Trump isn't paying or paying-off Giuliani for his useless representation.

  20. Does it bother any of you leftists that your favorite media told you he was gonna pardon himself and it was completely baseless? I thought you guys were compassionate. Do you really want to slander your enemies? If they are so bad, why do you not only feel the need to do it, but do it with glee. I don’t face my opposition with a goofy laughing smile on my face because it’s sad that Americans have to fight so hard for their rights.

  21. How many of these people paid giulioni for these pardons. at 2 million a pop

  22. this guy is the actual Harvey Specter

  23. We need to change pardons, If a president can do wrong or encourage someone to break federal laws then they just get a get out of jail ticket by a pardon, what make someone do what is right?

  24. Did Trump pardon any if the insurrection supporters?
    I see some of them talking about Trump is going to pardon them!

  25. They also didn't include those who were wrongfully imprisoned, I assure you. That so called President planned to do this in the end anyway, why else would he act like a raving fool in the highest office? Never has any body been so ignorant as The Clump! Glad he has been Officially FLUSHED!!

  26. One thing you can't deny him, he made the news fascinating.

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