Thursday , December 3 2020
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Trump says Dems have been 'very unfair' in exclusive interview

Senator John Barrasso reacts to impeachment, Trump’s exclusive Super Bowl interview and Schiff’s claim that Democrats did everything to make their case.

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  1. Adam Sht, what a sad excuse for a man, for an elected official, for an servant of the people…he needs his paycheck taken from him and to be investigated for fraud and willfully trying to illegally overthrow a sitting president. This should not be taken lightly what the hypocrats have tried to do since the day Hillary financed the dirty dossier and all that's happened since. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Demand JUSTICE…no more reports, WE WANT JUSTICE for ALL!!!!! Our country is running rampant with TRAITORS, the gov't is busting at the seems with TRAITORS, from DOJ, FBI, CIA, there is no place untouched by the corruption, it truly is a swamp in need of a complete overhaul…DEMAND justice, DEMAND this shitshow STOPS!

  2. He lies so his isolated view given by most of our media thinks they were cheated and not that he is a freak and the president is innocent

  3. Donald Trump is America's Most Liked Israeli People and Country in History

  4. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai has his right to protect us and all of Israel our brothers

  5. If they against our " president ",,then dear sir please just let them go!!

  6. Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and Nadler need to be prosecuted for TREASON!

  7. 😳Adam Schiff for brains.

  8. Schiff is the Ultimate Putz, I wonder how he was put into Intelligence In the 1st Place? Also how "They" found such a Moron to take this Fall of such a EPIC FAIL and expect him to ever walk among other people ever agian. I Wonder if it's the same "Puppet Master's" that gave us Obama, I Giggle to think what PEROT/NADER would of Handled where Bush Failed or Sold Out –

  9. All that these Democrats proved is that they are all Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Christian God, Anti-Trump Treasonous dirty Criminal Politicians.

  10. Dems must be dragged out of office arrested for treason and sent to GITMO !!!

  11. Dems OWE DJT a THIRD TERM if he wants it!

  12. Disgrace of the House Democrats will last forever …. Nancy and Nadler and Schiff will go down in history as Mudd… Their names are mudd…. They can't even win in 4 years of desperation and a concerted effort of the Media and the corrupt Soros followers …

  13. Move Vindman to an office in the basement just like Milton from Office Space. Give him no policy information that can fuel his twisted ideology.

  14. Schiff and Vindman need to go. Too bad that's not how it works in Washington. What a joke. The delusion's will continue. I just hope that Trump really starts to limit those individuals from policy matters.

  15. Senator Leahy. You have proven Donald Trump is guilty.  Trump’s defense team have admitted his guilt.  Republican Senators have admitted Trump’s guilt.  On Wednesday Feb 5 your vote of guilty will go into the permanent record.  Thank you for having the courage to do your job.

  16. Now Democrats Supporters we still are One America,
    Do you still wants to vote Blindly for Democrats.

  17. Senator Hawley. Trump is guilty.  Trump and his defense team have admitted his guilt.  Most important of all, you know he is guilty.  It’s not too late to recover your dignity.  You can salvage your integrity.  There is still time to do the right thing for America.  Get Trump out of your way. On Feb 5 vote guilty.

  18. Cuntcy Pelosi is just jealous

  19. SOTU address is not time or place for ugliness. Don't give credence to their antics.
    Have them properly investigated, & prosecuted if warranted. imo

  20. Hey ! Palolski was flipping Trump off with left hand (holding a brochure) while shaking hands, on purpose. Look at her face.

  21. Trump sounds like a idiot with his Perfect call Republicans is Russian Agents doing Everything to help Russia

  22. I like hearing about his positives. I definitely don't want to hear about impeachment during the SOTU

  23. In 2017 a farmer took and sold a bunch of Democrats a wagonload is strawSamsung the Democrats have been reaching for every stronghold load and they use a new strong they think it's going to get him somewhere and it's a dad and every time

  24. There's nothing Schiff could do different…. except be honest….but that isn't going to happen.

  25. Adam Schiff's evidence of Trump-Russia collusion?

  26. Democrat party corruption.
    Biden's son.
    Pelosis kid.
    Schiffs business
    Kerrys kid
    List goes on….

  27. If you’re reading this comment in 3100
    Know that trump killed democracy

  28. President Trump is the reason The Sun comes up in The Morning

  29. President Trump has been beat up like a piñata by the Democrats and the alphabet agencies and more. Pitiful!
    It’s a National disgrace and those responsible must be punished. The coup attempt continues and must be ended.
    America has never had a coup and the evil must be ripped out by the roots!

  30. What happening is only special treatment for Trump. If Romney or corporate Republican senators or swamp member become a president will be treated according to constitution.

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