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Trump participates in the establishment of US Space Command

President Trump participates in the establishment of U.S. Space Command. This is the next step in creating space force, which the Trump Administration proposes will be the sixth branch of the military.

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  1. FAKE News. U.S Space Command already exists in the Air Force long before Trump started his "Space Force" nonsense. The only thing Trump did was restructure it from a beurocratic standpoint, which has already happened several times with Space Command well before he became President, so he's not doing anything unique. His "Space Force" was supposed to be a separate branch of the military, that's how he originally pitched it, but instead it's going to keep Space Command as a component of the Air Force, which is what it has always been. In other words, Trump didn't establish anything that wasn't already there. On paper, this version of the U.S Space Command is a "unified command within the Department of Dense", but in actuality it's just another branch within the Air Force which is nothing new or different. Over 95% of their staff is still going to just be Air Force, not some military branch. It's amusing to see Trump pat himself on the back for fake accomplishments, the only thing he is doing is rebranding the already existing Space Command as something that he personally established, which he clearly didn't. Oldest trick in the Con-Man book, taking credit for things you didn't do.

  2. Our total dept is over 74 Trillion dollars (Goggle U.S. current dept) and now it looks like their willing to spend trillions more on a great sounding technology, but the question is…Can we afford it.?

  3. Perfect music| Donnydumbfucks's flying circus. U.S.A|

  4. Please keep James Comey, Clapper and Brennan away from this program and our country will be safe.

  5. As one of those in the path of Dorian I would like to say…Mr. President, hold your course. We believe in the plan. We will survive!! TRUMP 2020!

  6. The 🇺🇸 will go broke before this takes root.

  7. Go to Poland Mr. Trump. You just make things worse if you are around.

  8. They have to train Astronauts type of soldiers.

  9. here comes SECRET SPACE PROGRAM TECH !! Boyz n Girls…………………. HOOYAH !!

  10. Greatest president in the last 140 years. Trump 2020

  11. Can't wait to become a TRUE Space Cadet ! TRUMP 2020 MAGA ! Please comment!

  12. Just put helmets on trump and Pence. They are already there….


  14. Space command. To protect and bully. To enforce the vig.


  16. Anything to protect trump's personal power. After he takes every bit of it from the people he going to need enough to bully the world more easily.

  17. Trump looks absolutely miserable – I think he'll soon be volunteering to be the latest space cadet!

  18. Previous President had 3 small TR-3Bs in escort trailing Airforce 1. President DJT ought take these with him to DAVOS just for swank.

  19. We are witness to the birth of the federation

  20. Starship Troopers. Earn the citizenship.

  21. God Bless our country with all of its beautiful people.

  22. I hope he' s aware only geostationary satellites can stay over the same spot of the Earth over time. It's not like we can have something in space hovering over the US or something.. And the US has no land at the equator

  23. Soon to be 22 Trillion dollars in debt, bond yield curves at 1.4 – 1.5 % lowest since 2007, a market that is expecting recession due to government spending, trade wars, and uncertainty of Trumps tweets. Stop spending money we don't have and instead start cutting expenses and fix the mess you made out of the financial markets. Do what you promised to do Mr. President to reduce the deficit.

  24. These are the voyages of the space command. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilisations; to boldly go where no man has gone before." Commander in Chief D.J. Trump

  25. I want a pin of the U.S. Space Command emblem.

  26. Trump the only Prez in history that truly deserves a first term restart. Trump 2020-2028!

  27. I'm 69 look 10 and I'm ready to be the first old dog in space with this new agenda….~~~

  28. Trump……Such a disgusting excuse for a human being

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