Wednesday , May 27 2020
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Trump pardons Turkey

President Donald Trump continued the 30-year-old tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey.


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  1. Fake news fucks. Why not report the Adam Shit Face part? No sense of humor ABC? And people wonder why your network protects the Pedos.

  2. Butter was soon fed to the fat fuck who couldn't wait till after Xmas ?

  3. A bunch of cowards not showing the whole thing!

  4. this is an impeachable offense

  5. ”Uh oh! That’s a dangerous turkey!”

  6. She always keeps a distance from him in a quite telling body language posture! Photo of a thousand words!

  7. Trump is a turkey, Pence will pardon Trump after the impeachment.

  8. A complete pardon ????…did the turkey murder anyone?…
    oh…perhaps there was a Trump -Turkey Drug Deal ?….any quid pro quo ? …is the turkey ukrainian or Nuneso-portuguese ?

  9. Love how ABC edits OUT the part about ADAM Schiff. Unsubscribed

  10. The bigliest most tremendous pardon in the history of turkey pardons


  12. Killary Rotten Clinton is jealous.

  13. Omg they purposely omitted the hilarious Schiff rip.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving 2019 the United States of America and Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland. Keep America and Thanksgiving Traditional and Great.

  15. A turkey ‘pardoning’ a turkey, that didn’t even need pardoning, but the pardoning turkey one day will.

  16. So did he pardon himself also? They don’t have to eat the turkey they can all dig into his pumpkin 🥧 pie face plenty to go around!

  17. I heard that Turkey is a member of the Aryan nation.

  18. George if you were FAIR about our President I would watch your channel but you are so I gave you up when you state your fibbing.

  19. Hilarious. Go POTUS, hahaha.

  20. Cut its head off and put her in the oven. Yummy

  21. Lol his playing mind games with the actual country of Turkey his playing with edgron the president of Turkey lol

  22. ABC Cut out Schifty Schiffs Jokes

  23. The stunningly immature and manically insecure proven world record Presidential serial liar feeding more B S turkey droppings to his naive, gullible, and hapless fellow toddlers to ignorantly gobble down, yum, yum. Intellectually only worthy of a bad Sesame Street skit, at least the pardoned turkey's weren't guilty of war crimes.

  24. Ah~ Our tax dollars being wasted on Trump talking to a turkey. 🤦‍♂️

  25. Our greatest President ever. Are you tired of winning yet patriots? Trump 2Q2Q

  26. Isn't it funny how they left out President Trump's jokes here we go again fake media make him look bad as much as I can they are the ones who are a joke.

  27. He did this because the turkey is white 🤬

  28. ABC reports on the Turkey but not JEFFREY EPSTEIN .

  29. ABC heard Trump did QUID PRO QUO with the Turkey . George stephanopoulos . TATOO .

  30. No pardon for Turkey Adam schitt .

  31. I've never heard of a war criminal turkey before.

  32. This brings up the question is this turkey a war criminal or a crooked sheriff?

  33. Finally something worth pardoning.

  34. He never mutters Butter.. He say butter like no utter. The serpentine tongue has had it's fill of lard. "hmmmm butter, I'm gonna cover you in butter an lock you in my dungeon under my bounce house Schiff" Sweet Nothing's from DT's diary. "Good night diary" Happy Thanksgiving.

  35. Considering Trump, he will let them catch the turkey after and kill it. So he and his family will eat it for Thanksgiving 🤓.

  36. I hate trump but I really do feel bad for Melania. I don’t think she wanted this life in the White House and I doubt she wants him.

  37. Fake news had to cut the halarious joke of SCHIFF HEAD subpoenaing the Turkey. You're lame FAKERS

  38. Turkey will be the king of the earth near future

  39. Meanwhile, the rest of the entire world gives him, the GOP, and his treasonous supporters THE BIRD!!!

  40. What about Jeffery Epstein you sorry fucks…

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