Wednesday , May 5 2021
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Trump Publicly Calls For China And Ukraine To Investigate Joe Biden | NBC Nightly News

President Trump currently faces an impeachment inquiry for asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden during a phone call. He stunned Democrats when he double downed on that comment today, publicly calling on China to do the same thing.
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Trump Publicly Calls For China And Ukraine To Investigate Joe Biden | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Trump don't play by the democrat's fake rules. Don't you stupidass liberal ever learn?

  2. I’m more concerned about America’s weapons being used to slaughter the people of Yemen. Trump could have said no to the Saudis. They gave Ivanka money…so he must return a favor. Trump is a hypocrite.


  4. Biden is a crook but so is Trump.

  5. FINALLY..A President with the bells to go after the criminal element that has been taking advantage of our system, AND is willing to speak out against it. Thank God for at least giving us a President with the willingness to try and drain that swamp. I have been waiting 40+ years for someone to flush that toilet known as DC. I would have prefered Ron Paul. But the FAKE NEWS cotrolled corporate media treated him as bad if not worse than they treat Donald Trump. The globalist/socialist dingbats have a willing lapdog in our supposedly free press.

  6. A Cr😂🤔k….whining about another
    Cr😉🤔k ! !
    This is just hilari🤗us .

  7. trump likes to yell over the helicopter because he can sound like hitler did in his speeches.

  8. You can always count on Agent Orange to double down. No matter how illegal something is. Also, notice that he has this little way of repeating lies (right after he tells them). He figures if you tell lies frequently enough, people will believe them. This man is a stone cold psychopathic liar. He needs to be in prison. For the rest of his natural life. Period.

  9. trumps clearly scared and feels threatened. what a baby.

  10. 99% of the people trump said should be investigated haven’t been investigated… that’s the real witch hunt!

  11. Hunter Biden received a less than honorable discharge from the United States Navy. We hope Trump asks every country to investigate Biden and the Clintons

  12. Trump needs to reach into his pocket , take out a 🖊 and resign ✍.

  13. The US and Ukraine have a two decades old agreement that stipulates the president can look into matters of corruption but perhaps best to let Ukraine do it.

    The Ukranian prosecutot fired at the behest of Biden signed official forms he was investigating Biden's son when fired.

    Biden went on a "fact finding" trip to China in 2013 and he practically hadn't even made it back on the plane when China announced the corp Biden's son was with would soon be rolling in dough.

    Schiff's so called whistleblower Ukranian colllusion complaint looks like it was written by lawyers and for lawyers, is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, and is full of hearsay.

  14. Trump and pence should both resign now. How rediculous do things have to get before we impeach them both??????????????

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